Tuesday, September 28, 2021 from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM EDT
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Polar Park

100 Madison Street
Worcester, MA 01608

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The Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM)
Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
Shawn Aalto
Multiscale Systems, Inc. - Applications Engineer
Annemarie Abdo
Catania Oils - Catania Oils
Chris Aden
LMI Technologies - Senior Director of AI Solutions
Daniel Adigun
Catania oils - Catania oils
Ian Agranat
Wildlife Acoustics, Inc. - CEO
James Aimone
AirLoc Corporation - VP Operations
Carolyn Alessi
House of Representatives - Staff- Rep. Jeff Roy/Chair Manuf. Caucus
Keith Alves
Cognex - Sr. Operations Manager
Rob Anderson
MassDevelopment - Vice President, Business Development
Robin Anderson
MassMEP - Administration Manager
Harper Anderton
OnyxSpectrum Technology - VP Business Development
Peter Angelini
Aaron Industries Corp. - Special Projects Director
Karen Ares
Blackstone Valley Education Hub - Executive Director
Kaan Armagan
Vertum Technologies - CEO
Kelly Arvidson
MassDevelopment - SVP, Business Development
Jim Barry
Alternative Manufacturing Inc - VP of Sales & Marketing
Stephen Basile
Catania Oils - Catania Oils
Scott Baxter
PEKO Precision Products, Inc - PEKO Precision Products, Inc
Aaron Bent
6K Inc. - CEO
Torbjorn Bergstrom
WPI - Director, Haas Technical Education Center
Helen Bibeau
Micron Solutions - Manufacturing Operations Manager
Alex Bienvenue
Glendale Ridge Vineyard - Production Winemaker
Kristen Binienda
Mass MEP - Project Manager
Edmund Bird
Advanced Fluid Systems, Inc. - Sales Engineer
Aaron Birt
Solvus Global - CEO
David Bisio
PMR - Business Development Manager
Michael Blaney
National Grid - Sr. Specialist
Chris Boensel
Empire Group - Territory Sales Leader
Daniel Bosch
Tyler Bostek
Coghlin Companies - Sales Associate
Tyler Bouchard
Flexxbotics - CEO
Laurie Bourgeois
Primo Medical Group - VP Business Development
Lisa Bouthiller
MassMEP - Office Manager
Greg Boyd
Alternative manufacturing Inc - CEO
Josh Boyle
Elipsa - Co-Founder, CBO
Mark Boyle
Search Mode - Engineering Teacher
Gavin Braithwaite
Cambridge Polymer Group, Inc - VP Research
Jim Brown
Steve Budak
Sunrise SESA Technologies Inc - General Manager
Jesse Burque
Massachusetts MEP - Director of Finance
Ahmed Busnaina
Northeastern ANSSEM (Advanced Sensor Manufacturing - W.L. Smith Professor and Director
Mark Byrnett
DuBois Chemicals - Technical Sales
Tracey Cahalane
Microline Surgical Inc - Director of HR
Danielle Caldwell
MaryBeth Campbell
Swissturn USA, Inc. - Human Resources Manager
Daniel Canestaro-Garcia
Folia Materials - Director of Engineering
Carlo Canetta
The MITRE Corporation - Advanced Manufacturing Lead
Luisa Carducci
Loureiro Engineering - Account Manager/Cust Service Specialist
Chris Carlin
ICSN, Inc. - Director of Business Development
Kristin Carlson
Peerless Precision - President
Michael Carota
Aaron Industries Corp. - Vice President/CFO
John Carpenter
Excellerant - President
Julie Carr
MacInnis Company - Partner- Distribution Manager
Emily Carrara
Office of Rep. Rob Consalvo - Office of Rep. Rob Consalvo
Adam Caruso
Jonathan Cash
Draper - Business Area Manager
Kimberly Casineau
The Coating House - Owner/President
Hector Castillo
Floe, Inc. - CTO
John Chen
