Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up

Thank you for your interest in attending the Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up on 9/16! Online registration is now closed. Walk-in registration is welcome! Questions? Email


Friday, September 16, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT


Polar Park

100 Madison Street
Worcester, MA 01608


The Center for Advanced Manufacturing (CAM)
Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
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Shawn Aalto  Multiscale Systems, Inc. , Mechanical Engineer
Meghan Abella-Bowen  MassTech Collaborative , MassTech Collaborative
Samuel Aboko  Amazonrobotics , Assembly Technician
Charles Abrams  Dela Inc. , CEO
Stephen Abrams  Dela Inc. , Chairman
Ted Acworth  Artaic , Founder & CEO
Joseph Adegite  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Research Assistant
Andres Aguero  North Shore Community College , Student
Helen Aguirre  Amazon Robotics , Manufacturing Lead
Melida Aizpurua  Accumet Engineering, Inc , Senior Operations Advisor
Ranan Aktas  Cellorama , CEO
Lorraine Albert  MassHire Greater Brockton Workforce Board , Director of Regional Planning
Carolyn Alessi  Staff to Rep Roy/ Manufacturing caucus , legislative staff
Alson Alexander  Amazon robotics , Line lead NPI Department
Talal Ali Ahmad  Predictive Healthcare , CEO
Roger Allen Jr  MassMEP , Project Manager
Sindhu Reddy Alluri  Amazon Robotics , NPI Process Engineer
Sarah Alpuerto  Northshore Community College , Student
Helena Altsman  Commonwealth of Massachusetts , Assistant Secretary of Program and Performance Man
Charlie Anastos  Harmonic Drive, LLC , Vice President of Operational Excellence
Demetrio Anaya  Fikst Product Development , Senior Mechanical Engineer
David Anderson  Engora , Founder
Rob Anderson  MassDevelopment , Vice President, Business Development
Robin Anderson  MassMEP , Administration Manager
Wayne Anderson  Accumet Engineering, Inc. , General Manager
Tom Andrellos  MassMEP , Director of Growth & Innovation
Paul Angelo  ComputerVault, Inc. , Executive Vice-President
Nicole Anterni  WPI , Director of Sponsorship & Events
Frimpong Antwi  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
Yesenia Aponte  MassHire Central Career Center , Business Service Representative
Karen Ares  Bellingham High School, Innovation Pathways , Internship Coordinator
Karen Ares  Bellingham High School , Internship Coordinator
Ben Armstrong  MIT Industrial Performance Center , Interim Executive Director
David Askey  Ascend Robotics , CEO
Adelina Atamer  MassTech , External Affairs Associate
Michael Atchue  Atterboro High School , HVAC Teacher
Paul Athanasiadis  Somerset Industries , CEO
Nadya Avanesova  Houghton Chemical , Operations Manager
Keysha Aviles  Amazon , Assembly Technician
Alexandra Ayala  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
Michael Bailey  North Shore Community College , Student
Mike Bailey  Adhesive Applications , Plant Manager
Anthony Balladon  Phoenix Tailings , Co-Founder & VP of Partnerships
Hug Barbosa  Amazon , Manufacturing
Haide Barcelona  Amazon Robotics , Assembler technician
Michael Barone  Live Automation, Inc. , President
Andres Mauricio Barragan Diaz  AMAZON , Quality Assurance Tech I
JIm Barry  Alternative manufacturing inc , VP, Sales & Manufacturing
Paul Barry  Central Mass Collaborative , Vocational Coordinator
Aaron Baskerville-Bridges  AeroShield Materials Inc. , Co-Founder & VP Operations
Joel Baswa  MILLIPORD , Software development
Shailyn Bautista  Ouster Inc. , Account Executive
Scott Baxter  PEKO Precision Products, Inc , PEKO Precision Products, Inc
Salah Bazzi  Northeastern University , Research Scientist
Samuel Bechtold  Bridgewater State University , Undergraduate Research Student
Pablo Bedoya-Ríos  Bridgewater State University , Researcher
Chris Begley  Consulate General of Canada , Head of Innovation and Investment
Richard Bennett  Title (Optional) , Title (Optional)
Lens Rony Bernard  None , Crew member
Max Bernard  n/a , n/a
Jonathan Berry  Amazon Robotics , Assembly technician
Kaeden Berry  WPI Engineering Ambassadors , Volunteer
Tarrell Berry  amazon robotics , materials lead
Jeffrey Berthiaume  Millbury Public Schools , Millbury Public Schools
John Biagioni  Lampin , President
Rebecca Bialecki  MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board , Executive Director
Ricardo Bienaime  Technology engineering , Qc
Michele Bigelow  Bartlett High School , PLTW & Math Teacher
Petra Bilan  Atkore , HR Business Partner
Kristen Binienda  Mass MEP , Project Manager
Ed Bird  Advanced Fluid Systems, Inc. , Sales Engineer
Aaron Birt  Solvus Global , CEO
David Bisio  Plastics Mfg Resources , Business Development Manager
Robby Bitting  MassChallenge , Chief of Staff
Benjamin Black  Handbrew Frameworks, Inc. , Owner
Hank Black  Machado Consulting , Business Development Executive
David Blair  Headwall Photonics , VP< Product Development
Kim Blair  Re:Build Manufacturing , Vice President
Anthony Boccalini  Bossard Inc. , Bossard Inc.
