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Roma Murthy
Rotary Club of Troy, MI

Pass the Plate - Troy Rotary - Connecting The World with Food

The Troy Rotary Connecting the World With Food Cookbook is filled to the brim with the best recipes from the best chefs in our community. Order now for a price of $25 each plus Shipping within the US (if applicable). Cookbooks are available immediately.

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Item Qty. Max Limit Price

Cookbook Qty

If you plan to pickup your cookbook, do not add add shipping charges.

243 $25.00 each


If you want the item shipped within the US, pls add $8 per book. Books will be shipped to the address provided.

248 $8.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    Rotary Club of Troy, MI
    P. O. Box 4544
    Troy, MI 48099-4544

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