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We are so glad to have you as a member of Chugiak Eagle River Women in Business! New members after October 1st will receive the rest of the current year for free and are paid in full for the next calendar year. Any renewing members will be included in our 2020 membership list. By registering, you approve your contact info in our online directory.


Chugiak Eagle River Women in Business
Chugiak Eagle River Women in Business
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Rachel Alexander 
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Cynthia Brewington 
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Jacqueline DeCou 
Becky Durst 
Julie Ebben 
Amber-Grace Etageak 
Michele Finley 
Sirpa Gorman 
Joanne Haines 
Kandi Hernandez 
Yael Hickok 
Dawn Hoxie 
Liz Huffman 
Melissa Izatt 
Chris Kallander 
Kristen King 
Michelle Martinetti-Ludwig 
Susanne O’Neal 
Teresa Oldenkamp 
Lillian Person 
Lillian Person 
Lillian Person 
Maja-Lisa Pratt 
Julie Sliker 
Theresa Taylor 
Laura Temple 
Melissa Thayne 
Alycia Thomas 
Annette Vrolyk 
Aimee Woodley