Mascon, Inc. - CEO & Global President
Josh Chernin
Business Improvement Group LLC - Partner
Christopher Cole
Sodick, Inc. - Field Service Engineer
Thomas Cole
Inkbit - Vice President of Operations
Luke Collier
Sunrise SESA Technologies Inc - Sales and Marketing Manager
Rob Consalvo
MA House of Representatives - State Representative
Darcy Cook
Cook Professional Resources, Inc - Owner
Kourtney Corcoran
Concord Foods - Chief Financial Officer
Mat Correa
US.Army - DEVCOM - -
Danielle Cote
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Professor of Materials Science
Tyler Cotta
Office of State Representative Carole Fiola - Chief of Staff
Ben Couto
Empire Group - Inside Sales Representative
Julie Cowan
MassDevelopment - MassDevelopment
Dawn Creighton
Tech Foundry - Tech Foundry
John Cronin
MA Senate - State Senator
Mary Cronin
6K Inc. - VP Government Affairs
Christopher Crowley
Polar Beverages - Executive VP Treasurer
Miguel Cuenca
MassMEP - Trainer
Fred Curran
Green Brothers Fabricating Inc. - Green Brothers Fabricating Inc.
Terence Dalton
Concord Foods - President & CEO
Charles DaRosa
MassMEP - Operations Manager
Alice Davey
Ace Molding Inc - President
Mark Davey
Ace Molding Inc - Vice President
Marc De Santiago
Borderland-Partners LLC - Chairman
Paula De Santiago
Borderland Partners LLC - President
David DeGiorgi
MediaVue Systems - CEO
Allan DeLisle
Phillips Precision - Technical Sales Coordinator
Eugene Demaitre
Peerless Media - Editorial director -- Robotics 24/7
Phil Dentremont
MicroTek, Inc. - CEO
Nathan Desrochers
Axis NE - Automation Engineer
Edward Deveney
Bridgewater State University - Prof. Physics and Photonics/Optical Engineering
Debra Dexter
G&F Precision Molding - G&F Precision Molding
Paul Diamond
North Easton Machine Co., Inc. - Vice President
Steve Diaz
Loureiro Engineering - Senior Vice President and General Manager of WW
Lori Dickey
Empire Group - Marketing Manager
Robin Dion
Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium - Consortium Manager
Joseph Donovan
Nelson Mullins - Managing director
Amy Dow
New Balance - Director of Public Affairs and Government Relation
Joanna Dowling
The Custom Group Center For MFG Technology - Director
Michael Dragonas
Product Resources - Product Resources
Michelle Drolet
Towerwall - CEO and Co-Founder
Katherine Ducharme
General Dynamics Mission Systems - Director of Procurement Management
Christien Ducker
Safety Management Systems, Inc. - Founder & CEO
Susan Dynan
MassMEP - Director, Human Resources
James Eakin
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Tech Ops Manager - Photonics
Paul Edie
Independent Craftsman - Principle
Mike Eident
Sodick Inc USA - Northeast District Sales Manager
Samantha Einsohn
Parts Tool and Die - Parts Tool and Die
Eric Eisner
House of Representatives - Chief of Staff
Ellen Ellsworth
MassMEP - Program Manager
Jason Enos
Empire Group - Founder & CEO
Eric Harrington Eric Harrington
Sunrise SESA Technologies Inc - COO
John Erickson
Product Resources LLC - CEO
Scott Fallavollita
United Tool & Machine Corporation - President
Curtis Falzoi
Donahue Industries, Inc. - President
John Farah
Opticomp Networks - President
Zack Farahmand
Sunrise SESA Technologies Inc - CEO
William Faria
MilliporeSigma - Head of Danvers Operations
Barb Finer
Quivivity - Founder
Michael Finn
Massachusetts State - State Representative
Joey Fiore
PowerHouse - Co-Founder
Sam Fiore
