Young Children Experiencing Homelessness Summit: Educate. Collaborate. Inspire.

Congress approved of provisions prioritizing children who experience homelessness to be served by Head Start, the Child Care Development Fund, and other high quality early learning programs. This Summit will explore what has happened since those changes, identify challenges, and consider the future.


Monday, September 16, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM EDT


Temple University - Howard Gittis Student Center

1755 N 13th Street
Room 200 A, B, and C
Philadelphia, PA 19122

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Joe Willard
People's Emergency Center
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Monica 201-617-0901 Ext. 25611  Head Start program
Lorie Ackerman  Family Promise of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Tamara Acuna  CCIU Head Start
Atiya Alexander  MCIU
Jason Alexander  Capacity for Change LLC
Nethania Andre  Office of Head Start Region III
Amanda Atkinson  PHMC
Dr. Marnie Aylesworth  The Pennsylvania Key
Stacy Ayres  MCIU
Shira Badanes  Early Childhood Consultant
Angelica Baez  Acelero Learning
Marilyn Barge  SDP ECE
Heidi Beck  New Directions Early Head Start - University of DE
Lynda Becker  PA's Education for Children and Youth Experiencing
Migdalia Benique  Acelero Learning
Deborah Bergeron  Administration for Children and Families, HHS
Brandi Berry  Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
Elizabeth Bertolet  Interfaith Hospitality Network of the Main Line
Donna Bibbs  CHOP- Early Head Start
Chrissy Bishop  ElleVintage Visions
Erin Blair  Nurse-Family Partnership , Nurse
Toscha Blalock  Maternity Care Coalition
Zakiyyah Boone  Greater Philadelphia YMCA
Janneen Boyce  Delaware Social Services
Carl Boyd  Center for Family Services
Melanie Brennan  KenCrest Services
Samia Bristow  Maternity Care Coalition
Dannette Brogdon-Williams  KenCrest
Katrina Brooks  Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22
Kellie Brown  William Penn Foundation
Laura Brown  Families Forward , Childrens Staff
Latisha Brown-Swans  Lutheran Settlement House
Lucia Buffaloe  CBIZ KA Consulting Services, LLC
Vernetta Burger  Methodist Services
Suzanne Burnette  NJ Department of Education
Harriet Burton-Wilson  DHS- City of Phila. , CUA-Parent Cafes
Sally Byard  ICF
Melissa Calhoun  Office of Head Start, Region III
Storm Camara  Pennsylvania Department of Education
Tiffany Camps  peoples emergency center , Coordinator, Children?s Education and Activities P
Roberta Cancellier  Phila. Office of Homeless Services , Deputy Director
Marcelino Cardenas  Norris Square Community Alliance
Larry Chamberlain  Delaware Health and Social Services
Dionne Chambers  Free Library of Philadelphia
Amanda Charles  William Penn Foundation , Program Associate
Tracey Cherry  people emergency center , Residential Staff
Aisha Childs  HELP Philadelphia/PHMC , Resource Specialist
Jessica Clarkson  Delaware Social Services
Alexis Cleveland  Child Inc
Gay Cole  Montclair Child Development Center Inc
Jeannette Cole  People's Emergency Center
Anne Marie Collins  Drueding Center , Vice President/Executive Director
Samantha Conway  Scranton Lackawamma Human Development Agency
John Cook  Delaware Social Services
Cheryl Cooper  Jewish Family and Children's Service
Sophie Cornfield  N/A
Edwina Coverson-Barnes  DCIU Early Head Start/Head Start
Robert Crawford  City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services
Cherie Crosby  Manor College
Eugene Crossland  Child Inc
Jj Cutuli  Nemours , Assistant Professor
Susan Damico  Devereux Center for Resilient Children
Lillian Davis  dhs
Blair Dawson  Your Way Home Montgomery County
Maribel De Jesus  Acelero Learning
Kathy Desmond  People's Emergency Center , President
Tameka DeShields  Maternity Care Coalition Early Head Start
Stephanie Devose  Stenton Family Manor , Bright Space Coordinator
Joy Diljohn  The School District of Philadelphia
Mary Doughty  KenCrest Services
Mary Doughty  KenCrest Services
Trish Downey  People's Emergency Center (PEC) , Manager, External Communications
De’Wayne Drummond  Mantua Civic Association
Tracy Duarte  PA Head Start Collaboration , Manager, PA Head Start State Collaborative
Teresa Duncan  Center for Leadership, Development and Advocacy , Director of Education and Programs
Joan Duvall-Flynn  Trauma Informed Education Coalition/ NAACP PA
Joe Eastman  The Chapel of Four Chaplains , Director of Veterans Services
Jacqueline Edmond  Edmond Educational Enterprises, LLC
Roslyn Edwards  People's Emergency Center , Project Director
Marsha Eichelberger  Inter-Faith Housing Alliance , Executive Director
