Saturday, February 27, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM EST
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Erik Listou
Living In Place Institute


You are registering for Class #1 (Live/Zoom) and Classes #2-9 (pre-recorded). You must complete Classes #1-9 before taking Class #10 (Live/Zoom). This one registration fee pays for all classes. You may register anytime for Class #10 but must complete Classes #1-9 before attending Class #10. Manual & Experiential Meal Kit info on registration form.

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    I have reviewed and I agree after graduating to the Code of Ethics and Standards https://livinginplace.institute/professionalsfaq#20.WhatistheLivinginPlaceCodeofEthicsandConduct

Cancellation Policy and Optional Items

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    Please confirm that you understand and agree to the Course Cancellation and Refund Policy. Here is a link to the Policy: https://livinginplace.institute/professionalsfaq#WhatistheCourseCancellationandRefundPolicy

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    REQUIRED FOR CLASS #1 - I am creating my own Experiential Meal Kit (takes about an hour or two) CREATE YOUR OWN: https://files.constantcontact.com/21a29f3f101/6bcf0226-91d3-4943-8495-71c02e8654e0.pdf PURCHASE: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=sqks4zhab&oeidk=a07ehg32ihlc93ffa0c

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    I understand that the E-manual is not printable and valid only during my Active Benefits period of one year and will be renewed with my annual $99 Active Network Benefits Fee.

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Experiential Meal Kit

Buying this kit is optional, It is a course requirement to participate in the Experiential Meal during CLASS #1 and you can MAKE YOUR OWN KIT, see link below. If you purchase a KIt, it will be delivered to your registered residential street address within the continental U.S. Outside of the continental U.S. please contact Louie@LivingInPlace.institute for details. TO CREATE YOUR OWN KIT review this link: https://files.constantcontact.com/21a29f3f101/6bcf0226-91d3-4943-8495-71c02e8654e0.pdf

1 $75.00 each

Manual in black/white hard copy

This is optional. You will automatically receive a full-color PDF of the complete manual valid during your one-year ACTIVE BENEFITS period. If you choose to purchase this optional black/white coil-bound copy, it will be delivered to your residential street address (verify above) within the Continental U.S. Outside of the Continental U.S. please contact Louie@LivingInPlace.Institute for details.

1 $105.00 each


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