Monday, June 22, 2020 at 10:00 AM CDT
Friday, June 26, 2020 at 9:00 PM CDT

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David Craig
Camp Yorktown Bay

CYB Virtual Summer Camp 2020

Even though we can't be together at CYB, we want to share part of our summer with you, our campers and families!! We will be having a week of virtual summer camp where we will offer different activities and challenges led by our camp staff! We will also have camp songs, devotionals, stories, and more.

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  • PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT: I hereby give my child or children consent to participate in the CYB Virtual Summer Camp experience. I understand that I retain full supervisory responsibility for any and all activities that happen as part of virtual camp. I will not expect camp staff to provide supervision for my child. I understand that participating in these events is at my child's own risk. While measures are being taken to manage any risk there is still the risk that something unexpected may happen. If my child gets hurt while participating in any virtual camp activity, I will assume full responsibility. I understand that any photos or videos shared by campers for activities and events, can be used by Camp Yorktown Bay for historical archives and/or promotional material. For all two-way activities, like a zoom class, I will ensure that my child is appropriately dressed and that the computer and camera in use does not show inappropriate things. Appropriate behavior for participants is expected at all times.

  • Camp staff will review appropriate and inappropriate behaviors with campers. Bullying, including cyberbullying, during a session or outside of a session is not appropriate. Issues and consequences will be addressed with camper and parent including and not limited to temporary or permanent removal from CYB Virtual Camp. I understand that my child may be in either a screenshot and/or video record. These artifacts may be used by CYB for current or future advertisements. Before either a screenshot or a recording happens, participants will be notified. If I, the parent do not wish for my child to be in the picture or the recording, they should immediately turn off their camera AND mic. Leaving either of those two on is implied consent. The room will be told when the recording is stopped. It is solely my responsibility as parent to take any necessary steps to prevent my child being recorded. With that said, only registered campers will be allowed on the activities. Passwords and links will not be shared publicly.

  • I acknowledge it is my responsibility to provide any materials necessary for camp activities. I acknowledge I am responsible for providing my camper with equipment such as a computer, tablet, internet access, headset, earphones, microphone, digital camera, etc. I also understand that any damage to said equipment is the sole responsibility of the owner of said equipment. I will not hold the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference or Camp Yorktown Bay responsible for any damage that may happen during CYB Virtual Camp. I acknowledge that I am the legal custodial parent or legal guardian of the below-named minor(s), and I hereby authorize and permit said minor(s) to participate in the CYB Virtual Camp and in all activities, events, and programs that are part of or are associated with the camp. I have read material on the website about this program.

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