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Pat Reeves, TSH Awards Chairman
Texas Society for Histotechnology


We prefer check payment option for the awards. The credit card fees were too expensive for TSH. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please mail your check to the address provided or bring it to the convention. Thank you! Please select your company name and follow through to the payment options. You can still select check payment options.

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DAKO Continuing Education” Grant

This $500.00 grant is sponsored by Dako Inc. for the Texas Society of Histotechnology in the sincere interest in pursuing “Continuing Education” in the field of histotechnology. The grant is intended to defray expenses of attending the TSH annual convention.

1 $500.00 each

POLY SCIENTIFIC Donia McLemore “Continuing Education Memorial Fund”:

The $1500 fund is intended to help defray expense of attending the TSH annual symposium/convention, for one or more applicants in need of financial assistance.

1 $1,500.00 each

STAT LAB "Golden Ribon" Grant

This $500.00 grant is made to the HT/HTL who has demonstrated exemplary service.

1 $500.00 each

LEICA MICROSYSTEMS “Looking to the Future” Grant

This $300.00 grant is presented annually by Leica Microsystems and is made to HT/HTL who is “Looking to the Future” in his/her career.

1 $300.00 each

MICROSCOPE AND MICROTOME Jimmy Stringer “Spirit of Service” Grant

This $500.00 grant is presented annually by Microscope and Microtome Service Company to the HT/HTL who most represents a spirit of community service both at and away from the workplace.

1 $500.00 each

SAKURA FINETEK USA “Robert A. Clark Memorial Grant”

This $300.00 honorarium is given to one TSH member in recognition of their first workshop presentation at the annual TSH symposium/convention or for an original article submitted to the TSH state newsletter (manufacturers and scientific distributors are not eligible to participate).

1 $300.00 each

THERMO FISHER "Graham Stevens" Grant

Grant Amount: This $350.00 grant is presented annually by Thermo Fisher in memory of Graham Stevens. This grant is made to the HT/HTL who has demonstrated genuine dedication and outstanding service to the Texas Society of Histotechnology, INC (TSH).

0 $350.00 each

MILESTONE MEDICAL Advanced Technology Histology Award

The Milestone Medical Advanced Technology Histology Award will be presented annually at the TSH spring meeting. It will be given to an individual for their dedication and service to support green/lean lab initiatives, while implementing standardization and documentation protocols in the laboratory.

1 $350.00 each


(8 available)

Please consider adding the cost of the plaque that will be presented to the winner. We appreciate your generosity!

1 $55.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    Texas Society for Histotechnology
    1220 Holt Ave
    DeSoto, TX 75115

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