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Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail - STA

P.O. Box 360
Livingston, KY 40445

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Steve Barbour
Sheltowee Trace Association
Abigail Aasbo
Justin Allen
Michael Allen
Brenda Anderson
Robert Anderson
Amy Ashcraft
Hannah Ashley
Randy Ashley
Connor Aubrey
Faye Aubrey
Tammy Avilla
Debbe Baker
Lou Bezold
Marsha Bezold
Robert Bien
Chrissy Blazer
Teresa Bombard
Jennifer Bowling
Stephen Bowling
Angela Breeden
Suzana Brozovic
Brent Bruggeman
Desiree Colombe Bruggeman
Jason Burton
Randall Buys
Veronica Byrd
Susan Carey
David Carper
Heather Carrier
Tracy Clark
Patsy Collins
John Combs
Angela Conway
Sammy Cooper
Rodney Craddock
Alice Culin-Ellison
John Davis
Linda Davis
Kerrie Dehorty
Lara Dorenkemper
Sean Elkins
Renee Foster
Kathryn Fox
Brian Frederick
Karie Frederick
Cayden Fugate
Patrick Gardella
Bryan Gay
Tommy Gholson
David Green
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Cameron Griffith
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Jane Guthrie
Tracy Herrin
Kayliegh Hill
Linda Hines
Klaus Hofmann
Ashlie Hogan
Val Hottois
Cathy Howard
David Howard
Erin Howard
Tim Howard
Lauren Kallmeyer
Elizabeth Keenan
Julie Keith
Allison Kossen
Drew Kossen
Susan Kossen
Andrew Kossenn
Julie Krause
Julianne Kravetz
Keith Lamkin
Sharon Lane
Juliet Lester
Julie Lincoln
Keith Logsdon
Michelle Logsdon
John Lush
Julie Lush
Judy Mahan
Robin Marino
Debbie Martin
Karen Mattes
Traci Maxey
Melisse May
Suzanne McElroy
Raven McNeese
Susie McPeters
Tippi McTyeire
Thomas Mechas
Tina Meier
Dakota Messinger
April Minges
Tom Minges
N Katherine Moberly
Jody Moser
Constance Mulder
Will Murphy
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Trisha Ofstedal
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Michael Webb
Alesia Welch
Julie Werle
Sidney Werle
Alison Whipple
Babs Wright
Katie Youngen

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Abigail Aasbo
Justin Allen
Michael Allen
Brenda Anderson
Robert Anderson
Amy Ashcraft
Hannah Ashley
Randy Ashley
Connor Aubrey
Faye Aubrey
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2021 STA Hiker Challenge Orientation Registration

Pre-Register & Orientation attendance is required to participate in the 2021 Hiker Challenge . If you have extensive experience request a waiver. A nonrefundable $30 fee secures your spot in the 2021 Hiker Challenge. Team sizes are limited to 40 new hikers and 10 returning end to enders. A 3 day option is available this year limited to 24.

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    I understand that these are "guided" hikes, facilitated by the STA staff who coordinate for shuttle, lodging were appropriate, and provide trail information to participants and monitors the safety and completion of each section. Teams will be lead by a qualified STA Hike leader and a assistant leader (sweeper). Participants to qualify as a Hiker Challenge end to ender must complete at least 8 of the 12 hikes as a member of the scheduled hiker challenge team over the distance prescribed.

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    I understand and acknowledge that backpacking 30 miles over the course of two or three days is physically challenging and I am physically able to participate.

  • Fee

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    No Charge

Participant Info

  • If you are ready, committed to joining the 2020 Hiker Challenge, we strongly encourage you to pay the $30.00 registration fee for the Challenge. Remember, space is limited and only those who pay the entire fee are guaranteed a place on a team. If the teams are over subscribed we will wait list you. ALL FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

  • I will attend the required Orientation session on:

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    I am

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    Please list your age by checking the appropriate category:

  • I am ready to make a commitment to participate in the 2021 Hiker Challenge My intentions are to primarily hike with:

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Maps Available

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

North and South Map Sets

Planning on doing the whole Challenge? Then save a few bucks by purchasing both sets.

1 $30.00 each

North Map Set Only

North Map sets cover the Trace from Northern Terminus to McKee Ky near the halfway point. By them individually or save a few bucks by purchasing them as a complete set.

1 $15.00 each

South Map Set Only

The south map sets cover the Trace from McKee near the halfway point and Burnt Mill Bridge trail head. Purchase individually or both sets for a discount.

1 $18.00 each


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    Sheltowee Trace Association
    P.O. Box 360
    Livingston, KY 40445

Payment Summary

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