Chris Boensel  Empire Group , Empire Group
Marina Bograd  MassBay Community College , MassBay Community College
Jared Bollinger  Millbury Memorial Junior Senior High School , Teacher
Tyler Bostek  Coghlin Companies , Business Development
Heather Boulger  Berkshire Workforce Board , Director
Alec Bousquet  Amazon , Materials Lead
Stephen Boyd  Boyd Technologies , CEO
Phara Boyer  MassBay Community College , MassBay Community College
Elias Bracetti  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician/ NPI
Gavin Braithwaite  Cambridge Polymer Group , VP of Research
Harris Brancazio  WPI Formula Hybrid + Electric , Team Lead
Stephen Brand  Babson College , Professor
Emily Brann  Multiscale Systems , R&D Mechanical and Materials Engineer
Rich Breault  Lightspeed MFG , CEO
Michael Breslin  Breslin NexWeb , Principal Consultant
Lindsey Brickle  Polaris MEP , Senior Workforce Manager
Eli Briskin  MassBay , Student
Devin Brown  The J&J Machine Company, Inc. , President / Owner
Patrick Brown  Stronger Trees, Inc. , Founder
Lindsey Buchanan  Trinet , Trinet
Eliandy Bueno  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
Jariel Bueno  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
Amanda Burdick  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Technician
River Burgess  Amazon Robotics , Cert QA Technician
Merary Burgos  Amazon Robotics , Assemblers
Jessica Burokas  Bartlett High School , Instructional Coach
Jesse Burque  Massachusetts MEP , Director of Finance
Sue Burt  Burt Process Equipment , Director, Marketing & CSR
Michael Bush  Goddard Technologies , Senior Mechanical Engineer
Ahmed Busnaina  Nano OPS, Inc. , CTO
Paul Butler  FORGE , Director of Partnerships
Tim Butterworth  Berkshire Innovation Center , Operations Manager
Tony Cacela  Camelot Tools LLC , Founder/President
Pat Cahill  United Plastic Fabrication , VP of Sales and Business Development
Yihao Cai  None , None
Kim Caisse  MA Dept. of Career Services - Rapid Response , Program Coordinator
Sara Calman  Amazon Robotics , Service technician
Lou Calvo  Raytheon Technologies , Director of Operations
Aidan Cameron  Soliyarn, Inc. , Soliyarn, Inc.
