Tuesday, October 12, 2021 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT
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Hack Growth - Tips for Entrepreneurs and Startups - C1000-02U NYWIB

No rich friends, family or PR team? Find out how thousands of entrepreneurs went from zero to scalable businesses without having those advantages.

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Registration for Workshops, Networking and A Donation Option

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Workshop 1 - Get Ready to Grow

Building and scaling a business successfully requires resilience and a mindset for powering through obstacles. Learn tips for identifying what is really holding you back and creating a work plan for moving forward.

1 $20.00 each

Workshop2 - How To Fuel Business Growth

Find out the many different ways you can fund your business banks are not necessarily your first, best option

1 $20.00 each

Workshop3 - Stop Trying To Do Everything Yourself

Learn strategies for delegating, finding and managing outside resources so you can focus on growing your business

1 $20.00 each

Post-Conference Networking

This will be a fun, casual and lightly structured networking session. Participants meet in small virtual rooms and get a chance to chat, connect and build relationships that will help you and your business.

1 Free


NYWIB is a nonprofit organization without any formal source of revenues. Donations to help cover our operating expenses would be gratefully accepted but not required.

1 $10.00 each


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