NEID 2021 Annual Gala Registration

Join us to celebrate how our members give boldly around the world. We will feature you and your colleagues and provide an opportunity for you to connect. We have an exciting program with musical performance by Four-time Grammy Award winner Angélique Kidjo and Keynote Speaker Vilas Dhar, President of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation!


Thursday, April 8, 2021 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM EDT


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New England International Donors
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Nish Acharya  Equal Innovation , CEO
Jailan Adly  RefuSHE , Managing Director
Nayab Ahmad  Barakat Bundle
Ebenezer Akakpo  Akakpo Design Group LLC , Founder / Creative Designer
Andrea Allen 
Alexandra Amouyel  Solve MIT , Executive Director
Jim Ansara  Build Health International , Founder
Karen Ansara  NEID , Chair
Lynn Arsenault  Boston Network for International Development , Board Chair
Jennifer Astone  Integrated Capital Investing , Founder & Principal
Patricia Baker  Massachusetts Law Reform Institute , Anti-hunger advocate
Anne Barker  Salem State University , Assistant Director, Major & Planned Giving
Caitlin Baron  Luminos Fund , CEO
Ashley Barrett  Godley Family Foundation , Executive Director
Heiner Baumann  Pilothouse Philanthropy (High Water Global) , Senior Advisor
Kelly Baxter  Tostan , Board Chair
Aixa Beauchamp  Beauchamp & Associates , Managing Director
Vrinda Bector  Dasra
Jessica Berns  Philanthropy MA , Network Vibrancy Director
Jen Bokoff  Disability Rights Fund , Disability Rights Fund
Joanne Bollinger  WISE Zambia , Board President
Holly Bonomo  Noble & Greenough School , EXCEL Faculty
Alex Bostian  United Nations Association of Greater Boston , Program Manager, Development & Community Outreach
Suzanne Bowles  Cattail Strategy , Chief Strategist
Tifany Boyles  Street Business School , Director, Global Philanthropy
Peter Brach  Funders 2025 Fund , Manager
Zach Braiker  refine+focus , CEO
Hanako Brais  Patrick J. McGovern Foundation , Assistant to the President
Robin Brenner  S3IDF , Board Director
Ina Breuer  Neid , Ed
Courtney Bridgeo  Seed Global Health , Development Manager
Susan Briggs, M. D.  Massachusetts General Hospital , MGH Department of Surgery
Jessica Brown  New England Biolabs Foundation , Executive Director
Sylvia Brown  Uplifting Journeys L3C , Founder - President
Andy Bryant  Segal Family Foundation , Executive Director
Katie Bunten-Wamaru  African Visionary Fund , co-CEO
Hehershe Busuego  ECCF
Emily Caccam  Schooner Foundation , Schooner Foundation
David Campbell  All Hands and Hearts , Cofounder & Chairman
Ali Carey  Tanzanian Children's Fund , Managing Director
Michael Carson  CREATE! , Executive Director
Natalia Caruso  MADRE , Director of Grantmaking and Partnerships
Elizabeth Catalano 
Katie Centurione  Karam Foundation , Karam Foundation
Sasha Chanoff  RefugePoint , Founder and executive director
Patricia Chilangwa  United Nations Association of Greater Boston , Board of Directors
Patricia Chilangwa  United Nations Association of Greater Boston , Board of Directors
Peter Choo  Hesed Foundation , trustee
Michael Christian  Someone Else's Child/Community Impact Ventures , Someone Else's Child/Community Impact Ventures
Jennifer Christian Murtie  Ballentine Partners, LLC , Partner & Head of the High Net Worth Practice
