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Camp Cole - Lake Sterling - Tahoe National Forest


Carey Grandt
White Stag Sierra - Leadership Development Program

Adult Staff - White Stag Sierra - Leadership Development Program

The Adult Staff Development year starts in October and runs through September of the following year. Just like the Youth Staff develops their skills over the course of the year, the Adult Staff participates in monthly development programs. We will teach you everything you need to know through Adult Staff Levels 7,8,9. Follow the Stag!

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  • I understand that my commitment to White Stag Sierra Staff means attending the following White Stag Sierra Leadership Development Staff meetings. Missing a staff meeting will result in the loss of valuable training and information you will need for the week long Leadership Development Program. Adult staff members this year may miss no more than three staff meetings over the course of the year. Please confirm and select the staff meetings below which you will for sure attend.

  • Hiking is a natural part of the White Stag program as we Follow the White Stag through the week. What level of a hiker do you consider yourself?

  • Adult Staff Members are required to complete several online training courses provided by the Boy Scouts of America. These all pertain to the Health and Safety of our youth. Each Adult Staff member must complete these courses by the First Full Staff meeting in October. Online courses can be found at my.scouting.org. Please check the courses below that you hold a valid certificate in.

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Items for sale

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

Pre Paid Staff Meeting Meals

There is a $10 cost for food at each staff meeting. Youth staff will be learning and preparing the same meals at staff meetings as they will in the field at camp. We encourage you to pre pay these fees now as it will save us time at staff meetings and allow us to prep the food for you.

1 $100.00 each

Official White Stag Staff Jacket - First Year Staff

First Year Staffers receive a discount on this item. The White Stag Association subsidizes the cost of your jacket as a welcome to Staff.

1 $22.00 each

Class B Hike Shirt

Class B Hike Shirt for Staff, Forest Green, used daily for several types of events. One is provided in your initial registration fee. We recommend at least 2 per Adult Staff member.

7 $15.00 each

Graduation Staff Patch

White Stag Sierra Pocket Patch Red with Staff border. One is provided in your initial registration fee.

10 $4.50 each

White Stag Sierra Staff Graduation Neckerchief

White Stag Sierra Graduation Staff Neckerchief for your Phase. One is provided in your initial registration fee. Limited 2 additional per person.

2 $18.00 each

Official White Stag Staff Jacket - Replacement

Official White Stag Staff Jacket

3 $40.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    White Stag Sierra - Leadership Development
    7959 Hansom Dr
    Oakland, CA 94605

Payment Summary

We send Important Updates via email. Check the box to make sure you don't miss anything.

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