Sunday, February 28, 2021 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM CST
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Kathy Moore, tmkathymoore@gmail.com
District 55 Toastmasters

Virtual TLI Sponsored by Division I -- LAST CHANCE

Join us for more fun than ever before for new and experienced Toastmasters in this TLI sponsored by Division I! Come learn more about speech contests, officer roles, leadership, quality clubs, and how to build a following speaking about your passion. No Travel! Attend in your pjs! LAST CHANCE! REGISTER NOW!

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Education Sessions

  • In order to receive credit for training, you will need to attend the 4 hours of training. You may attend as many sessions as you wish but you only need to attend a total of 4 hours for credit. There will be 2 hours of main sessions with everyone together and then 2 hours of breakout sessions including the officer roles and elective sessions. The breakout sessions will have different Zoom links that will be provided at the time of the TLI. If you are holding more than 1 office or representing multiple clubs, you only need to attend one TLI event to receive credit for all Officer Roles you hold.

  • Main Education Sessions: Strategies for Successful Clubs - In this Main TLI session, you will learn the importance of planning in Club success. Strategies for membership building and retention will be discussed along with the importance of empowering members and celebrating accomplishments. You will learn why keeping it all about the members is the KEY to success. The presentation helps Club Officers understand how to get started.

  • Review what you learned in the Main Session by playing Match Game! Which D55 "celebrities" will you match with your answers? Sign up now to get into the action!

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    Please choose which officer breakout session that you will attend. Advanced officer sessions are open to any Club Officer with 3 or more years of experience.

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