Maxine Clayton  MACLAY CONSULTING Ltd , Director
Emma Clippinger  Gardens for Health Int'l , Board Chair
Brian Concannon  Project Blueprint , Executive Director
Lisette Cooper  Fiduciary Trust International , Vice Chair, Fiduciary Trust International
Stephanie Cornell  Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation , Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
Jessie Cronan  Social Venture Partners Boston , Executive Director
Fauzia Dawood  Global Health Corps , Vice President of Development
Diana De Castro  Ascenda , Founder
Diana De Castro 
Laura DeDominicis  Nurturing Minds , Executive Director
Liz DeLois  Care USA , Senior Director of Development
Russell J DeLucia  S3IDF , Founder & Innovation Director
Blair Demers  Education for All Children , Executive Director
Cher-Wen DeWitt  Segal Family Foundation , Director of Partnerships
Julia Dhar  Boston Consulting Group , Partner
Jay Dinkel  Education for all Children , Board Chair
Patricia Dinneen  Archdiocese of Boston , Chair, Social Justice Ministry
Amr Lal Dixit  ACSS India , Social
Erin Doheny  UNICEF USA , Philanthropy Officer
Martha Dolben  African Food and Peace Foundation , Board Chair
Jason Donofrio  The Ocean Foundation , External Relations Officer
Clare Dowd  Creative Action Institute , Creative Action Institute
Laura Driscoll  UNICEF USA , Deputy Director
Margaret Dunn  Dunn Family Charitable Foundation , Trustee
Pierce Dunn  The Knowledge Pledge , Co-Founder
Meaghan English  The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation , Senior Manager, Office of the President
Lauren Erlandson  Street Business School , Digital Strategy Manager
Jeanne Esler  Esler Family Foundation , President and Co-Founder
Roger Falcon  Disability Rights Fund , Deputy Director
Andy Ferren  Disability Rights Fund, Inc. , Board Co-Chair
Mike Filbey 
Liz Fischelis  Haiti Development Institute, the Boston Foundation , Program Manager
Annette Florczak  The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, Inc. , Controller
Willy Foote  Root Capital , Founder and CEO
Laurie Franz  Five Together Foundation , President
Elizabeth Friend  S3IDF , Managing Director
Clara Gamboa De Levin  PJMF , Ops Coordinator
Nirmala Garimella  American India Foundation , Major Gifts
Sarah Gauger  Philanthropic Advisor , Philanthropic Advisor
Karen Gill  The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation , Vice President of Operations
Frederick Godley  Lifespan , Lifespan
Kathleen Godley  Godley Family Foundation , Trustee
Ken Goody  Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation , Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation
Gracia Goya  Hispanics in Philanthropy , VP for Latin America
Melissa Hale Woodman  Corporate Accountability , Director of Strategic Partnerships
Joanna Hall  US Coalition on Sustainability , Executive Director
Vanessa Hamann  Tanzanian Children's Fund , Development Associate
David Harris  HBS Association of Boston , choose title
Michelle Harrison  Ballentine Partners , Wealth Planner
Jenn Hartman  The Casey and Family Foundation , Trustee
Devin Hibbard  Street Business School , Founder and CEO
Sarah Hidey  RefugePoint , Director of Development
Randi Hogan  Hogan Philanthropy Consulting , President
Leah Hong  Imago Dei Fund , Program Partner
DeLanson Hopkins  ret. Hospital Administrator; board, CREATE!
