Tuesday, March 30, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT
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New York Women in Business
New York Women in Business

Become wildly successful in E-Commerce -C1000-WIB

Sharpen the way you target, engage, and get people to buy your product or hire your services. Learn how to supercharge your ecommerce process and experience greater success

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Registration for Workshops, Networking and A Donation Option

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Workshop 1 - Zero In On Your Best Customer”

Do you really know who your ideal customer is? Find out how to identify and use SEO to help them find you, then engage them so you can maximize the ROI of your marketing efforts.

1 $20.00 each

Workshop 2 - Develop Your Digital Marketing Framework “with Tim Contado, SCORE marketing mentor

Learn about the six-point checklist that underlies digital marketing plans for turning strangers to loyal customers

1 $20.00 each

Workshop 3 - Creating Sticky Websites with Liz Kressel, Lizard Strategy

Discover reasons why people don’t stay long when they visit websites and things you can do to increase page views and conversion rates , remarketing and abandoned carts

1 $20.00 each

Workshop 4 - Is Your Business Heading In the Right Direction?

Having the right metrics in place will help you understand how effective your sales and marketing efforts are. This will help you save money and be more successful in the short and long term.

1 $20.00 each

Workshop 5 - Online Marketplaces: Amazon, Etsy, Walmart and/or eBay?

The online marketplace you choose can impact your likelihood of success. Find out how they differ in the short and long term so you make the right choice for your business.

1 $20.00 each

Post-Conference Networking

This fun, casual and lightly structured networking session will be moderated by Rebecca Maxwell, co-founder of Asentiv New York and founder of Conversations & Connections.

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NYWIB is a nonprofit organization without any formal source of revenues. Donations to help cover our operating expenses would be gratefully accepted but not required.

1 $10.00 each


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