PowerHouse - Co-Founder
Joe Flynn
Allsteel - Allsteel
Sarah Foley
Coghlin Companies - Director of Marketing, Administration and Events
Dave Follette
UMass Amherst - ADDFab Director
Eric Forsythe
US Army Research Lab - PM NextFlex
Brennan Fournier
UMass M2D2 - IMPACT Program Manager
Jurgen Frasch
New Page Associates, Inc. - Managing Director
Edward Freitas
Algonquinin Industries Inc. - Vice President Sales, Marketing & Manufacturing
Karen Freker
Office of State Representative Kate Hogan - District Director
Kelley French
MassHire North CentralWorkforce Board - MassHire North CentralWorkforce Board
Tom Fuhlbrigge
Scalable Robotics - Founder
John Gates
Nashoba Brook Bakery - CEO
James Gay
MA House of Representatives -State Rep Jeff Roy - Staff Director
Jessica Giannino
Commonwealth of MA - Commonwealth of MA
Ron Giard
MassMEP - Business Development Advisor
Anne Gobi
State Senator - State Senator
Cheryl Gomes
University of Massachusetts Lowell - Technical Program Manager
Annemarie Goode
Specialized Career Guidance - Program Developer
Eric Goodwine
Country Bank - Vice President
Tami Gouveia
Massachusetts House of Representatives - State Representative
Lana Graf
Nextera - Founder & CEO
Kristy Grignon
MassMEP - MassMEP
Joshua Gruenstein
Tutor Intelligence - Founder
James Gusha
MassMEP - Project Development Manager
Roman Hachkowski
Adaptive Optics Associates, Inc. - General Manager
Rich Haggerty
Massachusetts Legislature - State Rep.
Eric Hagopian
Pilot Precision Products - President/CEO
Mary Hamel
Glendale Ridge Vineyard - managing member
Steven Hamilton
John Hart
MIT - Professor
Laura Hart
Louriero Engineering - Solution Sales Manager
Brian Harvey
MassMep - Project Manager
Matthew Healy
MassMEP - IT Manager
Sarah Healy
MassMEP - Administration Coordinator
Michael Hebert
Mass MEP - Project Development Manager
Joel Herman
FORGE - Supplier
David Hill
Jeff Hird
innovent technologies - Director
Jon Hirschtick
PTC - Executive Vice President
Ken Hiscoe
Pfizer - Director
Jim Hogan
Hogan Brothers Coffee Roasters - Founder/CEO
Kate Hogan
MA House of Representatives - Speaker Pro Tempore
Veronica Holmes
Cambridge Polymer Group - Research Scientist
Anne Horn
JustJump Marketing - Director of Business Development
Hugh Williams Hugh Williams
Sunrise SESA Technologies Inc - Production Manager
Joe Iannone
SRC Medical - Business Development Manager - USA/Global
Kim Ingalls
MassMEP - Center Director
Sudhir Jain
Nano OPS, Inc. - Nano OPS, Inc.
Scott Janousek
C90 - Software Developer
Manny Jerome
MassMEP - Business Development Advisor
Eric Johnson
MMID Product Development Inc. - MMID Product Development Inc.
Jason Kallio
RS2 Technologies - Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Hannah Kane
House of Representatives - State Representative
Dan Kara
WTWH Media - VP, Robotics Group
Gaetan Kashala
Associated Industry of Massachusetts - Engagement Director
Harley Kata
The Coating House - General Manager
Peter Kavanaugh
Brownell Boat Stands, Inc - Brownell Boat Stands, Inc
Kristen Keane
WPI - Director, Industry Partnerships &Program Managemen
Sean Kelly
Solvus Global. LLC - COO
Sean Killam
MassMEP - Director of Public Affairs
Jeff Kimmel
Elipsa, Inc - CEO
Ed KIngsley
University of Massachusetts Lowell - Technical Program Mgr, PERC/RURI
Sam Klaidman
Middlesex Consulting - Principal Adviser
Andrew Knott
Brier Cliff Realty, LLC - Owner
Joseph Kunze, Ph. D.