Brett Campbell  MassTech Collaborative , Sr. Communications & Web Manager
Omayra Campos  Amazon Robotics , Assembly technician
Oscar Campos  Commonwealth Corporation , Marketing & Communications
Rick Caneschi  Employers Association of the NorthEast , Member Relations Specialist
Carlo Canetta  MITRE , Advanced Manufacturing Lead
Jamie Caples  ABCorp , VP of Digital Transformation
Steve Capshaw  VSS , CEO
Chris Carlin  ICSN, Inc. , Director of Business Deelopment
Kate Carlin  ICSN, Inc. , Sales Manager
Jerly Carlson  Amazon , Assembler technician
Bobbie Carlton  Carlton PR & Marketing , Carlton PR & Marketing
Robert Carpenter  Amazon , Amazon
Kerrie Carrelas  Randolph High School , Randolph High School
Debra Carroll  Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation , Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation
Dave Carson  Burt Process Equipment , VP
Karen Carswell  MassDevelopment , Vice President, Business Development
Darwin Casiano  Amazon , Material handler
Karyn Cassidy  Triton Regional High School , Career Readiness Counselor
Sandie Cataldo  North Central MAss Development Corporation , Sr Manager of Economic Development
Nicholas Catanzariti  American Surgical , Director of Operations
Tammy Cavaleri , Manager of Technology Consulting
Greg Cebular  Mack Prototype, Inc. , President
Michael Cesino  Visible Systems Corporation , Visible Systems Corporation
Lisa Chakalos Ryan  MassHire Metro North , Business Service Representative
Jill Chapdelaine  Webster Public Schools , Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Mike Chapman  Formula Hybrid + Electric , Director
Dr. Julie Chen  University of Massachusetts Lowell , Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation
Ken Cheo  Our Sales Coach , President/Owner
Josh Chernin  Business Improvement Group LLC , Partner
Allison Chisolm  Choice Words/Chisolm & Co. , Founder and Principal
Souriya Choummanivong  Amazon robotics , Assembly Technician
Chuck Coakley  NAMC/MassHire , Apprenticeship Growth and Expansion Coordinator
Ryan Cobb  Amazon Robotics , Quality Assurance Tech
Paula Collins  WORK Inc , AVP Employment Services
Bob Collopy  Atrenne , Marketing Manager
Jose Colmenares  Berkshire Community College , Assistant Professor of Engineering
Gareth Conner  Creative Conners, Inc. , President
Deb Connolly  General Dymanics Mission Systems , Strategic Communications
Michelle Constantino  Cape Cod Community College , Employer Relations Manager
Cesareo Contreras  Peerless Media , Associate Editor at Robotics 24/7
Darcy Cook  Cook Professional Resources, Inc , Cook Professional Resources, Inc
Mari Cooney  Quinsigamond Community College , Director of Apprentice Expansion
Ben Cooper  Klear Vu , Klear Vu
Todd Couronyer  Primetals Technologies , Head Manufacturing Manager
Kristen Craft  Silicon Valley Bank , Director, Startup Banking
Spencer Craig  Hypertherm , Hypertherm Ventures
Dawn Creighton  Partners for Community , Partners for Community
Will Crocker  Massachusetts Office of Business Development , Regional Director
Daryl Crockett  Z-Polymers , CFO
John Cronin  MA Senate , State Senator
Andrew Crosby  ABCrosby & Company, Inc. , President
Dave Cruise  MHHCWB , MHHCWB
Maribel Cruz  NORTH CENTRAL MASS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE , Economic Development Manager
Moises Cuevas  North Shore Community College , Student
Andrew Cummings  M&T Bank , Vice President, Business Banking
Michael Cummings  SparkCharge , Chief Operating Officer
Fred Curran  Green Brothers Fabrication , Green Brothers Fabrication
Michael D'Amico  Boston Centerless , Chief Financial Officer
Fatimah Daffaie  WPI Engineering Ambassadors , WPI Engineering Ambassador Volunteer
Edward Damiata  Amazon Robotics , Technician
Rick Daniels  Daniels and Associates , consultant
Sarah Daniels  Amazon Robotics , Learning Coordinator
Charles DaRosa  MassMEP , MassMEP
Geoff Dawe  RaGE Systems , General Partner
Heather De Jesus  Nano Dimension , Director Business Operations
Isabela De Souza  Amazon Robotics , Assembler
Ralphealito Dejesus  Amazon Robotics , Quality Technician
Joseph Dellazoppa  North Shore Community College , Student
Scott Dellicker  Draper , Director, Combat Solutions
Seartch Delva  Nscc , Stem Lab
Maria DelVento  MassBizWorks , Manager
Elif Demirbas  Bridgewater State University , Bridgewater State University
Brian DeNardo  Bossard , Market Manager
Dina Deresh  Stanley X , Additive Manufacturing Manager
Michael Desilets  Amazon , Assembly technician
Edward Deveney  Bridgewater State University , Bridgewater State University
Maria Di Stefano  MOBD , Regional Director
Paul Diamond  North Easton Machine , Vice President
Judy Diaz-Santiago  MTC , Executive Assistant
Wei Ding  Ding Fann Enterrpises LLC , Managing Director
Noah Dion  Amazon Robotics , Assembly technician
Robin Dion  Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium , Consortium Manager
James DiTerlizzi  Accutech Packaging , Account Manager
