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The Gathered Community of Spiritual Directors
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The Gathered Community Covenant Spiritual Directors

Your Commitment to our Communal Covenant and Rhythm & Rule of Life is required to be a Covenant Spiritual Director with The Gathered Community.

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Contact Information

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Covenant Agreements

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    Will you commit to confidentiality as a sacred trust?

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    Will you abide by the Ethical Guidelines of Spiritual Directors International, which is the standard that members of our Gathered Community follow?

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    Will you commit to seeing a trained spiritual director with whom you have appropriate boundaries on a regular basis? Recommended: every 4-8 weeks

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    Will you seek supervision, online or in person with 1) a qualified peer group of spiritual directors or 2) a trained supervisor of spiritual directors, with which you check in on a quarterly basis? This is the standard for presenting a critical incident in the ministry of spiritual direction/companionship. Note: We don't require but we recommend ALL spiritual directors be in peer supervision even if not seeing directees. because it is a formative experience for all who companion others.

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    Will you seek continuing education events to enhance your training and keep current with trends in spiritual direction ministry? (i.e. through reading articles in Presence Magazine or other publications)

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    Will you agree to follow The Gathered Community Communal Covenant - Rhythm and Rule of Life, making no exceptions to the Covenant? By checking these boxes you have indicated your commitment to all components of our Rhythm, Rule and Covenant, and we take this as your word to do so.

Ministry Interest & Service

  • Refer me as a spiritual director and include my contact information (name, geographical location, email, phone, website, etc) in online public directories on our websites.

  • I offer myself for the following ministries of spiritual direction and formation:

  • (Optional) PRIVATE REFERRALS ONLY. "Private referral only" is an option created for those who do not choose to make their contact information public.

  • (Optional) RELATIONSHIP ONLY: I want to be in covenant with fellow spiritual directors but I do NOT want to be referred for ANY type of ministry at this time

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    Is this a new covenant or a renewal?

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    Because we are not just an online organization, but also a community, we hope that you might join us as we build relationships and offer ourselves to the world through online platforms and various community gatherings. Please indicate how you envision being a part of our community. Choose at least one but as many as you desire.

Training Program Information

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Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    The Gathered Community of Spiritual Directors/MEMO LINE: Covenant
    23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd
    Suite H120 Box 205
    Katy, TX 77494

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