Monday, February 8, 2021 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM CST
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Kathy Moore, DTM - tmkathymoore@gmail.com
District 55 Toastmasters

Virtual TLI Sponsored by Division G - Part 1 - Main Session

Join us for more fun than ever before for new and experienced Toastmasters in this TLI sponsored by Division L! Come learn more about quality clubs and motivating teams! No Travel! Attend in your pjs!This is Part 1. YOU MUST ATTEND PART 2 TO RECEIVE CREDIT! DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER ON ZOOM TO GET THE LINKS FOR THE CLASSES!

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Education Sessions

  • In order to receive credit for training, you will need to attend 4 FULL hours of training. There will be 2 hours of main sessions and 2 hours of breakout sessions for officer roles and elective. We will send Zoom links separately. You only need to attend one (4 hour) TLI event to receive credit, but may attend as many as you choose. If you are holding more than 1 office or representing multiple clubs, you only need to attend one TLI event to receive credit for all officer roles you hold.

  • Main Education Sessions: Moments of Truth - How is your club doing? Do you know how to tell? Toastmasters has 6 areas to focus on to have strong clubs. Join us for this session to learn about those 6 areas, what they are, how to improve in those areas, and how YOU can help your club. Motivating Teams - Is your club energetic? Do you have volunteers or do you have to pull it out of them? You know what I mean...You ask for a volunteer then there is dead silence. How can you motivate your teams (clubs) to volunteer for roles, contests, officer positions, Table Topics, or anything else that a club may need to have done in the year? This session will give you tips on how to motivate and build up people so that they can see the benefits of participating in the different roles that Toastmasters offers.

  • Review what you learned in the Main Session by playing Jeopardy! All teams who have at least four Club Officers at the TLI can compete to win prizes! Sign up today to claim your spot! Learn while having FUN the way our founder Ralph Smedley intended. Come test your knowledge with questions as answers to our D55 Style Jeopardy, side-splitting inducing fun with our host, Jason Wold. Don't miss it!

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