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Mas Sajady

Free Youth MediMorphosis® with Mas Sajady ( 2019 - Dec 1st ) | Online

By registering, participants confirm that they have thoroughly reviewed and agreed to the Disclaimer, Legal Liability Waiver and Cancellation policy prior to registration.

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Rules of Engagement

  • I understand that Mas Sajady is not a medical doctor. Services and products of Mas Sajady Inc. have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or any other governing agency. Therefore, these are solely for my personal spiritual interest but never substitutes for conventional medical or mental health psychological diagnosis or treatments and should never be regarded as such. By registering, I confirm that I have thoroughly reviewed and agreed to the Disclaimer, Legal Liability Waiver and Cancellation Policy. I hereby forever release, waive and discharge any claims against Mas Sajady Inc. & associates.

Granting Permission & Claiming Responsibility

  • (Applicable for adults with attending youth under 18 yrs.) I, as the Parent/Guardian of the youth(s)/minor(s) who I intend to experience the Youth MediMorphosis®, by registering grant this youth/minor permission to consult with Mas Sajady, Inc. for spiritual services and prayer. By registering, I take full responsibility for the youth/minor's health and mental well being, and I am not relying on Mas Sajady, Inc. for providing medical or mental health services for this youth/minor. I hereby waive all claims by this youth/minor on my behalf, and take full responsibility for the physical and mental health of the youth/minor. I waive all claims on behalf of the youth/minor against Mas Sajady, Inc. for any claim, condition, effect or result as set forth here: mas-sajady.com/disclaimer Lastly, by registering, I give permission for myself and/or my youth/minor to be audible on the audio and/or video livestream and recording of this event and give Mas Sajady, Inc. permission to use the audio and/or video.