Waupaca 8/22, Francis Creek 9/17, Casco 10/15

Choose from: Waupaca, Francis Creek or Casco
2:30-6:00 pm (dinner at 5:30)
5:30-9:00 pm (dinner at 5:30)
More dates/locations TBD


Patty 272-8295, or Gabriela 272-8286, Jackie 272-8312 Office of Parish Operations & Mission Planning
Office of Parish Operations & Mission Planning, Evangelization & Parish Life Mission Team
920-272-8295/x8312, x8286

Parish Mission Planning-Core Team Workshops, Wave 3, 2019

To prepare for Parish Mission Planning, please choose a workshop for the Parish Core Team (Pastor/Pastoral Leader, Team Facilitator, Tech Rep, Communication Liaison and School Rep). Prefer core team attend 1 workshop together, but not required. PMP Manuals, resources and dinner provided. Events are 3 hrs, (plus dinner) 2 time options per location.

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