Brian Dolan  Steele Group , Advisor
Jose Dominguez  Atacama Biomaterials , CTO
Chris Donovan  STARTUP COALITION , Co-founder
Dave Donovan  TriNet , Consultant
Joseph Donovan  Nelson Mullins , Managing Director
Paul Donovan  Kearney, Donovan & McGee, LLC , President
Penny Doolittle  MassHire North Central Workforce Board , Grants Administrator/Market Maker
Bob Dor  Premier fence , Wood works
Joe Dorant  Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and , MassTech Board Member
Claude Dorelus  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Technician
Rutherford Dorelus  Amazon robotics , Assembly tech
Michael Dragonas  Product Resources , Engineering Manager
Lisa Drexhage  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Associate Director, Corporate Relations
Jen Droesch  MassHire FHWB , Market Maker
Jade Dunn  The Davis Companies , Technical Recruiter
Julia Dvorko  Mass Export Center , Regional Director
Mike Eident  Sodick Inc , Northeast District Sales Manager
Mike Eldredge  Primetals Technologies , Vice President Mini Mills and Long Rolling
Bill Elliott  Burt Process Equipment , Burt Process Equipment
Jakob Ellis  Northshore Community College , Student
Ellen Ellsworth  MassMEP , Project Manager
Albert Enyedy  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , PhD Student: Robotics Engineering
Thomas Erb  Electric Time Company, Inc. , President
Ryan Eriksen  Sol Clarity , CEO
Griffin Ess  Shaded areas art supplies LLC , Director
Jacob Essery  N/A , N/A
Precious Etinosa  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Graduate Teaching Assistant
Bob Evans  Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce , Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce
Charlotte Fairless  Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) , Textile Technologist
Michael Fallwell  AerWerk , Systems analysis
Curtis Falzoi  Donahue Industries, Inc. , President
Michael Fantom  ingenuityNE INC dba New England FIRST , ingenuityNE INC dba New England FIRST EXECUTIVE DI
Brian Farrell  Human Systems Integration , CEO
Siavash Farzan  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Assistant Teaching Professor
Karen Feinberg  Feinberg Consulting , Founder/Principal
Susan Feindt  Analog Devices , Fellow
Emrah Fejzic  Executive Office of Housing & Economic Development , Deputy Director of Policy and Strategy
Jordan Fernandes  Proto XYZ , COO
Mike Fernandes  Proto XYZ , CEO
Nathaniel Fernandes  Proto XYZ , CTO
Amilcar Ferreira  MassHire Bristol Career Centers , Career Center Manager - Operations Manager
Rosa Figueroa  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Technician
Barbara Finer  FORGE , Director, Northeast MA Region
Douglas Finley  Primetals Technologies , Project Manager
Peter Finn  Cowen , Managing Director
Bonnie Flanagan  CoWorx Staffing Services , CoWorx Staffing Services
Hannah Flood  Amazon , Material handler
Lawrence Flood  Amazon , Material handler
Sandra Foley  MassHire Dept. of Career Services , Rapid Response Coordinator
Dave Follette  UMass Amherst , ADDFab Director
Paul Fortier  Advanced manufacturing partners , President
Gordon Fowler  YOUBIQ inc , Founder, CEO
Jurgen Frasch  New Page Associates, Inc. , Managing Director
Ron Fraser  Avidia Bank , Avidia Bank
Jacob Freake  Re:Build Fikst , Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Edward Freitas  Algonquin Industries & Hi-Tech Metals, Inc. , Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Karen Freker  Office of Representative Kate Hogan , District Director
Kelley French  MassHire North Central Workforce Board , Deputy Director
Adam Freudberg  Hanscom Air Force Base , Senior Advisor for Innovation & Collaboration
Tom Fuhlbrigge  Scalable Robotics , Founder and CEO
Keydell Fuller  Southie Autonomy , Sales Development
Mark Fuller  EOHED , Undersecretary
Johnny Gabin  Amazon Robotics , Npi lead tech
Adrienne Gagliardi  Samtec , Distribution Manager
Michael Gagliardi  Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc , Account Manager
Jim Gallagher  ChartPak, Inc. , Vice President of Sales
Peter Gallant  Busek CO., Inc. , Quality & Procurement Manager
Camila Garces  2140 , Director of product development
Noemi Garcia  N/A , N/A
Craig Gardner  Coventry Associates, Inc. , Founder and President
Donald Garlick  Distron Corporation , Distron Corporation
Jackie Garofano  Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology , Chief Technology Officer
Jade Garrett  Positive Deviancy , Positive Deviancy
Samuel Gatley  New Jersey Institute of Technology , Senior AM Tech and Programmatic Lead
James Gay  Office of State Representative Jeffrey N. Roy , Staff Director
Anthony Gazsi  Burt Process Equipment , Burt Process Equipment
Ron Giard  MassMEP , Business Development Advisor
Anna Giesler  Re:Build Manufacturing , Business Development Manager
Stacy Gilmour  Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc. , Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc.