Alexandra Ernst  Public Health Management Corporation
Karen Escalante  NJ Dept of Children & Families, Division on Women
Maria Estrada  MCIU
Sharonda Everett  West End Neighborhood House
Karin Eyrich Garg  Temple University School of Social Work
Daniel Farrell  HELP USA
Tekishua Felder  Your Child’s World Learning
Angela Fields  Family Promise of Hunterdon County
Jeffrey Fields  County of Bucks
Elba Figueroa  Acelero Learning Headstart
Maria Figueroa  Acelero Learning Head Start
Allyson Fisher  CHILD, Inc
Ray Fitzgerald  Delaware Social Services
Diane Frentzel  Delaware Readiness Teams
Yvette Fuller  Region III Office of Head Start
Krista Getts  SLHDA
Frederick Gigliotti  ohs , Director of Emergency Housing
Shonna Gillis  Telamon Corporation Delaware Head Start Program
Kimberly Gilmore  Acenda Integrated Health
Sarah Glasheen  UnitedHealthcare Community & State
Regina Glass  DHS
James Godboldt Jr  Small Wonders FCCH
Marybeth Gonzales  Office of Homeless Services , Director of Planning and Performance
Marisa Gonzalez  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Carolyn Gordon  Family Promise
Cindy Gorman  Scranton Lackawanna Human Development Agency
Jacqueline Green  Philadelphia Parent Child Center, Inc.
Malene Green  Elwyn SEEDs , Director, EI
Karen Grimm-Thomas  PA Office of Child Development and Early Learning
Zakiyyah Harris  visitation homes , Case Manager
Deborah Hartranft  School District , Program Manager - Intake with SDP
Maureen Hayes  Triskele Consulting Group
Charlene Heeney  Health Federation of Philadelphia-Early Head Start
Lori Hendrickson  Peoples Emergency Center , Chief of Staff
Janette Herbers  Villanova University
Emma Hertz  Your Way Home Montgomery County
Brian Hickey  Booz Allen Hamilton/Region 3 Head Start
Karen Hines  Acelero Learning , Famil Services Coordinator
Dominique Hinton  Brightside Academy
Lori Hobaugh  Office of Head Start, Region III
Kristen Hoffa  Berks County Intermediate Unit
Elise Holland  Elwyn
Sherilyn Homans West  Montgomery County Intermediate Unit #23
Doreen Howe  NYC Department of Homeless Services
Shirlee Howe  Public Citizens for Children & Youth , Policy
Domonique Howell  Liberty Resources Inc
Karen Hudson  CHOP , Community Education Program Coordinator
Rosaida Iraola  Kencrest Services
Christina Jackey  Acenda Integrated Health
Jeffrey Jackson  Pathways to Housing Pa
Candice Jefferson  City of Camden Promise Zone
Rashanda Jenkins  ICF-Training & Technical Assistance Network
Cory Johnson  Drexel University Action for Early Learning
Eric Johnson  FirstUp
Janelle Johnson  Acenda Health Integrated
Melissa Johnson  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia , Social Worker
Josie Jones  KenCrest Services-West
Keshia Jones  Young World Early Learning Center
Samantha Jones  Congreso de Latinos Unidos
Emily Kavanagh  Chester County Intermediate Unit
Terry Kenworthy  CCIU Head Start
Wanjiru Kimani  Montgomery County Intermediate Unit #23
Lyn Kirshenbaum  HUD
Tabitha Kramer  BERKS county intermediate unit
Janet Kroll  The Stoneleigh Foundation , Strategy and Planning Officer
Melissa Kull  Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago
Pat LaMarche  Charles Bruce Foundation
Colleen Landy  School District of Philadelphia (ECYEH) , Assistant Director of Educating Children and Youth
Ximena Laz  Telamon Corporation Delaware
Maria Lizardi  Today's Child Learning Center-Feltonville
Marilyn Llanos  KenCrest Kensington Center
Donovan Lloyd  Child Inc
Kimberly Logan  Administration for Children and Families
Linda Lopez  The Salvation Army, Syracuse Area Services
Henry Love  Gateway Housing
Brittany MacGregor  SLHDA-Head Start
Latoya Maddox  Liberty Resources Inc
Lisbel Madera  Health Federation of Philadelphia , Community Involvement Specialist, EHS
MaryKay Mahar  Public Health Management Corporation
Diane Mapp  Note2Queen Inc
Dora Marques  CBIZ KA Consulting Services, LLC
Gillian Martenson  Project HOME , Director, Rowan Judson
Joanne Matagrano-Mullin  Atkinson's
Rhena McClain  ECS St. Barnabas Mission , Executive Dept Manager
Brittany McClay  Diversified Community Services-Western
Pamela McCrea  The Caring Center
Kara McFalls  PHSA
Brian McShane  Corporation for Supportive Housing
Kathy Meck  Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation
Brandi Miller  ICF/Region III Head Start T&TA
Colleen Mishra  People's Emergency Center-AFEL Program Manager , Director
Dina Mitchell  Community of Hope , former CPECE Director
Marjie Mogul  Maternity Care Coalition
Laura Montes  Congreso
Luz Morales  OHS (EARU)
Darlene Morris  Darlene Morris Love and Care Residence
