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Jim Peacock

FCD Certification

If you are a career practitioner interested in becoming a trained, certified career professional預nd you live in the Maine/New England area葉his class is for you. You値l develop the skills to meet FCD credentialing requirements for jobs in many different sectors. And you値l be more attractive to prospective employers because they know you have met.

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Choose this option if you would like to pay the college credit through PayPal. A $15 PayPal fee is included in this price. **Note: if you cancel there will be a 3% charge to cover PayPal fees**

1 $390.00 each

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Choose this option if you would like to pay for the college credit by check to avoid a PayPal fee. **Note: An invoice will be sent within 36 hours of registration**

1 $375.00 each


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  • Please make check payable to:
    Peak Careers
    52 Riva Ridge
    Vassalboro, ME 04989

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