Robert Giudicianni  Macinnis compmay , Macinnis compmay
Neil Glazebrook  ABCorp , ABCorp
Tim Glispin  Sunshine Sign Company , Vice President
Nick Gondek  Adia Inc. , Director of Additive Manufacturing
Angel Gonzalez  Amazon , Service Technician
Jahaira Gonzalez  Amazon Robotics , Assembler technician
Paloma Gonzalez  Atacama Biomaterials , CEO
Robyn Goodner  Nano Dimension , Education and Research Program Manager
Dan Gramm  Automatic Machine Products , Director of Business Development
David Graves-Witherell  M&T Bank , Business Banking Vice President
Wayne Griffith  Calorique , VP of Sales
Angela Grigonis Regan  Dassault Systems , Director Business Development
John Grillo  Symmetry Electronics , Field Sales Engineer
Joe Grivers  MassDevelopment , Vice President Investment Banking
John Grover  MassMEP , Project Manager
Guiru Gu  Stonehill College , Professor
Jim Gusha  MassMEP , Project Development Manager
Tyler Hadley  DDS Acoustical Specialties , DDS Acoustical Specialties
Ionel Halaciuga  Ames Goldsmith Corporation , Global Technical Business Manager
Henry Hall  MassMEP , MassMEP
Maryanne Ham  NAMC , Executive Director
Bruce Hamilton  GBMP , President
Steven Hamilton  RK Manufacturing , Bus. Dev. Mgr.
Tanay Hariprasad  Instaversal , Advanced Concept Engineer
Meredith Harris  Marlborough Economic Development , Executive Director
Sean Harris  quinsigamond community college , Corporate Development Specialist
Debbie Hartman  MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce Board , MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce Board
Brian Harvey  MassMEP , Project Manager
Richard Havighorst  VSS , CFO
John Hazen  Hazen Paper Company , President and CEO
Matthew Healy  MassMEP , IT Manager
Jeannie Hebert  Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce , Blackstone Valley Chamber of Commerce
Michael Hebert  Mass MEP , Business Development Advisor
Kristin Helle  BJA Magnetics , Vice President
Richard Helle  BJA Magnetics , President
Alisa Heng  Amazon Robotics , RMA Engineer Lead
Jim Heppelmann  PTC , President & CEO
Paul Herbert  Amazon Robotics , Assembly technician
Leeanne Herman  Phillips Enterprises, Inc. , Phillips Enterprises, Inc.