Allison Howard-Berry  Care 2 Communities (C2C) , Board Chair
John Huycke  Jou Nouvo, New Day Inc. , Board Chair
Eli Ingraham  PYXER Global , COO, TIE Global Artisans
Lisa Issroff  Issroff Family Foundation , Executive Director
Alma Jam  MIT , MIT
Gina James  PRX, Inc. , Senior Director of Development, PRX
Stephen Kahn  Abundance Foundation , President
Constance Kane  Empowered to Educate , Executive Director
Emi Kane  Abundance Foundation
Farida Kathawalla  Circle of Hope , Co founder of circle of hope
Donna Katzin  -- , --
Sheila Kelly  Education For All Children , Director of Operations
Tara Kenney  TCK Global Advisors , CEO
Veena Khandke  Together Women Rise , Director of Grants and Partnerships
Rajiv Khanna  Thousand Currents , Director of Philanthropic Partnerships
Rona Kiley  London Frist, Academy Sponsors Trust (UK) , currently retired
Amy Kingman  Amy Kingman Consulting , Founder and CEO
Taylor Klinefelter  Verto Education , Community Development Manager
Pam And Curt Kohlberg And Greer  Eccles Management , manager
Mike Kohn  The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation , The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
Priscilla Koufie  GOIL Ghana Limited , Administrative and Shipping Officer
Jacob Kuipers  McDermott Will & Emery , Cross-Border Transactions Attorney
Karima Ladhani  Barakat Bundle , Founder & CEO
Karen Lambert  Conflict Dynamics International , Senior Advisor, CDI, Volunteer USCRI VT
Annie Lascoe  Accountability Counsel , Director of Development
Sheila Lawrence  Ballentine Partners, LLC , Partner & Senior Client Advisor
Phuoc Le  HEAL Initiative , Co-Founder
Jonathan Leaning  Grassroots International , Institutional Giving and Communications Coordinat
Sheila Leddy  Imago Dei Fund , Program Partner
Steven Lee  investor/adviser
George Lehner  RefugePoint , Board Chair
Faith Lemon  Disability Rights Fund , Disability Rights Fund
Wendy Leonard  TIP Global Health , Executive Director
Kristin Leutz  Sector Three , Co-Founder
Neil Levine  CDA - Collaborative Learning , Levine Strategies
Lindsay Long  Faircom New York , Associate Vice President of Global Philanthropy
Jessica Love  AfricAid , Executive Director
Tara Loyd  PIVOT , Executive Director
Mark Loyka  Glasswing International , US Country Director
Franciscka Lucien  Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti , Executive Director
Christina Lukeman  MCE Social Capital , Senior Business Development Manager
Madeleine Maceno-Avignon  COFHED , Founder, Country Director
Ryan Macpherson  Autodesk , Impact Investing Lead
Meghan Magee  Gardens for Health International , US Operations Manager
Janet Magnani  African health foundation , Md mph
Conniel Malek  True Costs Initiative , Director
Lynn Malooly  Water for South Sudan , Executive Director
Anne Manzi  Peace Education Initiative Rwanda , Executive Partner
Kiersten Marek  Philanthropy Women , Founder and Editor
Steve Mark  MicroLoan Foundation USA , Board Chair
Lauren Mason  Komera , Managing Director
George Mastoras  The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation , Communications Manager
Sam Mayer  The END Fund , Vice President, Public Affairs
Elizabeth McGovern  Patrick J. McGovern Foundation , Trustee
Heather McGray  Climate Justice Resilience Fund , Climate Justice Resilience Fund
Rebecca Miller  Fidelity Charitable Private Donor Group , Director, Philanthropic Strategies
Allison Morris  END Fund , VP, Investor Relations
Gabriella Morris  WFP USA , WFP USA
Maia Mounsher  Urban Light Foundation (Thailand) , Thailand Director
Aimable Mpayimana  Bylo Chacon Foundation , Partnership Manager
David Murphy  One Heart Worldwide , CEO
Eleanor Murphy  Acumen , Director
Katie Murray  Conflict Dynamics International Inc , Program Associate, Development
Susan Musinsky  Social Innovation Forum , Executive Director
Hafsa Mustafa  Thousand Currents , Manager of Philanthropic Partnerships
Guerda Nicolas  Ayiti Community Trust , President
Emily Nielsen Jones  Imago Dei Fund , Founding Partner
Seong Noh 
Seong Noh 
