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Katie Accomando
Nancy Akers
Anthony Asher
Julie Asher
Brandon Black
Michael Bowling
Stephen Bowling
Julie Bricking
Brian Brislin
Teresa Brown
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Registration Open - 2019 HC Section 11 Charit Trailhead to Burnt Mill Bridge ALL TEAMS

Well here it is! The LAST HIKE of your 2019 Hiker Challenge. Just 30 miles to go. Man has the time gone by. Just a few months ago you were contemplating the Challenge. Now it is here the last hike of the year. Shuttle from Burnt Mill at 7:00 am back to Charit and then south one more time. Camp is at Leatherwood. Lets enjoy the last miles together

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  • Section 11: Data Check Start Point - Charit Lodge Parking Lot End Point - Burnt Mille Bridge Friday Night Camp: Leatherwood Ford. If you pitch your tent etc on Friday at Leatherwood you will not have to carry it on Saturday. Shuttle Pick up time- shuttle leaves Burnt Mill Bridge at 7 AM. Please make sure you lock your vehicle and take your keys. Parking is scare so if you can car pool maybe that will help. 5 lb drop - No longer in effect. Exceptions made for individuals with medical deferment. Participation Limit - Teams are limited so register early - first come first served.

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  • For Section 11 I will be hiking with:

  • Section 11 shuttle departure at 7 am from Burnt Mill Bridge. Everyone should plan on camping at Leatherwood Ford. When will you be arriving?

  • Will you be hiking with a dog?

  • To celebrate your achievement, we invite you to the annual STA Gathering where we will present you with your certificate, patch, rocker and decal. Small tokens of our appreciation for your joining us for another Challenge and becoming an End to Ender. Do you plan on attending the Gathering?

  • If you are planning on attending, how many additional guest might you bring with you?



Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    Sheltowee Trace Association
    P.O. Box 360
    Livingston, KY 40445

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