SI2 Technologies, Inc. - Founder, President, and CEO
Michael Kushmerek
MA House of Representatives - State Representative
Roger Laflamme
white flame llc - white flame llc
James Lagrant
UMass Amherst - Professor of Practice in Manufacturing
Holden Lai
Osmoses Inc. - Chief Technology Officer
Henry Lajca
HARMONY SPRINGS - Vice President ==
Bill Laursen
Micron Solutions - President and CEO
Cooper Leonard
Office of Representative Cutler - Legislative Aide
Claire Lepont
UMass Lowell - Senior Technical Program Manager
Eric Lesser
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Massachusetts State Senator
Howard Letendre
FLEXcon Company - Community Engagement Director
Richard Leveillee
Leveillee Architectural Millwork, Inc. - President
Rep Jack Lewis
Hogan Brothers Coffee - N/A
Jay Livingstone
Massachusetts House of Representatives - State Representative
Steve Longpre
Berkshire Innovation Center - Operations Manager
Steven Longpre
BSS Additive - Founder
Joe Lopes
Greater New Bedford Workforce - Deputy Executive Director
Payal Loungani
Bank of America - VP, Commercial Banking
Russell Luthman
MassCor Industries - Director
David M Thompson
Kevin Magill
All-Steel Fabricating - President
Sandy Maguire
Comm of Mass/Office of Representative Jeff Roy - Legislative Aide
Emma Mailman
MassMEP - MassMEP
Kimberli Maki-Smith
Maki Monument Co., Inc. - Operations Manager
George Malatos
MIW Corporation - President
John Malone
Business Improvement Group,LLC - Partner
Seth Mansur
Genie Solar Energy - Energy Strategy & Implementation Specialist
Mark Manuel
Industrial Marketing - Founder
Michael Mariani
MBDR - Principal
John Marshall
dataCon, Inc - dataCon, Inc
Cameron Marston
Paycor - Sales executive
Megan Marszalek
MassTech Collaborative - Sr. Program Manager
Paula Martel
North Easton Machine Co, Inc. - Human Resource Manager
Salvatore Mascia
CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - CEO
Matthew Williams Matthew Williams
Sunrise SESA Technologies Inc - Sunrise SESA Technologies Inc
Paul Mattingly
Berkshire Community College - Dir. Workforce Development: Advanced Manufacturing
Kevin McComber
Spark Photonics Foundation, Inc. - Executive Director
Marianna McCormick McCormick
MassDevelopment - VP, Business Development
Thomas McGee
Commonwealth Corporation - Program Manager
Loretta McHugh
HSWoA - Director of Quality
Paul McMurtry
Massachusetts House of Representatives - State Representative
Rick McNally
PICA Manufacturing - Sales/Applications
Andrew Meersand
Adaviv - Engineer
Deborah Meggison
MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce B - MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce B
Bill Melvin
Manufacturing Resources Corp. - Manufacturing Resources Corp.
