Monday, June 1, 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT
Friday, June 5, 2020 at 3:05 PM EDT

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Molly Redfield
NH Businesses for Social Responsibility
Clay Adams
Mascoma Bank - CEO
Billy Allen
ChopShop Media Works - Co-Founder
Erin Allgood
ELA Consulting - Social Impact Strategist
Karin Anderson
Goodwill NNE - Senior Director
Lindsey Andrews
Kristin Bahny
Jeff Baker
Image 4 - President, CEO
Marla Baldassare
We fill good - Owner
Kyle Barker
Barker Architects, PLLC - Architect
Marie Barnett
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency - Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
Ryan Barton
Mainstay Technologies - CEO
Bianka Beaudoin
The Way Home - Chief Executive Officer
Sara Bee
Merrill Lynch - Financial Solutions Advisor
Heather Bell
Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. - Vice President/ Co-Owner
John Benford
John Benford Photography LLC - Owner
Lisa Berghaus
Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. - Director of Marketing Communications
Kristen Bernier
Clarity Marketing & Brand Strategies - Owner
Jillian Bishop
Electronic Imaging Materials - Marketing & Engagement Manager
Danijela Bjelogrlic
SNHU - Academic Advisor
Kathryn Black
NH Department of Environmental Services - Pollution Prevention Specialist
Jason Blades
Timberland - Community Engagement Manager
Sarah Bonk
Business for America
Pj Bouchard
Lonza - Organizational Development Manager
Betsy Bowen
Morgan Stanley - Financial Advisor
Marianne Bradley
Normandeau Associates - Marketing Specialist
Tim Brady
John [jb] Branagan
Affinity LED Light - Director
Shannon Bresaw
NH Governor's Recovery Friendly Workplace - Program Director
Kelly Buchanan
Faina Bukher
UNH Sustainability Institute Changemaker Education - Program Manager
Meagan Burger
Cirtronics Corporation - Marketing Manager
Bryn Burns
New Hampshire PBS - Manager of Corporate Support
Jeni Callihan
PeopleSense Consulting - Associate
Ann Camann
Saint Anselm College - Deputy Director
Rich Cantz
Goodwill Northern New England - President and Chief Executive Officer
John Carlson
Ceres - Ceres
Marta Ceroni
Dawn Cerrato
Southern New Hampshire University - Director of Experiential Learning
Denise Champagne
Hypertherm, Inc. - Director Corporate Comm. and Brand Management
Stacey Chiocchio
Hypertherm HOPE Foundation - Hypertherm HOPE Foundation
Dee Cleary
Sunrise Labs - Marketing
Bruce Clendenning
The Nature Conservancy, NH - The Nature Conservancy, NH
Zac Conaway
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health - Manager, Environmental Services and Sustainability
Matthew Cookson
Cookson Communications - President & CEO
Monique Cornett
Bruce Crochetiere
Brett Cromwell
Medtronic - PR/Communications
Shawna Cross
TomTom North America Inc - TomTom North America Inc
Kimberly Curry
Goodwill Northern New England - Director, Community Relations
Emily Daniels
HERE this NOW - Founder and Principal
Rebecca Davies
Remark Glass - co-owner
Ashley Davis
Cole Haan - Director, Global Corporate Responsibility
Mariah Davis
Mascoma Bank - Bank Giving Admin
Lauren De Wet
NEMO Equipment - Digital Director
Caitlin Delaney
Brightspot Consultants - Partner
Mark Dell'Orfano
Sheehan Phinney Bass & Green, PA - Attorney
Krysten Desmond
Casella Resource Solutions - Senior Business Manager
Demora Dessert
Mascoma Bank - HR Administrative Assistant
Kerrie Diers
Normandeau Associates, Inc. - Director of Planning and Communications
Peter DiGeronimo
36creative - 36creative
Tim Dining
Jewell Instruments LLC - Jewell Instruments LLC
Michelle DiSotto
GoodwillNorthern New England - Associate Director, Philanthropy
Kelly Dobens
Small Business Benefit Solutions - Owner
Daren Dolley
Stephen Donahue
NH Center for Nonprofits - Membership & Partnership Manager
Shanti Douglas
8 limbs Holistic Health, LLC - Mindfulness & HeartMath Certified Trainer, Owner
