Monday, August 1, 2022 at 10:00 AM EDT
Friday, August 5, 2022 at 11:30 PM EDT

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Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

700 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, MD 21202

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Bishop Ronald Frazier, Convocation Chairman
The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International
Alandra Abrams
Cleive Adams
Connie Alston
Glenn Alston
Michael Alston, Sr.
Ricky Anderson
Frances Banks
Danny Banks Sr.
Brittnie Barlow
Justin Barlow
Jack Barlow Sr
Charity Barnes
Lasunda Barnes
Tiffany Barnett
Troy Barnett
Patricia M Blaino
Dorella Blount-Moore
James Bonnette
Sheryl Boykin
Curis Boyles
Anita Britt
Kingstpn Brooks
Londyn Brooks
Virginia Brooks
Rebecca Burnett
Mary Campbell
Aquilla Cannady
Darlene Cannady
Ellis Cannady
Eric Cannady
Juanita Cannady
Leroy Cannady
Lincia Cannady
Michael Cannady
Sandra Cannady
Tiffany Cannady
Tonia Cannady
Howwin Carter
Yvonne Carter
Siretha Clarkson
Marilyn Clements
Richard Clements
Michelle Coates
Shawanda Cobb
Vivian Cobb
Loretta Conceicao
Chloe Conyers
Felisha Conyers
Jamarcus Conyers
Robin Cook Jones
Alena Coplin
Elliott Daughtry Jr
Patrick Davis
Willie J. Davis
Angeline Dawson
Earley Dillard
Janice Dillard
Derwin Dodson
Herman Dodson
Lucinda Dodson
Wyneater Dodson
Eleanor Doggette
Kevin Doggette
Lucille Douglas
Christian Dukes
Joette Dukes
Stevie Dukes
Stevie Dukes, Jr. .
Paul Dunbar
Pearl Dunbar
Dornee Easley
Melvin Easley
Peyton Easton
David Edge
Rita Edge
Vivian England
Chantia Espeut
Angelique Ewings
James Ewings
Joseph Ewings
Corinne Farmer
Ria Fletcher
Janet Frazier
Joy Frazier
Ronald Frazier
Debra Fulmore
Patrick Fulton
Bernetha Gamble
Florrian Gamble
Joe Gamble
Josephine Gamble
Laverne Gay
Marvin Goodly
John Govan
Merle Govan
Ethel Granderson
Michael Gravely
Joey Graves
Gwendolyn J Green
Sheila Hagwood
William Hagwood
Brenda Hairaton
Betty Hairston
Christopher Hairston
Darrell Hairston
Dorothy Hairston
Keevie Hairston
Ned Hairston
Penny Hairston
Phyllis Hairston
Priscilla Hairston
Sadie Hairston
Standley Hairston
Stuart Hairston
Quentin Hall
Shelia Hannah
Margaret Harper
Derek Harris
Martha Harris
James Henderson
Yulanda Henderson
Glenda Henry
Terry Hicks
Barbara Hindle
Leslie Hindle
Shirley Holly
Jesse Hudson
Mattie B. Hudson
Kennedi Hunt
Cynthia Inge
Micah Jenkins
Jimpenn@gmail. Com Jimpenn@gmail. Com
Anthony Johnson
Ebony Johnson
Eric Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Tilunda Johnson
Valarie Johnson
Pastor Herbert Johnson Jr.
Ebonee Jones
Jalisa Jones
Kelly Jones
Kimberly Jones
Latasha Jones
Rochelle Jones
Lena Joseph
Rachelle King
Daisy Lee King Barbour
Antoine Lancaster
Dorothy Lancaster
Henry Lancaster Sr
Michael Lewis
Henry And Lindsay
Railyn Little-Barlow
Mary Long Hicks
Hope Love
Michele Lovelace
Krystle Madison
Carla Makell
Joyce Mangrum
Mary J Mangrum
Sharon Mangrum
Keturah Marsh
Orlando Marsh
Shirley Marsh
Floyd Mason
Eugene McCrea
Linda McCrea
Spencer McNeil
Delores Mercer
Hardy Mercer
Anita Miller
Wendell Miller
Beverly Millner
JoVen Millner
Donna Moore
Kevin Moore
Michelle Morsell
Sadie Morsell
Lavaughn Nesmith
Marita Nichols
Judy Oliver
Gary Overton
James Payne
Andrea B Penn
Eric Lamont Penn
John Person
Vivian Person
Shirley Petway
Micheal Petway Sr.
Doloris Pitts
Brenda Randall
Eldridge Rice
Mary Rice
Beatrice Richardson
Celister Richardson
Synthia Richardson
Vernon Rogers
Vernon Rogers
Mary S. Tucker
Mary Samuel
Allison Scott Frazier
Lucinder Shaw
Tommy Shaw
Roslyn Shuler
Brenda Simms
Darius Simms
Carlos Simon
Lisa Simon
Richard Simon
Emma Small
Henry Small
Arik Smith
Wilbert Smith
Wilbert Smith
Willette Smith
Jacqueline Sneed
Delois Snowden
Caroline Southern
Camelia Spence
Frances Spriggs
Demeteria Staton
James Taylor
Jeremiah Thomas
Margaret Thomas
Amiyah Travis
Deonna Travis
Janiyah Travis
Sherina Travis
Travell Travis
Marsha Tyree
Parthenia Valentine
Thomas Valentine
Natalie White
Vonda White
Bonita Williams
Brianna Williams
Deloris Williams
Jessie Williams
Mary Ellen Williams
Patricia Wright

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Alandra Abrams
Cleive Adams
Connie Alston
Glenn Alston
Michael Alston, Sr.
Ricky Anderson
Frances Banks
Danny Banks Sr.
Brittnie Barlow
Justin Barlow
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The WOTCC, Intl. 78th Holy Convocation and 68th IYFC Convention

Please join Presiding Bishop Earley Dillard and the entire Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International Executive Board of Bishops at our 78th Holy Convocation and 68th IYFC Convention located in the beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland!

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