Christopher Hernandez  Amazon Robotic , Asamblym tecnic
Josue Hernandez  Romero Jimenez corporation , Cashier
Victor Hernandez  Amazon Robotics , Control System Lead
Aysha Herron  North Shore Community College , Student
Rebecca Hess  House of Representatives , Legislative Aide
Caleb Hiliadis  Amherst Brewing , Head Brewer
Kate Hogan  MA House of Representatives , Speaker Pro Tem
Steven Hopkins  MassBay Community College , Student
Anne Horn  JustJump Marketing, Inc. , Director of Business Development
Emily Hossann  Forget Me Not Alarm , Founder
Tim Hovey  MassHire Greater Lowell , Business Services Rep
Dianna Huff  Huff Industrial Marketing, Inc. , President
Carlo Humberg  TUV Rheinland North America , Senior Project Manager
Ryan Hureau  North Shore Community College , Student
Kristen Hurley  Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology , Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology
Andrew Hurton  Primetals Technologies , Andrew Hurton
Aaron Hutchins  UMass Lowell , Research Assistant
Steven Hyland  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Graduate Student Researcher (PhD)
Joe Iannone  SRC Medical , BDM
Paulette Iannone  Xpression Prints, Inc , Sales Associate
Mustapha Ibrahim  Amazon , Fulfillment Associate
Kimberley Ingalls  Mass MEP , Center Director
Brian Irr  Bellingham High School , PLTW Engineering Teacher
Wil Jacques  Emanus, LLC , President & Founder
Deodat Jamna  Ferring , Ferring
Lindsey Jaworek  Marlborough Economic Development , Business Outreach Manager
Siddhanth Jayaraman  TE Connectivity , Quality Manager
Marc Jin  Marc Jin , COO
Mikhael Jobran  Headwall Photonics , Regional Sales Manager Northeast US
Azareal Johansen  SJRN-(1) , Founder
Steven Johndro  Amazon Robotics , Quality Assurance
, Tim Johnson  Quabbin Wire & Cable , Production Manager
Derick Johnson  Amazon robotics , Service technician level 2
Eric Johnson  MMID Product Development Inc. , Innovation Consultant - Industry Segment Manager
Katrina Johnson  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Technician
LeeAnn Johnson  MassHire Metro North Career Centers , Career Center Director
Staci Johnson  MassHire North Central CC , MassHire North Central CC
Scott Jones  Amazon , AR Cert QA Engineer Lead
Brittany Joseph  Datanomix , Account Manager
Mahedra Josh  Amazon Robotics , Assembly
Mahedra Joshi  AmazonRbotics , Assembler
Rumman Kabir  Heila Technologies , Sr. Sales Manager
Sophia Kambanis  Massachusetts Innovation Network , Executive Director
Howie Kaplan  1854 Cycling , Sr. Vice President
Amar Kapur  Aimtek, Inc. , Aimtek, Inc.
Rita Kapur  Rita Kapur, Atech Turbine Components, Inc. , Rita Kapur, Atech Turbine Components, Inc.
Salem Karani  Tristar AI , CEO
Edgar Kasirye  Massbay College , Student
John Kauker  Antron Engineering & Machine Co., Inc. , President
Alex Kavanaugh  Brownell Boat Stands , Brownell Boat Stands
Kristen Keane  WPI , Director, RBE Industry Partnerships & NSF Programs
Kerry Kearney  Tech-Etch, Inc , Tech-Etch, Inc
Paul Keefe  Hawk Ridge Systems , 3DP Outside Sales Rep.
Mark Kelly  Intertek Testing Services NA - Boxborough, MA , Sr. Sales Rep.
Deanna Kelsaw  BOS 27 amazon robotics , Assembly technician
Savita Kendre  Worcester polytechnic Institute , Research assistant
Michael Keneally  Accutech Packaging , Owner
Alexis Kennedy  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Technician
Kyle Kennedy  MassBay , Student
William P. Kennedy  Wood Sales Corporation , President
Sean Kenney  MassMEC , VP
Laurel Kilbourn  Benjamin Franklin Cummings Institute of Technology , Client Services - Strategic Partnerships
Debra King  Acumentrics, Inc. , VP Compliance and Business Systems
Jessica Kinzie  Formula Hybrid+Electric , Coordinating Manager
Carolyn Kirk  Massachusetts Technology Collaborative , Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
Albert Kissi  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
John Klaess  Tulip Interfaces , Product Education Lead
Sam Klaidman  Middlesex Consulting , Principal Adviser
David Klee  Northeastern University , PhD Student
Eliot Klein  TD Bank , VP
Desmond Klenam  WPI , Visiting Scholar
Corey Kneeland  Amazon Robotics , Quality Control / Service Technician
Andrew Knott  Brier Cliff Realty, LLC , Partner
