Sunday, July 12, 2020 at 5:30 PM PDT
Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 11:00 PM PDT

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Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, NV


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Lioba Conrad
7026171141202 ext. 201


Registration is PER Person. Each Person attending/exhibiting MUST be registered even if not attending all events. There is an option to add additional exhibitors on the Registration Form. Supplying Partners are invited to all meals/activities. Please only RSVP for meals/activities that you WILL attend in order to help avoid waste.

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  • Chefs can often substitute different ingredients and offer other food options so that dining for members with restricted diets can still be a delectable affair. You will want to identify yourself to a hotel service team member at each meal for a seamless dining experience. Does anyone on your team have any of the following special meal restrictions? Check all that apply.

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    IPI members and others will be sharing proprietary and confidential information. This information is provided to you as a partner of IPI and your use of it is one of the many facets and parts of the value of your partnership and fees you pay. Sharing information with others who are not IPI members devalues your IPI membership investment and decreases your ROI. Please observe this request for confidentiality and maintain the high value of the information exchanged over the next several days.

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    I hereby grant IPI the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs, videos or other images of me, or in which I may be included, in any print, electronic, digital or other media; and to alter the same without restriction. I further acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and that I will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of these images. I irrevocable assign such images' rights and uses to IPI into perpetuity.

  • Would you like to participate in our Supplying Partner video presentation? Supplying Partners have the opportunity to provide a 60 second video highlighting their business, IPIC promotion or an exciting new offering. Videos must be submitted by Monday, June, 8th in order to participate. Your video will be played throughout the event, online and in person. We will follow up with details for everyone interested.

  • Please note that breakfast, lunch and morning/afternoon refreshments are provided on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Dinner is provided on Monday at the Feast Buffet. There is time allowed on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday for you to explore the more than 50 restaurants within walking distance on your own - with fellow IPI friends!

Please only select meals/activities that you plan on attending to reduce food waste due to no shows.

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Sunday Networking Lounge

Registration, Orientation + Networking in Hospitality Suite Starts 5:30p Ends 8:30p (Dinner on your own Sunday evening)

10 Free

Monday Networking Breakfast

Conde Breakfast in T-Bones Start Time: 8 AM Ends: 9 AM

10 Free

Monday Networking Lunch

Photo Finale Lunch in T-Bones Start Time: 12:00 PM Ends: 1:30 PM

10 Free

Monday Expo Celebration

Expo Floor Starts 4:30p Ends 5:30p

10 Free

Monday Feast Buffet Dinner

Fujifilm Dinner at Feast Buffet Start Time: 7:30 PM Ends: 9 PM

10 Free

Tuesday Networking Breakfast

Pakor Breakfast in T-Bones Start Time: 8 AM Ends: 9 AM

10 Free

Tuesday Networking Lunch

Fujifilm Lunch in T-Bones Start Time: 12:00 PM Ends: 1:30 PM

10 Free

Tuesday Expo Celebration

Expo Floor Starts 4:30p Ends 5:30p

10 Free

Tuesday Evening Pool Party

Fujifilm Pool Party Start Time: 8 PM Ends: 11 PM (Dinner on your own Tuesday evening)

10 Free

Wednesday Networking Breakfast

LexJet Breakfast in T-Bones Start Time: 8 AM Ends: 9 AM

10 Free

Wednesday Networking Lunch

Dakis Lunch in T-Bones Start Time: 12 PM Ends: 1:30 PM

10 Free

Wednesday Closing Celebration

Pavilion Room Starts 4:30p Ends 6p

10 Free

Wednesday Bowl with the Board

Bowl with Board Start Time: 7:30 PM Ends: 9:30 PM (Dinner on your own Wednesday evening)

10 Free

Wednesday After Party + Raffle

Hospitality Suite Starts 9:30p Ends 11p

10 Free


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