Erik Drake
Pete and Gerry's Organics - COO
Lisa Drake
Stonyfield - Director of Sustainability Innovation
Jane Driscoll
Clark Dumont, M. S. , Apr
Dumont Communications, LLC - Dumont Communications, LLC
Suzanne Dunn
OMC Wellness - Health Coach/Program MAnager
Courtney Eaton
New England Nutrition Advisors, LLC - Owner, Dietitian
Robin Eichert
PeopleSense Consulting - PeopleSense Consulting
Richard Eidlin
Business for America - National Policy Director
Rebecca Ermlich
Goodwill NNE - Manager, Executive Office
Kara Evancich
MegaFood - Admininstrativ Coordinator, Social Impact & HR
Jeff Feingold
NH Business Review - Editor
Lillian Fenner
New England Solar Garden Corporation - New England Solar Garden Corporation
Deirdre Fitzgerald
W.S. Badger Company, Inc - Marketing & PR Manager
Cameron Ford
Headrest - Executive Director
Steve Gabriel
36creative - Managing Partner
John Gage
Citizens' Climate Lobby - Volunteer NH State Coordinator
Julie Gagne
Timberland - Director of PRO Apparel
Matthew Gardner
Sustainserv Inc. - Sustainserv Inc.
Jake Gehrung
SolaVida - UNH Sustainability Fellow
Kevin Gibbs
New Hampshire Public Radio - Corporate Relations Representative
Sarah Glatt
Paper Crane Associates - Founder & Principal Consultant
Erick Gray
River Valley Club - HR Manager
David Greer
Wire Belt Company of America - CEO
Knans Griffing
Carolina and Smithsonian - Carolina / Smithsonian Science for the Classrooom
Lori Hanau
Global Round Table Leadership - Principal
Hardy Hasenfuss
Business Consulting of NH LLC - Owner / Coach
Angela Hayden
Sage Legal, LLC - Sage Legal, LLC
Susan Hayes
Timberland - Product Managment
Shannon Height
Worthen Industries, Inc. - Worthen Industries, Inc.
Travis Hellstrom
GRTL - Partner
Heather Hesse-Stromberg
Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation - Director of HR & Compliance
Brian Hettrick
ExcellenceNorth Alliance - Board Member
Morgan Hilow
BerryDunn - Audit Senior
Jimmie Hinson
NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs - Business Resource Specalist
Michelle Holliday
Michelle Holliday
Erica Holthausen
CatchLine Communications - Principal
Trinnie Houghton
Sojourn Partners - Partner
Heather Iworsky
ReVision Energy - Branch Manager
Mark Jacobsen
Ken Jacobus
Good Start Packaging - CEO
Monica James
Timberland - Manager, Digital Platforms
Sara Johnson
NH Department of Environmental Services - Small Business Ombudsman
Hope Jordan
NH Audubon - Director of Membership and Development
Jordyn Kafka
NH small business development center - Intern
Susan Kaplan
Sustainable Futures Consulting - Founder and Principal
Janet Keefe
Jessica Kinsey
Cirtronics - Cirtronics
Jessica Knauf
Lonza Biologics - QA Project Manager, Corporate Citizenship Lead
Michael Koutelis
Spectrum Energy - Spectrum Energy
Annette Kurman
AmeriHealth Caritas New Hampshire - Manager, Marketing and Communications
Sheila Lambert
Lambert Leadership Coaching - Executive and Leadership Coach and therapist
Lisa Landry
Gravity Group - Director
Ashley Larochelle
MegaFood - Director, Vision Activation
Debra LeClair
Sojourn Partners - Executive Coach Associate
Gary Lemay
NHEC - Renewable Energy Engineer
Jenny Levy
Hypertherm, Inc. - VP, People, Community & Environment
Amanda Lewis
Lakes Region Community Services - Family Support Specialist
Amy Lipinski
Timberland - Associate Brand Manager
Carol Liscovitz
Carol Liscovitz Photography - Owner
Karina Locke
BerryDunn - Staff Auditor
Jesse Lore
Mobility Works - Mobility Works
Michelle Lowe
Lowe Health Benefits - Principle Broker
Rose Lowry
Beechleaf Design - Beechleaf Design
John Lukens
Terra Firma - Chief Technologies Officer
Britt Lundgren
Stonyfield - Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
Mike Machanic
White Mountain Strategies - White Mountain Strategies
Tiffany MacNeil
DHL Supply Chain - Data Analyst
Emily Manns
Standard Power - Community Power Consultant
Selina Marcille
Ms. - Ms.