Alexis Konan  Amazon Robotics , Assembly technician
Tony Kondek  Primetals Technologies , Manager, Quality and EHS
Linnea Koons  Boyd Technologies , Director of Marketing
Joel Krantz  Amazon robotics , cert & repair
Karen Krause-Bencal  Activate Global , VP Partnerships/Defense Innovation
Sri Krishnamurthy  QUSandbox , CEO
Gift Kuepouo  Massachusetts Bay Community College , Student
Joseph Kunze  SI2 Technologies, Inc. , President and CEO
Kevin Kuros  MA Office of Business Development , Regional Director - Central MA
Michael Kushmerek  House of Representatives , State Representative
Philip Kusi  Amazon robotics , Service Technician 111
Peter LaBonte  Advanced Buildlng Solutions , President & Founder
Eric Lacey  Consigli Construction , Project Executive
Holden Lai  Osmoses Inc. , Chief Technology Officer
Ellsworth Lake  TriStar Engineered Plastics , Sales Engineer
Paul Laliberty  Amazon , Assembly
Arun Lalotra  Amazon robotics , Assembly
Kelsey Lamoureux  Worcester Public Schools , Career and Partnership Specialist
Andrew LaMere  Amazon Robotics , Assembly technician
Mead Landis  Bete Fog Nozzle , Bete Fog Nozzle
Kyle Langlois  Amazon robotics , Assembly technician
Nicholas Lanteri  Amazon Robotics , Manufacturing Manager
David LaPergola  M&T Bank , Retail Regional Manager
Pat Larkin  MTC , Director
Frank Larson  Pro Comp , Pro Comp
Jacky Larson  Tooling U-SME , Sr. Workforce Education Strategist
Heather Laudani  Riverdale Mills Corp , Recruiter
George LeClair  United Paper Box , President
Christopher Lekas  Christopher Lekas , ARMM LEAD
Claire Lepont  UMass Lowell HEROES and Fabric Discovery Center , Senior Technical Program Manager
Eric Lesser  Massachusetts State Senate , Senator
Bruce Lewis  Amazon Robotics , repair technician
Roman Lilligren  Maglev Arero , Engineer
Erin Linebarger  Robotics 88 , CEO
Adrienne Linnell  Quinsigamond Community College , Quinsigamond Community College
Kevin Lister  Accumet Engineering , Sales & Marketing Manager
Kevin Litchfield  Amazon Robotics , Warehouse Materials Manager
Yuan Liu  Hypertherm Ventures , Investment Associate
Rob Look  Middlesex Savings Bank , Middlesex Savings Bank
Joe Lopes  Mass Hire Greater New Bedford Workforce Board , Deputy Executive Director
Joseph Lopes  MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce Board , Deputy Executive Director
Jordany Lopez  Amazon robotics , Assembly technician
Jose Lopez  None , Student
Yarideth Lopez  Amazon Robotics , Assembler Technician
Rosa Lopez Moritz  Berkshire Community College , Engineering Program Student
Jorge L. Lopez-Alvarez  Amazon Robotics , Quality Assurance Tech
Jessica Lorenz  Bellingham High School , Bellingham High School
Anya Losik  FORGE , Senior Program Manager
Lorne Loudin  Labsphere , Business Development Manager
Dennis Lowell  Headwall Photonics , Director of Operations
Xuejun Lu  UMass Lowell , Professor
Timothy Lucey  SJ Associates , SJ Associates
Nathan Luong  Amazon Robotics , Quality Assurance Tech I
Coleman Lynds  Rasky Partners, Inc. , Associate Vice President
Tom Lyons  Pro Source, Inc. , Director
Susan MacConnell  MindsetGo , Performance Improvement Specialist
Anne Maglia  UMass Lowell , Vice Chancellor - Research and Innovation
Sandra Maguire  Comm of Mass/Office of State Rep. Jeff Roy , Legislative AIde
Kathie Mahoney  MassMEP , MassMEP
Emma Mailman  MassMEP , Marketing Coordinator
Aishwarya Mali  Amazon Robotics , Process Engineer
Melissa Malley  Springfield Spring & Stamping , Process Strategy Manager
Tina Malley  Springfield Spring & Stamping , Vice President
Silvestro Maniscalco  NorthShore Community College , Student
Nasir Mannan  CCAT , Principal Engineer
Alla Manukyan  North Shore Community College , Lab Specialist
Maria Mara  MassMEP , Project Manager
Marquise Marable  Amazon robotics , Assembler
Miranda March  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Technician
Krassimir Marchev  Northeastern University , Professor
Julia Marsh  Vention , Account Executive
Dawn Marshall  Fitchburg High School , Teacher
Megan Marszalek  MassTech , Director, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
Paula Martel  North Easton Machine Co., Inc. , Administrative Manager