Christine O'Hara  Solar Sister , Development Manager
Danyelle O'Hara  Mortenson Family Foundation , Community Relationship Officer
Deborah O'Neil  Patrick J. McGovern Foundation , Patrick J. McGovern Foundation
Omar Ortez , Founder & General Manager
Emmanuel Owusu  African Bridge Network , Executive Director
Yasmin Padamsee Forbes  SDG Ecotourism LLC , Founder
Daphne Pariser  Humans for Education , Humans for Education
Lauren Patrick  Osprey Foundation , Program Officer
Trevor Patzer  Little Sisters Fund , Founder and Executive Director
Shaun Paul  Ejido Verde S.A.P.I. de C.V. , CEO
Daphne Petri  Maranyundo Initiative and Gardens for Health , Maranyundo Initiative And GHI Board
Julia Pettengill  Schooner Foundation , Schooner Foundation
Susanna Place  Robinhood Cove Fund
Odette Ponce  Student, University of Miami School of Law , Fellow, Center for Ethics and Public Service
Marli Porth  Root Capital , Chief of Staff
Jacky Poteau  Haiti Development Institute , Operations Manager
Nicole Powers  Street Business School , Philanthropy Associate
Emily Prey  Newlines Institute for Strategy and Policy , Senior Analyst
Alison Pyott  Veris Wealth Partners , Partner | Senior Impact Wealth Manager
Sasha Rabsey  Collective Capital Philanthropy , Senior Advisor
Sushil Raj  World Food Program USA , World Food Program USA
Emily Rasmussen , Founder & CEO
Bennett Rathbun  Pilot House Philanthropy , Program Officer
Florence Reed  Sustainable Harvest International , Million Farm Transformation staff lead
Clare Reilly  Women SOAR , Co-Founder
Natalie Rekstad  Black Fox Philanthropy , Founder & CEO
Pavel Reppo  Finemind , Executive Director
Nancy Reynolds  Health Builders , Chair
Ruth Rhoads Allen  CDA Collaborative Learning , President / Chief Collaboration Officer
Helen Rosenfeld  MA Science & Engineering Fair , Executive Director
Stephanie Ruiz  Hispanics in Philanthropy , Senior Manager, Network Engagement
Alezandra Russell  Urban Light , Founder
Albert Rutikanga  Peace Education Initiative Rwanda , Founder and Executive Director
Elizabeth Ryan-Catalano  Accion International , Donor Engagement Specialist
Diana Samarasan  Disability Rights Fund, Inc. , Founding Executive Director
Arlene Samen  One Heart Worldwide , One Heart Worldwide
David Santulli  United Planet , President & Founder
Dan Sarles  Eaglemere Foundation , Executive Director
Lina Sergie Attar  Karam Foundation , Karam Foundation
Judy Severson  WEF , Funder and CEO
Elizabeth Shea  Pathstone
Liz Sheehan  c2c , founder
Tim Smith  Boston Foundation , Senior Director
Elizabeth Stephensonson  New England Aquarium , Director, Marine Conservation Action Fund
Lori Stevens  Harvard Divinity School , Harvard Divinity School
Gretchen Stoddard  IZUMI Foundation , Program Director
Nageeb Sumar  Fidelity Charitable , Vice President
Susan Swern  Global Greengrants Fund , Philanthropic Partnerships Officer
Christine Switzer  Fidelity Charitable , VP, Fidelity Philanthropic Consulting
Gina Taglieri  MADRE , Director of Development
Negar Tayyar  GWBF , Director
Ashley Thompson  Komera , Communications and Development Associate
Erin Thornton  hive , Co-Founder and Partner
Anne Turner  Water for South Sudan , Board Member
Treasures Uchegbu  SpeakingFingers Network , Convener/CEO
Lisa Valone 
Paul Van Der Wansem  Van der wansem Foundation , Trustee
Nancy Van Sciver  Education For All Children , Education For All Children
Rod Van Sciver  Education For All Children , Co-founder, director
Anne Wadsworth  Girls Education Collaborative , Executive Director
Amy Walburn  Last Mile Health , Chief Development Officer
Charlie Walsh  Pathstone , Managing Director
Tine Ward  Rockflower Partners Inc. , Founder and CEO
Jody Weiss , Co-Founder & CMO
Judy Weiss  Samuel Rubin Foundation , President
Debra Whitney  Ballentine Partners, LLC , Partner & Senior Client Advisor
Topher Wilkins  OC , CEO
Maeve Williams  RefuSHE , Development Associate
Alyssa Wright  Alyssa Wright Consulting, LLC , CEO
Matt Zalosh  Boston Common Asset Management , Portfolio Manager