Chris Masiello
The Masiello Group
Bruce Mast
Agilyx - VP of HR
Lowell Matthews
Southern New Hampshire University - Professor
Sean Matulonis
Schleuniger, Inc. - Schleuniger Inc
Carrie Mayo
MAYO Designs Inc. - MAYO Designs Inc.
Kendera Mazzuchelli
Stonyfield Farms Inc. - Administrative Services Manager
Kate McGowan
Global Round Table Leadership - Strategist, Trainer, & Equal Learning Partner
Atlanta McIlwraith
Timberland - Sr. Manager Community Engagement & Communication
Patricia McLaughlin
New Hampshire Public Radio - Dir. Communications & Marketing
Seth McNally
The Elm Street Group at Morgan Stanley - Financial Advisor
Alicia Melanson
New Hampshire Electric Cooperative - New Hampshire Electric Cooperative
Stephen Meno
UNH Cooperative Extension - Community & Economic Development Field Specialist
Deborah Merrill-Sands
Paul College of Business and Economics, UNH - Dean
Brendan Merritt
Sunrise Labs - Mechanical Engineering Intern
Nate Milne
Timberland - Digital Business Analyst
Sebastian Mitre
Global Round Table Leadership - Shared Leadership Coach
Jillian Montmarquet
MobilityWorks - VP of HR
Alyssa Murphy
Placework - Principal
Diane Murphy
Morgan Stanley - Financial Advisor
Tribiah Murphy
Worthen Industries - Payroll & Benefit Coordinator
Cynthia Nelson
NH Dept of Environmental Services
Megan O’Leary
Keyrenter New England - Owner
Andrea O'Brien
NH Small Business Development Center - Director, Business Sustainability Program
Grace O'Connor
Donna Oneill
VF Corporation | Timberland - Executive Assistant
Tim ONeil
Worthen Industries, Inc. - CFO
Thomas Oppel
American Sustainable Business Council - Exective Vice President
Kristen Osterwood
Unitil - Sustainability Analyst
Alyssa Otis
Timberland - Marketing Coordinator
Vincent Perelli
NH Department of Environmental Services - Administrator/Planner
Jennifer Perkins
NH Charitable Foundation - Vice President of Administration
Jason Phelps
Pete & Gerry's Organics - HR Manager
Valerie Piedmont
Green Energy Options of Keene - Owner, HR
Wendy Pothier Pothier
University of New Hampshire - University of New Hampshire
Sharon Price
Filtrine Manufacturing Company - Marketing and Documentation Manager
Marcio Ramos Dias Araujo
Heather Ramsey
Sojourn Partners - Managing Partner & Senior Executive Coach
Taylor Ray
Pete and Gerry's Organics, LLC - Digital Marketing Coordinator
Ned Raynolds
ReVision Energy - Commercial & Institutional Solar Consultant
Charyl Reardon
White Mountains Attractions Association - President
Michael Redding
Allan Reetz
Hanover Co-op Food Stores - Director of Public & Government Affairs
Betsey Rhynhart
Concord Hospital - Vice President, Population Health
Anne Richardson
Richardson Media Group - Owner/Media Director
Jen Risley
Monadnock Food Co-op - Marketing Manager
Dave Robba
Ceres - Senior Associate - State Policy
Alli Roberts
Ceres - Director, State Policy
Emily Rogers
Hanover Co-op Food Stores - Member Education Manager
William Rogers
Coruway Film Institute - Executive Direrctor
John Rooney
Hypertherm, Inc - Environmental Specialist
Erica Rothschild
Paper Crane Associates - Summer Intern
Heather Rowan
Kimball - Market Sales Manager
Heather Rowan
Dennis Sasseville
Worthen Industries, Inc. - Quality Systems & Sustainability Director
Jim Schachter
New Hampshire Public Radio - New Hampshire Public Radio
