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AWANA Online Registration 2022-2023

Welcome to Online Registration for Awana at Emmanuel Baptist Church. We encourage you to register your kids online - save time on opening night! Parent Night Registration is Monday, August 29, 2022 at 6:30 pm. First night of In-Person Awana is Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 6:15 pm.

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Rules & Guidelines

  • On-Site Awana Instructions 1. Clubbers should not loiter before or after club. The doors open at 6:15 p.m. Please, no earlier unless a parent/guardian is waiting with them.

  • When clubbers arrive for club, they check in with the secretaries. After checking in, clubbers will go to their classrooms.

  • Club ends at 8:05 pm for Cubbies and 8:10 pm for Sparks, T&T, Trek, and Journey. Clubbers should be picked up no later than 8:15 pm INSIDE THE CHURCH.

  • 2. Clubbers will not use foul language or gestures before, during or after club.

  • 3. All clubbers will show care and respect for church property.

  • 4. Clubbers should not push, shove, roughhouse, or run in non-Game Time areas of the church property.

  • 5. Clubbers should not be in the church sanctuary, or kitchen except during leader supervised functions.

  • 6. Clubbers should not bring gum, candy, or toys to club, unless part of a Theme Night.

  • 7. Awana uses a five-count to bring order after activities. The Commander, Director or Leader will count 1-2-3-4-5. Each clubber should become quiet and listen to instruction for the next activity.

  • 8. Awana uses a three-count as a discipline device. A disorderly clubber will be warned with a count of "1," being told at that time what action required the "1" count,

  • and what privileges may be forfeited if the disorderly behavior continues. The clubber is warned again with a count of "2,"

  • if the behavior continues and a privilege such as game time participation is forfeited, and he Clubber meets with a Director or the Commander of the club. If the clubber continues to misbehave,

  • he or she will receive a "3." At this time the clubber will meet with the Commander and parents will be notified.

  • 9. Clubbers should purchase uniforms and handbooks (to be used after completion of Entrance Booklet). Emmanuel Baptist church does not profit from the sales of Awana items.

  • 10. Clubbers not in uniform do not receive uniform awards.

  • 11. Dues cover entrance booklets and awards your clubber earns during the year. They can be paid weekly, or yearly.

  • 12. Game Time is a privilege, we do not want anyone to miss it. In the case of blatant misbehavior, the Commander or Director may revoke Game Time privileges for a night as an act of discipline.

  • 13. Each clubber deserves the fullest amount of time in each portion of the meeting. To assure that this happens, clubbers are expected to move from session to session quietly and orderly.

  • 14. Awana requires regular club and Sunday School and/or church attendance to achieve certain awards.


  • Please review these with your child, and help them understand and abide by these guidelines. By clicking "Register" you agree to all Rules and Guidelines listed above and certify that all information is correct. This will suffice for a signature.

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