Saturday, December 3, 2022 at 9:00 AM PST
Sunday, December 4, 2022 at 3:00 PM PST

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Reno Sparks Convention Center ("A" Rooms)

4590 S. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89502

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Dan Clements
Tanners Marketplace - Magic of Santa
Jenell Abate
Naomi Agnitsch
Susan Allen
Frank Amankonah
Doreen Avila
Sheri Borg
Bryan Boyle
Diane Brouillet
Amy Brown
Sarah Brown
Missy Bursell
Heidi Busch
Stephanie Campbell
Jennifer Carpenter
Cheryl Closson
Sabrina Covarrubias
Lee Dark
Lisa Downey
Pam Eckhardt
Vincent Fabbri
Mirage Fisher
Amanda Goodwin
Logan Greenwood
Jeanne Gribbin
Linda Grochowski
Kimberly Hastings
Debbie Heard
Shelley Hilliard
Amber Hopkins
Sierra Jackson
Molly Jauregui
Jon Johnson
Lauren Kaiser
Terry Kimia
Mara King-Sherman
Cheryl Kominek
Carolyn La Fleur
Carolanne Leavitt
Jamie Leenan
Jacqueline Lethbridge
Jennifer Lew
Taylor Lockett
Lorraine Luerra
Linda Maisano
Michelle Martinez Martinez
Kelly Mayer
Curtis McBride
Ruthie Mirous
Rose Moravec
Kathi Morser-Garrison
Dori Nielsen
Kelly Nordine
Sylvia Nunez
Kecia Olney
Debbi Paulin
Briana Pearson
Linda Piercy
Elizabeth Porta
Anna Preiss
Patricia Pritchett
Tammy Pulley
Ellie Ramsey
Linda Raymond
Randi Roedel
Cynthia Schnaare
Debra Shepersky-Loghry
Loraina Shoemaker
Bonny Silva
Denise Smith
Sara Spilman
Judy Stephenson
Judy Stickney
Olivia Tabor
Vikki Taguinod
Eric Taylor
Katherine Thornton
Gilbert Tortolani
Marcia Trujillo-Penman
Kristina Tucker
Nora Tucker
Kasey Tydingco
Cherie Valentine
Deanna Valles
Ginger Vernon
Mark Waters
Barbara Williams
Kenneth Williams
Belinda Woldruff
Christina Woods

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Jenell Abate
Naomi Agnitsch
Susan Allen
Frank Amankonah
Doreen Avila
Sheri Borg
Bryan Boyle
Diane Brouillet
Amy Brown
Sarah Brown
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Magic Of Santa Arts and Crafts Faire

Magic of Santa December 3rd and 4th 2022 show registration. Please call or send Dan an email with any questions or problems 775-741-9524.

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Personal Information

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  • Please send payment or a $60.00 deposit to: Magic of Santa P.O. Box 618 Fernley NV 89408 To see the booth spaces layout please go to: tannersreno.com, click the Vendor link then the MOS link. You will see the button to the layout.

City of Reno business license

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  • When you finish the registration you should get a return confirmation email immediately. If you do not get this email please check your Junk or Spam folder and contact me if you can't find it. It may mean that the registration didn't work. I will also follow up personally to confirm your space numbers so let me know if you don't get this email. The registration deposit is refundable up to 1 week before the show. PLEASE REFER TO THE WEBSITE MAP FOR THE ACTUAL AVAILABLE SPACES. THIS LIST MAY NOT BE CORRECT.


Spaces and Tables

Item Qty. Max Limit Price

Waiting List space

This will allow you to register for the show and get on the waiting list. I'll notify you when I get an open space in the order I receive these signups. Please don't pay at this time. Put the type of space you would like in the comments. Thank you

1 Free

Reno Special Business License

IMPORTANT- If you don't have a city of Reno business license please select this. (THE RATE MY GO UP - THEY MEET IN JULY)

0 $20.00 each


Electrical Power. This is what they charge me.

0 $45.00 each

Room A20 6x10 space, Open after main room is full

(0 available)

6x10 or 8x10 Space in Room A20

0 $80.00 each

Room A20 10x10 space, Open after main room is full

(3 available)

10x10 or 10x12 space in room A20

0 $135.00 each

Room A20 10x14 space, Open after main room is full

Room A20 10x14 space

0 $200.00 each

5x10 or 6x10 Foot Space

(0 available)

5x10 or 6x10 Foot Space Only 1 8 ft. table fits

0 $100.00 each

10x10 Wall Space

(7 available)

0 $155.00 each

2- 10x10 WALL Spaces (10x20)

(1 available)

2 spaces together ion the wall

0 $275.00 each

10x10 Corner Spaces (2 Sides Open)

(6 available)

10x10 Corner Spaces (2 Sides open) In the middle of the room or corner

0 $165.00 each

10x10 Island Spaces (3 Sides open)

(5 available)

10x10 Island Spaces (3 or 4 Sides open) In the middle of the room or wall

0 $170.00 each

10x14 or 10x15 space

(2 available)

10x14 or 10x15 space

0 $220.00 each

10x16 Space

(1 available)

10x16 Space

0 $240.00 each

10X20 Inside Space

(6 available)

10X20 Inside Space (2 booths together in a center square - 3 open sides)

0 $300.00 each

20x20 Inside Space. Only if space available

0 $600.00 each

8' x 2.5' (32") Tables

No charge for Tables. Please pick how many tables you need. 3 fit in an inside corner space but only 2 in a wall space except the corner wall spaces.

20 Free


No charge for chairs. Please pick how many chairs you will need

4 Free

Special Space Request

If you have a special request for booth configurations please contact us. We will work with you.

45 Free


0 Free


Payment Method

  • Please make check payable to:
    Magic of Santa
    P.O. Box 618
    Fernley, NV 89408

Payment Summary

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