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Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail - STA

P.O. Box 360
Livingston, KY 40445

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Steve Barbour
Sheltowee Trace Association
Leah Adams
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Leah Adams
Jennifer Akers
Anthony-Julie Asher
Callie Asher
JoNoah Atwell
Street Barnett
Carla Bates
James Beckman
Virginia Bennett
Teresa Bombard
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2020 STA Hiker Challenge Pre-Registration

Register for 2020 Hiker Challenge. If you've attended an Orientation or received a waiver you are now eligible to reserve your space on a team. Hikes will be on 2d and 3rd weekends going N to S. There is a $30.00 initial fee to join the Challenge and a monthly fee for each hike. This is the 2d step toward that first hike in January.

* Required information

Personal Information

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    My intentions are to primarily hike with:

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    I understand that these are NOT "guided" hikes but are facilitated hikes where the STA staff coordinates for shuttle, lodging were appropriate, and provides trail information to participants and monitors the safety and completion of each section.

  • *

    I understand and acknowledge that backpacking 30 miles over the course of two days is physically challenging and I am physically able to participate.

  • Fee

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    No Charge

Participant and Gear Info

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    I am

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    Please list your age by checking the appropriate category:

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    When camping in the Forest, I plan on using

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    I will be using a cook stove that is

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    The furthest I have hiked or backpacked in one day would be:

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  • *

    I understand that I am required to complete a "RELEASE OF LIABILITY", and Publicity Release for use of my image?

  • *

    I attended the required orientation session or received a waiver on;

  • *

    I understand that this is the per-registration form and that each month I will be asked to complete a separate registration form (shorter) to indicate my team designation.

Emergency Information

  • The STA requires you list a emergency point of contact by name and phone number. Please make sure this individual knows that this is their role and they should be aware of the possibility of someone from the STA calling.

  • *
  • *

    The relationship of my emergency point of contact to me is:

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    I do or do not have health insurance that will cover emergency situation?

  • *

    Please tell us how you heard about the Challenge. Check all that apply.

  • Trail heads are public and early on the STA Leadership may not recognize your vehicle and assume everyone is on the way home. Please help us make sure everyone gets off the Trace and home by sharing your car make model and year and plate number.

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Maps & Guidebooks For Sale

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

Hiker Challenge Package

Purchase both map sets and the trail guide together as a package and save.

1 $45.00 each

North Map Set Only

North Map sets cover the Trace from Northern Terminus to McKee Ky near the halfway point. By them individually or save a few bucks by purchasing them as a complete set.

1 $15.00 each

South Map Set Only

The south map sets cover the Trace from McKee near the halfway point and Burnt Mill Bridge trail head. Purchase individually or both sets for a discount.

1 $18.00 each

N and S Map Sets

Planning on doing the whole Challenge? Then save a few bucks by purchasing both sets.

1 $30.00 each

South Bound Trail Guide

The South Bound Trail Guide is a point to point, step by step guide of the Trace. If you have some directional challenges, the guide will be an excellent back up and confidence builder.

1 $15.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    Sheltowee Trace Association
    P.O. Box 360
    Livingston, KY 40445

Payment Summary

Allow others to see that I have registered. (Note: only your name, title, and company information will be shared.)
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