Bruce Mendelsohn
MassHire Central Region Workforce Board (MCRWB) - Resource Development Coordinator
Angela Meraki
The WorcShop - Creative Director
Randal Meraki
The WorcShop - Executive Director
Steve Messineo
Citara Systems, Inc. - Business Development Officer
Peter Milano
Mass. Office of Business Development - Director of Strategy & Business Development
Christina Minicucci
Massachusetts House of Representatives - State Representative
Liz Miranda
Massachusetts House of Representatives - State Representative
Tyler Modelski
Flexxbotics - CTO
Mohsen Moghaddam
Northeastern University - Assistant Professor
Lauren Monroe
www.Technocopia.org - Executive Director
Robert Monteith
ARC Industries, Inc. - CEO
Michael Moore
MA State Senate - MA State Senate
Peter Morse
Massachusetts House of Representatives - Legislative Aide
Michael Moustakakis
Axis NE - Automation Engineer
Brian Murray
Legislature - State Representative
Ramaswamy Nagarajan
University of Massachusetts Lowell - Professor, Co-Director of HEROES
Benjamin Neary
Fluent Voice Networks - SVP Sales & Marketing
Eujin Neilan
Uni-T - Owner
David Nguyen
U.S Bedding Inc - President
Tram Nguyen
Commonwealth of Massachusetts - State Representative
Susan Nicholl
Office of Senate President Karen E Spilka - District Liaison
Vinit Nijhawan
MassVentures - MassVentures
Daisuke Nogiwa
FUJI Innovation Lab - Associate Director
Christine Nolan
MassTech Collaborative - Director
Steve Nolan
Bose - Engineering Manager
John Nolet
Starbase Technologies, Inc - Starbase Technologies, Inc
Lisa Oden
MassMEP - MassMEP
HamdAllah Olona
YVESTA DOR LLC (GoodieKrunch) - Founder
Onder Ondemir
David Ortendahl
WPI - Executive Director, Corporate Relations
James Panagas
MediaVue Systems - Director of Marketing & Communications
Siddharth Pannir
GenH - Co Founder and Engineer
Deirdre Parsons
Alnylam - Sr. Director, Public Policy & Government Relations
Nathan Pascarella
Hypertherm Ventures - Director
Jay Pateakos
MassDevelopment - MassDevelopment
Doug Petkie
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Director, Lab for Education & Prototyping
Louis Petrovic
Resource Associates Inc - President
Ellen Piccioli
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) - Director of Manufacturing Innovation
Andrea Pion
The Davis Companies - The Davis Companies
Paul Pirozzi
Plastics Manufacturing Resources - President
Josh Pregent
Fleet Machine Co. - General Manager
Becky Prescott
Concord Foods - Chief Operating Officer
Marc Printz
WorcLab - WorcLab
Kimball Putnam
Burt Process Equipment - Burt Process Equipment
Julie Quinne
Uncommon Consulting, LLC - Leadership Strategist
Brian Ralston
Cambridge Polymer Group - Research Scientist II
Pratap Rao
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Associate Professor
Joe Renaud
amazon robotics - sr. manufacturing mgr
Kathy Rentsch
Quinsigamond Community College - Associate Vice President
Sarah Rice
Digital Ready - Executive Director
Brandon Robbins
MA House of Representatives - Legislative Aide
Brittany Robinson
MassMEP - Human Resources Coordinator
Gerrick Rodrigues
Rentschler Biopharma Inc. - Director, IT Infrastructure and Applications
Chuck Rogers
Full Circle Padding Inc. - President
Colin Rogers
Full Circle Padding Inc. - Vice President
Laura Rogers
Full Circle Padding Inc. - Treasurer
Monica Rommel
Specialty Materials - Specialty Materials
Steve Rowse
New England Apple Products - CEO
Representative Jeff Roy
Commonwealth of Massachusetts - State Representative
Peter Russo
New Approach Development - Founder/President
Patrick Ryan
Patrick Ryan - Senior Program Manager
Thomas Ryden
MassRobotics - Executive Director
Lindsay Sabadosa
Massachusetts House of Representatives - State Representative, 1st Hampshire District
Adam Sanchez
Abel Womack - Outside Sales Account Manager
Parna Sarkar-Basu
Brand and Buzz - Founder
Karen Savage
Rentschler Biopharma Inc. - VP, Milford Site
Jc Schnabl
Qlientology.com - CEO
Cheryl Schnitzer
