Saturday, August 19, 2023 at 9:00 AM SGT
Saturday, March 30, 2024 at 10:30 AM SGT

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Swiss Club Tennis Courts


40XV Tennis @ Swiss Club
Forty Fifteen Pte. Ltd.
+65 9633 5809

Green Ball L1- Saturday 9am to 10:30am - Ages 10 to 11 - Intermediate Level (Rally)

This class is ideal for players who have successfully completed the orange ball class and/or feel comfortable playing from the full-court baseline. Activities are designed to continue the development of proper technique, improve consistency, anticipation skills, and shot selection to prepare players for competitive rallies and team tennis.

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  • Forty Fifteen reserves the right to offer an alternative class if the participant's skill level does not match the class's level.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. The fee is S$35.00 per one-hour session and S$52.50 for one and half (1.5) hours sessions. Months with five weeks will be charged accordingly. It shall be invoiced to you for full payment from your membership account from the month of commencement of lesson and thereafter. Course fee will continue to be charged, unless withdrawal notification is provided as listed in point 5.

  • 2. Fees are charged regardless of attendance. One training day waiver for each term for medical condition or school camp can be arranged upon emailing of scan doctor’s medical chit/school document to swissclub@forty-fifteen.com, on the same day of medical chit’s date for medical condition; two weeks’ in advance for school camp. Term 1 being January to June, and Term 2 being August to December. * Waiver is out of goodwill and subject to changes from Forty-Fifteen Pte. Ltd.

  • 3. There will be no charge for sessions cancelled in view of weather or Club’s events.

  • 4. For suspension during school term break, two weeks’ advance notice via email to swissclub@forty-fifteen.com is required for change to billing cycle.

  • 5. Full withdrawal from the program would required notice via email to swissclub@forty-fifteen.com and providing two weeks’ notice from training day.

  • 6. For 1.5 hours group where one participant turned up, session will be one hour at S$52.50.

  • 7. For bad weather conditions, lessons will be cancelled.

  • 8. Minimum of 4 players needed to run the class. If this requirement is not met, you will be offered a private lesson (at a different rate) or a different class (if available).

  • PARENT'S ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND WAIVER I hereby agree to the above Terms and Conditions. On behalf of the participant for whom I am responsible, I hereby release absolutely from all responsibility and all liability Forty-Fifteen Pte. Ltd. and/or The Swiss Club for any injury, damages, illness, accident, death howsoever arising which may occur to the participant at any time during the training program, and undertake to indemnify and keep indemnified Forty-Fifteen Pte. Ltd., The Swiss Club and/or its partners, officers and employees from and against any and all liability, damages and costs of defending such claims whatsoever in respect thereof.

  • I acknowledge the above terms and conditions

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