Libby Schwab
Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs - Brand Manager
Laura Scott
NHTI - Concord's Community College - Director of Alumni & Development
Deborah Seymour
Craig Sharer
Stonyfield - Director of Customer Strategy & Planning
Michael Shearin
Morgan Stanley - Financial Advisor
Dawn Sime
Southern New Hampshire University - Professor
Melissa Skarupa
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health - Community Relations Director
Chelsea Smith
NH Electric Coop - Commercial Accounts Administrator
Jillian Smith
Hitchiner Mfg - Special Projects Engineer
Eric Soederberg
Sunrise Labs Inc. - CEO
Trendy Stanchfield
Goodwill Northern New England - Senior Vice President, Advancement
Heather Steeves
Goodwill - External Communication Manager
Carolyn Stone
Hypertherm, Inc. - Talent Acquisition Leader
Paul Susca
NH Department of Environmental Services - Administrator - Drinking Water & Groundwater Plng
Caitlin Sweeney
Lonza - Head of Training and Development
Michele Talwani
New Hampshire Community Loan Fund - Director of Community Relations
Courtney Tanner
Dartmouth-Hitchcock - Director, Gov't Relations
Beth Tener
New Directions Collaborative - Principal
Yolanda Terry
The Terry Leadership Resource Group - The Terry Leadership Resource Group
Sara Thielbar
NH Electric Co-op - Member Relations
Robin Tindall
Hypertherm - Environmental Stewardship Team Leader
Liz Torrance
Kennebunk Savings - Community Relations& Social Responsibility Manager
Crystal Trimble
Bascom Maple Farms Inc - HR & Compliance Manager
Kaitlin Urso
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environme - SBAP
Joe Van Gombos
Unitil - Sr. Energy Efficiency Program Coordinator
Ted Vansant
NE Commercial Solar - NE Commercial Solar
Suzanne Vaughan
Suzanne M Vaughan - SEP, CPCC, IFS Practitioner in training
Rachel Vaz
Cole Haan - Corporate Responsibility Analyst
Grace Veasey
TD Bank - Consumer Communications Manager
Michelle Veasey
NHBSR - Executive Director
Colleen Vien
Timberland - Sustainability Director
Bhavya Wadhwa
Sarah Walls
Pete and Gerry's Organics LLC - Consumer Engagement Specialist
Blake Waranch
Tyler Ward
Southern New Hampshire University - Student
Anne Warner
ExcellenceNorth Alliance - Executive Director
Abbie Webb
Casella Resource Solutions - Sustainability Director
Dan Weeks
ReVision Energy - Director of Market Development
Jeff Weld
Casella Waste Systems, Inc. - Director of Community Engagement
Rob Werner
League of Conservation Voters - NH State Director
Andy Whitman
Manomet - Director
Bobby Williams
International.dev - Principal Consultant
Fiona Wilson
University of New Hampshire - Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer
Deneé Woods
Pete and Gerry’s Organics, LLC - Consumer Engagement Specialist
Cassidy Yates

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Clay Adams
Mascoma Bank - CEO
Billy Allen
ChopShop Media Works - Co-Founder
Erin Allgood
ELA Consulting - Social Impact Strategist
Karin Anderson
Goodwill NNE - Senior Director
Lindsey Andrews
Kristin Bahny
Jeff Baker
Image 4 - President, CEO
Marla Baldassare
We fill good - Owner
Kyle Barker
Barker Architects, PLLC - Architect
Marie Barnett
Ohio Environmental Protection Agency - Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
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