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Florida Auctioneers Association
Florida Auctioneers Association

Florida Auctioneers Association 2021 Membership

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    Do you hold a current Florida Auction License?

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    Has your auction license, any other required Florida license or required license from any other state ever been suspended or revoked?

  • What is/are your auction specialties?

  • Are you a member of the National Auctioneers Association?

  • Do you hold any Auction Industry related designations? If so, which designations?

  • Do you plan to attend FAA Conferences, Events or Education Summits in the future?

  • If you plan to attend Future Events let us know what days of the week and regional locations are best for you. Conferences typically are 2 days. Choose all that apply.

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    Would be interested in serving on an FAA Committee? If yes, please choose all you are interested in.

Membership Options

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

Active Membership

Must hold a current Florida Auction License: AU, AB or AE.

1 $125.00 each

NEW Active Member

Never been an FAA member, must have a current Florida Auction license: AU, AB or AE.

1 $100.00 each

Featured Active Member

Includes Active Member dues and Ad on FAA Website. Must hold a current Florida Auction License.

1 $350.00 each

Featured Member Upgrade

Featured Member add-on for Active Members who have paid their current dues, and Life Members.

1 $250.00 each

LIFE Member

Must have been an Active FAA Member for a minimum of 5 years.

1 $1,250.00 each

Associate Member

Out of state auctioneers and non-auctioneers associated with the auction profession, includes persons or companies engaged in industries related to the auction profession.

1 $75.00 each

Retired Member

Anauctioneer who has been an Active Member of the Association for at least 10 years, is at least 60 years old no longer conducts or pursues Auction business, but may bid call on occasion.

1 $65.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    Florida Auctioneers Association
    PO Box 1088
    Chiefland, FL 32644

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