Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at 1:00 PM EDT
Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 1:00 PM EST

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Tastes of Brooklyn team
Seeds in the Middle

Join us for Tastes of Gowanus

Tastes of Brooklyn is back 2021! Our 1st event - Tastes of Flatbush - rocked. Tastes of Gowanus is June 5th. Eat. Drink. Walk. Do Good. Support our small businesses + help overcome food insecurity. Let's build community farm stands. More info? Email tastesofbrooklyn@gmail.com. Tastes tickets: 4 tastes+$35, 12=$100.

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  • We are so happy to bring back Tastes of Gowanus. Reserve tickets here and pick up on June 5th at the Gowanus Dredgers Boathouse. We'll also have a pop-up farm stand and flea, so if you know creative folks who might like to take part, just tell them to email us at tastesofbrooklyn@gmail.com We're seeking sponsors to ensure all businesses get great pay + we can give to charity so all Brooklyn residents - no matter where they live - have fresh, affordable access to fresh food. Email us with sponsor ideas or take a moment to give an extra tip for the businesses! We're in this together! Let's stay healthy and safe! Please wear masks when near others. We'll offer them for free. And let's keep a safe distance from each other! #Brooklynstrong

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  • Hi, if you have suggestions or ideas for TASTES of Brooklyn, please feel free to tell us. Is there another business we should invite? Let us know!

If you want us to mail tickets, pls give address!

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1 $15.00 each

Tastes of Brooklyn apron

1 $25.00 each

I want to support small businesses more

This is extra $20 for businesses and charity. We are seeking sponsors so everyone gets paid, so any extra helps!

100 $20.00 each

I want to support small businesses and charity more

I want to help ensure everyone makes money that day - so I'm giving extra for the businesses and charity

100 $30.00 each

I want to support small biz and charities even more

I want to help ensure everyone makes money that day - so I'm giving extra for the businesses and charity. We want to keep our small businesses alive!

100 $50.00 each

Friend Sponsor

These funds go to ensure all the businesses make money!

100 $100.00 each

Champion Sponsor

We want to make sure all the businesses make money and they stay in business. We will accept your offer to blast our name everywhere to say how grateful you are.

100 $500.00 each

The best sponsor!

We want to make sure our small businesses stay alive and survive this terrible time and ensure all kids can eat healthy, so fewer people die from COVID-19! Yes, we accept your offer to blast thanks everywhere and put our logo on all promotional materials plus get a few free tickets :)

100 $1,000.00 each

VIP Table - Runners deliver to you!

(14 available)

We will have runners deliver to you. For Tastes of Flatbush, we will set up tables at Parkside Plaza. Tickets bought separately. You can reserve the table starting at 1 pm by emailing us at tastesofbk@seedsinthemiddle.org and we will send you a reservation form. Reservations on every hour. Seat up to 6. You will let us know what you want delivered and we'll have runners pick up the food with your tickets.

14 $150.00 each

Extra tickets

Buy more tickets.

996 $42.00 each

Raffle for $100 Littleneck Certificate - 4 raffles

Win $100 gift certificate to Littleneck in Gowanus or maybe win certificates to other places, too!

100 $20.00 each


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