Stonehill College - Chemistry Professor
Michael Sellitto
Boston Dynamics - Production Manager
Konstantyn Shyshkin
Spiral Technology - CEO
Joshua Sidman
Yamazen Inc - Territory Sales Manager
Joyce Sidopoulos
MassRobotics - CoFounder, VP Programs & Community
Kosta Sidopoulos
Deep-AI Technologies - VP Sales
Jesse Silverberg
Multiscale Systems - CEO / Research Director
Alan Silvia
State Representative - State Representative
Judy Silvia
MassMEP - Senior Director of Public Affiars
Joe Simao
MassMEP - Project Manager
Brian Smith
WAAV, Inc. - President
Tammy Soper
Alexander Machine & Tool Co., Inc. - President
Ben Sosne
Berkshire Innovation Center - Executive Director
Michael Soter
House of Representatives - State Representative
Dan Spence
Bossard - VP of Sales
Hayley Steele
MassMEP - Marketing Manager
Liz Storms
Office of Senator Eric P. Lesser - Legislative Director and Legal Counsel
Nathan Strong
Loureiro Engineering - VP
Richard Sullivan
MassMEP - MassMEP
John Sundborg
Bank of America - Relationship Manager
Jessica Sweeney
CF Technologies, Inc. - Vice President
Mark Tabor
Samtec - Business Development Manager
Sean Tallarida
Marver Med - Sales
Michael Tamasi
AccuRounds - President and CEO
Steven Tamasi
Boston Centerless - CEO
Bill Tarzia
CLA - Principal
Laura Teicher
FORGE - Executive Director
Susan Templeton
Office of State Senator John J. Cronin - District Director
Jane Thielen
Rising Sun Connections - Rising Sun Connections
Michael Thompson
Robert Tisdell
Multiscale Systems - Engineer technician
Siddharth Tiwari
Sparksense - Business Development Associate
Robert Tocci
Aaron Industries Corp. - Vice President
Dean Tognarelli
Zach Tomkinson
Universal Robots - Regional Sales Manager
Walter Towner
Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Associate Teaching Professor
Jeffrey Trail
Boyd Technologies - VP of Sales
Arthur Trapotsis
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems - CEO
Trond Undheim, Ph. D.
Tulip - Lead Ecosystem Evangelist
Jose Vazquez
Boston Engineering - Director, Defense and Security
Sergio Velasquez
Biotech - Machine technician
Lisa Vermette
Greater Lawrence Community Action - Director Workforce Development and Adult Learning
Judi Vigna
Specialized Career Guidance LLC - CEO
Leonardo Vincenzi
Robert Vitello
Clean Ocean Access - Clean Ocean Access
Jonathan Wheeler
Safety Management Systems, Inc. - VP Finance & Operations
Sue Whitaker
Massachusetts Office of Business Development - Greater Boston Regional Director
Christopher Wilczewski
Functional 3D - Owner
Edward Withee
Manufacturing Applications eXperts - Manufacturing Applications eXperts
Kory Wood
Meter - Talent Manager
Gerri Wooten
Alternative Manufacturing Inc - Regional Sales
Jodi Woroski
Jabil - Jabil
Emily Yale
Land Maverick INC - CEO
Iris Yu
Boston Intelligence Robotics Technologies - business development specialist
Lauren Zarama
AcousticaBio - Chief Business Officer
Deanna Zarrella
AIS - VP of Human Resources

Look Who Else is Registered!

Shawn Aalto
Multiscale Systems, Inc. - Applications Engineer
Annemarie Abdo
Catania Oils - Catania Oils
Chris Aden
LMI Technologies - Senior Director of AI Solutions
Daniel Adigun
Catania oils - Catania oils
Ian Agranat
Wildlife Acoustics, Inc. - CEO
James Aimone
AirLoc Corporation - VP Operations
Carolyn Alessi
House of Representatives - Staff- Rep. Jeff Roy/Chair Manuf. Caucus
Keith Alves
Cognex - Sr. Operations Manager
Rob Anderson
MassDevelopment - Vice President, Business Development
Robin Anderson
MassMEP - Administration Manager
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Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing, along with MassMEP, MassRobotics, FORGE, WPI, and MassHire, will host an exciting new conference - the “Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up”. The event will take place at the new Polar Park, home of the WooSox, in Worcester, MA, setting the stage for a new ‘vibe’ for manufacturing.

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