Summer 2022 Florida Utilities Coordinating Committee Meeting

You're invited to the 2022 Summer FUCC Meeting to attend educational presentations and network with fellow industry professionals. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at 9:00 AM EDT
Friday, August 5, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT


Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront

3003 North Highway A1A
Melbourne, FL 32903

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Lori McLaughlin
Florida Utilities Coordinating Committee
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Tim Allen  FDOT , Traffic Services and Permits Manager
Ruben Alvarado  Pike
Scott Anderson  Davey Resource Group , Project Developer/Market Manager
Aracely Andollo-Soto  KEITH , Utilities Manager
Deborah Barnhill  Florida Department of Transortation , Assistant District Utility Administrator
Betsy Becker  WFO , President
Beau Bentley  Florida Power & Light
Joeseph Bitar  FDOT/Turnpike
Carl Bowman  Clay Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Robb Brown  Duke Energy , Project Manager
Chris Buonanni  Florida Power and Light
Deanna Campbell  HNTB Corp , Sr. Utility & Rail Coordinator
Dennis Carrol  Florida Department of Transportation
William Case  Ayres , Utilities Leader
Michel Chapuseaux  GPI
Daniel Checchia  Colliers Engineering & Design
Walt Childs  T2 Utility Engineers
Greg Coker  FPL
Nancy Condemi  Colliers Engineering & Design
Ryan Curll  Hillsborough County
William Deal  T2 Utility Engineers
Brian Dean  Sunshine 811 , Damage Prevention Liaison
Heather Dean  Harbor Coordination Solutions, Inc.
Jeanna Dean  Harbor Coordination Solutions, Inc. , PRESIDENT/SR. UTILITY COORDINATION MANAGER
Daniel Devoe  Teco Peoples Gas
Dan Ekback  Jacobs
Karen Ellzey  Florida Power & Light
Nicole Emery  Pike Engineering, LLC
Rebecca Enright  Florida Power & Light
Merissa Erickson  DRMP, Inc.
Cory Erstad  Pike
Luke Folkerts  AT&T FL
Ryan Fulcher  Ayres Associates
Melanie Ganas  Tampa Electric Co. , ROW & Permitting Coordinator
Andres Garcia  InfraMap Corp
Jacinta Garcia-Corcoba  Clearwater Gas System - City of Clearwater , Gas Section Manager - Design/Permitting
Warren Gilbreath  Hillsborough County
Arthur Gilmore  Duke Energy Florida , Sr. Engineering Technologist
John Giraldo  FPL
Samuel Gonzalez  WGI
Rebecca Green  Colliers Engineering & Design
Chris Hagins  Ocala Electric Utility
Sam Hall  KEITH
Kevin Harder  Terra Technologies LLC
Kris Hayes  Lakeland Electric
Charles Heise  S.A.M.
Jay Helms  George F. Young, Inc.
Ivan Hernandez  T2ue
Johanna Hernandez  Florida Department of Transportation
Bruce Herrington  Cobb, Fendley & Associates, Inc.
Larry Hill  Badger Daylighting
Abygale Hines  Colliers Engineering & Design
Henry Humbert  George F. Young, Inc.
Laurie Jackson  TRC Companies , Permitting Supervisor
Pat Janzen  Florida, Power & Light
Elizabeth Jett  FDOT
Angela Johns  Florida Department of Transportation
James Joseph  Florida Power and Light
Josh Kelly  Ozmatic
Josh Keown  Florida Power and Light
Bryan Lantz  FPL
Craig Ledbetter  Florida Power & Light
Shawn Lewis  Florida Department of Transportation , State Utility Administrator
Demar Machuca  Sarasota County Public Utilities
Mariah Mader  KCI Technologies
Marie Mancuso  Geopoint Surveying Inc
Michael Martinez  Florida Power & Light , Relocation Coordinator
Rick Mauldin  BOCC St Johns County , Right of Way Manager
Emma McAskill  Florida Power & Light
Shayne McGlocklin  Badger Daylighting Inc. , West Florida Sales Specialist
Chris McJunkin  Florida Power and Light
Vivian McKeon  Terra Technologies LLC
Chris McLaughlin  MacDriller, Inc. , President
Martin Mikhail  POWER Engineers
Tara Miller  Duke Energy
Trisha Miller  Echo UES, Inc
Carlos Moreno  Cobb, Fendley & Associates, Inc.
Rob Morris  Florida Power & Light , Relocation Coordinator
Lisa Murrin  Hillsborough County , Senior Professional Engineer
Osmani Oliva  FPL
Patrick Overton  Florida Department of Transportation
Carlos Palenzuela  Smart City
Sagar Patel  AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
Jason Payne  Tampa Electric Co.
Craig Penalosa  TRC Companies
Kate Peters  Cobb, Fendley & Associates, Inc.
Matthew Phillips  WGI
Kenji Plennert  KCI Technologies
Tom Pridgen  T2 Utility Engineers
Shaun Purvis  AT&T FL
Barbara Rain  Pike Engineering
Kelsey Ramnauth  Pike Engineering
Jodi Rano  Stantec
Lee Reumann  InfraMap
Alan Reynolds  AT&T Florida
Xenia Rodriguez  Florida Department of Transportation
Angel Roskowski  Florida Department of Transportation
Jennifer Ruckert  Florida Department of Transportation
Byron Sample  FPL , Sr Engineer
Joseph Sanchez  Florida Gas Transmission Company , Sr. Technical Specialist
Melonie Schwartz  Greenman-Pedersen, Inc.
Wayne Shelton  Florida Department of Transportation
Owen Smith  KEITH
Cynthia Snelling-Perry  Florida Department of Transportation , Utilities Specialist
Lee-Ann Snipes  City of Orlando - Public Works
Jorge Soto  Town of Medley Utilities , Director
Christopher Stermer  WGI
Kristen Taylor  Ayres Associates Inc
Garth Thompson  GPI
Olivia Townsend  FDOT
Fred Valdes  Frontier Florida LLC , Engineer
Stephen Waidley  Frontier
Neville Walters  Walters janitorial maintenance utility company , supervisor ,at inrerfood of america /safety specia
Marnie Walterson  FKAA , Distribution Design Supervisor
Tina Willard  KEITH
Adonis Willis  Orlando Utilities Commission , Senior Engineer
Deborah Wilson  LCEC, INC , Design Engineer
Tom Yocom  DRMP, Inc. , SUE Manager
Gary Young  Texas A&M Transportation Institute , Research Specialist
Pamela Young  GPI
Andrew Zicker  Florida Power & Light