Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve

744 Walzer Way
Latrobe, PA 15650

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2024 WPNR Photography Permit Application

Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve at Saint Vincent College provides a unique backdrop for programs, recreation, and photography. In order to meet the demands of continued landscape enhancement and conservation, a photography policy will defray some of the expenses of maintaining the natural and unique surrounding that the community has come to enjoy.

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Photography Policy

  • COMMERCIAL/PORTRAITS/BRIDAL/ENGAGEMENT/FAMILY/INDIVIDUAL PHOTOGRAPHY Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve requires a property/site annual permit fee of $300 for all commercial photography. WPNR is open to the public and we cannot guarantee amount of visitors on the property. A RELEASE SIGNED BY WPNR IS REQUIRED TO SHOW OR SELL OUR IMAGES.

  • Commercial Photographers must adhere to the Rules for Photography and General Policies of the Reserve set forth below and other terms and conditions for the issuance of a permit are contained on the permit application available at the Reserve. The permit is NONTRANSFERABLE and is not to be shared among commercial photographers. The following rules for photo-taking by commercial and noncommercial photographers always apply while on Reserve property: 1. No photos may be taken of individuals under the age of 18 without the express permission of their parent or legal guardian. 2. No lewd, obscene, or offensive photographs may be taken. 3. No photos may be taken inside the Learning Center Barn. 4. No photographic equipment (including tripods, easels, lighting, etc.) may be placed outside the pathways, lawns, or trails of the Reserve. No photographic equipment may be placed inside gated gardens or in the meadow or tall grass field.

  • 5. No photo taking may obstruct the access of other members of the public who wish to pass in a certain area of the Reserve. This includes the front and back doors of the Learning Center Barn. 6. No photo taking may take place inside gardens or disrupt trail maintenance or other ongoing activities of staff at the Reserve. 7. No photographer may bring in outside “natural materials” such as leaves, twigs, plants, etc. as photo props. No photographer may place balloons or other items on the landscape.

  • The Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve at Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania, shall not be liable for theft, loss, or damage for your loss, theft, or damage injury to persons or property. Take valuables with you when you park your car. All rules are strictly enforced and WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REMOVE ANYONE FROM THE PROPERTY AS DEEMED NECESSARY. The photographer is deemed liable for any damages during their photography session by members of their group. In the event that Photography Policies are not adhered to, Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve at Saint Vincent College retains the right to revoke a current photography permit at any time.

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  • This permit is not completed until payment has been received and you have received a copy of a photo permit signed by an authorized representative of Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve at Saint Vincent College. No ceremonies may take place on Reserve property. Photographers MUST always have their Photo Permit Badge visible around their neck or hanging from a bag, so it is easily seen from a distance. WPNR Staff and Saint Vincent College security have the right to stop or end a session if a Photo Permit Badge is not provided. Any person who violates any of the above Rules and Policies of the Reserve is subject to removal from the property and/or termination of permit. Permit is nontransferable and not to be shared among professional photographers.



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