Kathy Mosley  Acelero Learning Camden/Philadelphia
Kathleen Murphey  Region III Head Start TTA
Brenda Myrick  Interfaith Hospitality Network of Essex County
Glendolyn Newmuis  Office of Head Start - Region 03
Paola Nova  Acelero Learning
Ann O'Brien  Montgomery Early Learning Centers , Executive Director
Suzanne O'Connor  United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern NJ , ECE
Janet Panning  Montgomery County Office of Public Health
Kathleen Pathan  ACF Office of Head Start
Kim Paymaster  Pew Charitable Trusts
Marilyn Pendelton  Your Voice Heard, Inc.
Rashanda Perryman  Vanguard
Shellie Peters  Region III Office of Head Start
Tammy Petrowicz  ICF/Region III Head Start T/TA
Alisha Pettit  Brightside Academy
Tracey Petty  School District of Philadelphia
Joan Pfender  Bucks County Intermediate Unit
Belinda Piercy  ICF
Jennifer Plummer Davis  Retired
Sally Poliwoda  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Donald Price  Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha , Vice President
Shante Quartlebaum  Families Forward
Maureen Quinn  KENCREST , Government Affairs
MIchael Rabb  CATCH Inc
Amanda Ragnauth  Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness
Dave Raible  People's Emergency Center , Vice President, Development
John Ramos  State of New Jersey
Kim Rank  Chester County Intermediate Unit
Charlene Rawlinson  Lenes Daily Child Care
Natalie Renew  Home based child care collaborative
Altagracia Reynoso  Acelero Early Head Start
Neibert Richards  Episcopal Community Services , Senior Director of Housing
Alanna Rivera  Acelero Learning
Dorcas Rivera  Health Federation of Philadelphia
LaTiana RIdgell  Nurse Family Partnership , Home Visiting
Sakinah Thelma Robbins  Reality House Inc.
Lisa Robinson  Your Child’s World Learning
Shirley Robinson  Public Health Management Corporation , Program Director
Cathy Roccia-Meier  Temple University
Heidy Rodriguez  Acelero
Cynthia Romero  Office of Head Start
Donna Rook  State of New Jersey
Judith Samuels  The Samuels Group
Jonathan Santiago  Norris Square Community Alliance
Joe Savage  U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness , Regional Coordinator
Deborah Schardinger  Bucks County Intermediate Unit
Intisar Shah  Nicetown CDC
Karen Shanoski  Center for Schools and Communities
Sara Shaw  Child Trends , Research Scientist
Kathryn Shields  People's Emergency Center
Yun Shin  La Casa de Don Pedro
Kayleigh Silver  Your Way Home, Montco Housing & Community Dept
Chandra Smith  The Salvation Army
Jessica Smith  Maternity Care Coalition , Early Head Start Philadelphia County Director
Missy Smith  ICF-Region III Head Start TTA
Adamary Sosa  Norris Square Community Alliance , Director
Wes Southall  Delaware Social Services
Liam Spady  Office of Homeless Services
Karla Sprouse  ICF
Vanessa Stansbury  Children & Families First
Debra Taylor  Head Start, Department of Education, DE
Kenneth Taylor  Philadelphia Parent Child Center, Inc.
Minnette Taylor  Mini Montessori Academy
Abby Thaker  Read by 4th / Free Library of Philadelphia , Staff
Caroline Theis  Inter-Faith Housing Alliance
Kelly Thomas  People's Emergeny Center , AFEL Family Navigator
Sonya Thomas  Urban Affairs Coalition PHLpreK
Tara Tomasko  Episcopal Community Services
Jody Vaughn  Booz Allen Hamilton - Region III OHS
Maggie Velazquez  Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
Jessica Vogt  Greater PHILADELPHIA YMCA
Sarah Vrabic  People's Emergency Center , ECE Specialist
Leah W  CHILD Inc.
Wendy Wagner  First Up
Margie Wakelin  Education Law Center , Attorney
Dwayne Walker  PEC , AFEL Family Navigator
Dwayne Walker  PEC
Maria Walker  Drexel University Action for Early Learning
Laura Wallace  Maternity Care Coalition , Director of Early Learning
Margaret Wallace  STEHM INC
Joseph Warburton  Camden Promise Zone
Ida Washington  West End Neighborhood House
June Waters-Bey  Elwyn SEEDS
Iyisha Weaver  Peoples Emergency Center , ECE Specialist
Joyel Weems  PHMC
Beverly Wellons  ACF-Office of Child Care
Grace Whitney  SchoolHouse Connection , ECE
Shirley Williams  Philadelphia Parent Child Center, Inc.
Terrie Williams  Henrietta Johnson Medical Center
Tina Williams-Mitchum  DHS
Catherine Wilson  United Way of Essex & West Hudson
Marcel Witmer  The Children's Hospital of Philadelphi
Paula Wolfe  CSIU/Northumberland Area Early Head Start
Schermelle Wright  Montclair Child Development Center, Inc.
Jessica Yambo  Acelero Learning
Natalie Young  ACF/OHS
Sherry Zebrook  STEHM INC
Zijin Zhang  University of Pennsylvania
Francie Zimmerman  Center for the Study of Social Policy , Senior Associate
Sue Zomberg  Inter-Faith Housing Alliance