Friday, May 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM EDT
Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT

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Roanoke Country Club

3360 Country Club Dr.
Roanoke, VA 24017

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Debbie Ferguson
Scott Robertson Memorial
Kynadie Adams
Areen Aggarwal
Kavya Ajjarapu
Jake Albert
Slade Aliff
Kevin An
Adrian Anderson
Maria Atwood
Benjamin Baker
Charlie Barr
Kiera Bartholomew
Daniel Boone
John Broderick
Jay Brooks
Benjamin Cai
Sofia Carles
Tyler Chapman
Ethan Chelf
Emma Chen
Faith Choi
Christian Clark
Cooper Claycomb
Gianna Clemente
Ryder Cowan
Catie Craig
Trey Crenshaw
Samir Davidov
Alisa Davidova
Bailey Davis
Tyler Dechellis
Matthew DiFiore
Quint Dingledine
Sean-Karl Dobson
Addie Doroh
Matthew Doyle
Josh Duangmanee
Kaelen Dulany
Nicholas Dunlap
Colin Dutton
Luke Edwards
Mack Edwards
Ethan Evans
Brandon Eyre
Ethan Fang
Jackson Finney
Matthew Foster
Abby Franks
Karl Frisk
Jordan Gilkison
Ian Glanton
Grant Gobezie
Clark Xander Goboy
Andrew Gregory
Pierce Grieve
Jake Griffin
Jonathan Griz
Nicholas Gross
Kathryn Ha
Kyle Haas
Sydney Hackett
Preston Hage
Ashton Harper
Jackson Harris
Ward Harris
Will Hartman
Luke Haskew
Nolan Haynes
Logan Heltz
Jackson Herrington
Alec Hilgers
Collin Hodgkinson
Jonathan Honeywell
Preston Howe
Andrew Hughes
Adam Hunt
Thienna Huynh
Sara Im
Benjamin James
Aaron Jarvis
William Jennings
Ben Jordan
Asher Joseph
Ashnoor Kaur
Taylor Kehoe
Morgan Ketchum
Alise Knudson
Allan Kournikova
Garrett Kuhla
Michael La Sasso
Vidhi Lakhawala
Liza Lapeyre
Alexsandra Lapple
Angela Lee
Tyler Lee
Joseph Lenane
Jay Leng, Jr
Katie Li
Sophie Linder
Qi (Steven) Liu
Alex Long
Beni Long
Bridget Ma
Elsie MacCleery
Ryan Macri
Jake Maddaloni
Patmon Malcom
John Markow
Trey Marrion
Emily Mathews
Tyler Mawhinney
Daniel McBrien
Brody McQueen
Megan Meng
Nathan Miller
Narayan Mohan
Matt Moloney
Tommy Morrison
Sebastian Moss
Chase Nevins
Benjamin Newfield
Kennedy Anne Noe
Kyle Nordheimer
Bridget O'Keefe
Justin Olive
Logan Paczewski
Charlie Palmer
Jaivir Pande
Taehoon (Brian) Park
Arav Patel
Clay Pendergrass
Jack Pepin
Suneil Peruvemba
Wyatt Plattner
Lukas Pokrzywinski
Cayden Pope
Aaron Pounds
Gustavo Rangel
Sahish Reddy
Cameron Reed
Topher Reed
Logan Reilly
Lucas Rizo-Patron
Hampton Roberts
Rebecca Roegner
Jackson Roman
Joshua Ryan
Jose Antonio Safa
Eliana Saga
Isabella Salerno
Calen Sanderson
Abbey Schutte
Vaidehi Shah
Tyson Shelley
Kimberly Shen
Rylan Shim
Jiwoo Shin
Julie Shin
Sophie Simon
Ryan Slonaker
David Stanford
Justin Sui
Lauren Sung
Sydney Sung
Caleb Surratt
Lydia Swan
Mary Kathryn Talledo
Waymon Thomas
Angelina Tolentino
Collins Trolio
Matthew Troutman
Ethan Tseng
Mason Tucker
Spencer Turtz
Sam Udovich
Raquel Walker
Luke Walmet
Xinyi (Iris) Wang
Nicholas Watts
Tyler Watts
Holden Webb
Aaron Williams
Drew Wilson
Kaleb Wilson
Tristin Wisener
Davis Wotnosky
Drew Wrightson
Sydney Yermish
Toa Yokoyama
David Zhang
Reagan Zibilski
Egor Zubov
Avery Zweig

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Kynadie Adams
Areen Aggarwal
Kavya Ajjarapu
Jake Albert
Slade Aliff
Kevin An
Adrian Anderson
Maria Atwood
Benjamin Baker
Charlie Barr
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2021 Scott Robertson Memorial Tournament Application

2021 Scott Robertson Memorial Tournament application. This application should be used by applicants that meet at least one of our established entrance criteria. Those not meeting an entrance criteria, should fill out the appropriate qualifier application. Service fees on entry fee will not be returned if incorrect application is submitted.

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    The following statements must be agreed to or the application is invalid. I am qualified by the rules of eligibility and agree to abide by any regulations of this tournament, including AJGA Code of Conduct. My payment will be submitted and I understand this entry fee is only refundable as outlined on the Scott Robertson Memorial website. All communications with the Entries Chairman will only be accepted in writing/e-mail from the player or parent.

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    Parent/Guardian: I, for myself and the player, hereby release the Roanoke Country Club, Quail Creek Country Club, the Scott Robertson Memorial Tournament, its officers, directors and employees from any and all liability for any event or consequence whatsoever in any way arising out of or relating to the player’s participation in the event with the sole and singular exception of liability arising out of bad faith or willful misconduct. I understand and support the AJGA Code of Conduct.

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    Parent/Guardian: In case of emergency during the tournament, I authorize a qualified medical doctor to take all necessary measures in the treatment of the aforementioned tournament participant. I hereby give my permission for the Scott Robertson Memorial to use any film, videos and/or photographs, of the participant for informational use, lawful promotion, media releases and social media.

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