Dan Martin  Northshore Community College , Quality Engineering Tech/ Student
Larry Martin  MassHire Hampden County Workforce Board , MassHire Hampden County Workforce Board
Sharon Martin  MassHire Greater New Bedford Career Center , Business Services Representative
Angel Martinez  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
Isabel Martinez  Amazon Robotics , Assembler II
Steve Mason  Steve Mason Photographer , Owner/ Photographer
Joana Mateus  MassHire Bristol Workforce Board , Project Manager/Interim Southeast Market Maker
Paul Mattingly  MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board , Manager of Industry Relations
John McCarthy  Quinsigamond Community College Center for Workforc , Corporate Development Specialist
Michael McClurg  Load Controls , President
Kevin McComber  Spark Photonics Design, Inc. , CEO
Michael McDevitt  US Army , S&T Officer
Colin McDonald  Massachusetts Technology Collaborative , Government Affairs Associate
David McDonald  Human Systems Integration , Vice President, Mfg & Supply Chain
Roger McGhee  Somerset Industries , Director of Operations
Daniel McGinnis  UN1F1ED2 Global Packaging , Director
Shawn McGlone  Amazon , Assembly Technician
Sean McGovern  Worcester polytechnic institute , PhD research assistant
Kelly McInnis  AIM HR Solutions , AIM HR Solutions
Ryan Meadows  Re:Build Manufacturing , Talent Program Manager
Deborah Meggison  MassHire Greater New Bedford Workforce Board , Director of Operations
Jon Mello  Teknor Apex Company , Sales Manager
Art Melville  GENERAL DYNAMICS , senior procurement specialist
Raj Melville  Deshpande Foundation , Executive Director
Bill Melvin  PEKO Precision , Business Development
Chrisian Mendoza  Amazon robotics , Service technician
Randal Meraki  The WorcShop , Executive Director
Elijah Mercadante  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
Theresa Mercurio  Electroswitch , HR Rep
Christopher Merkle  Consulting , Director of Manufacturing Operations
Charlie Merrow  Merrow Group Companies , CEO
Edrick Meuse  Amazon robotics , Technician
Alex Michelson  Solvus Global , Robotics Engineer III
John Michitson  MITRE Corporation , Project Leader
Lindsay Michna  Amazon robotics , Manufacturing
Sara Milano  MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board , Industry Training Coordinator
Adrian Miller  Massachusetts Bay Community College , Student
Scott Miller  NextFlex , Director of Technology
Aung Min  Gefran, Inc. , Inside Sales - Customer Care
Bradley Mingels  UMASS Lowell , Director of Workforce Development
Zuher Miro  massbay community college , massbay community college
Sarah Mirza  Northshore Community college , I work with the ESL Department
Alex Mitchell  NC Software Solutions , Engineering
Aric Moeller  Amazon Robotics , MFG Tech
Wendy Molina  Amazon robotic , Material hendler
Eileen Molinario  OD Tool & Cutter, Inc. , Sales
David K Moorman Iii  North Shore Community COllege , Computer Networking Student
Jack Moran  Consigli Construction , Project Engineer
Kevin Moran  Georg Fischer , Sales Manager
Peter Morin  Synagex, Inc. , CISO
Yasuhiko Morita  Boston university , MBA + MS Digital Technology student
Elvis Morocho  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
Francisco Morocz  Heila Technologies , Co-Founder and CEO
Darlene Morse  EANE , Member Relations
Daniel Moyer  WPI , Graduate Student
Cara Moynihan  Multiscale Systems , Mechanical Engineer and Analyst
Charles Muhanguzi  Massbay Community college , Student
John Murphy  Primetals Technologies , John Murphy
Kathryn Murphy  MassTech Collaborative , Digital Media
Matthew Myers  Square Robot , Square Robot
Yousof Naderi , CEO
Kai Narita  3D Archtiech , CEO
Arvand Navabi  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Manufacturing Engineer
Sean Neal  Withum , Digital Transformation & Technology
Neila Neary  MassHire Cape and Islands Career Center , Business Services Manager
John Neil  Northeast Advanced Manufacturing Consortium (NAMC) , Apprenticeship Growth and Expansion Coordinator
Eric Nelson  MassHire Merrimack Valley , Business Service Supervisor
Markus Nemitz  WPI , Assistant Professor
Chris Nerkowski  WPI Engineering Ambassador , Volunteer
Kevin Nguyen  Amazon Robotics , AR Learning Specialist
Susan Nicholl  Office of Massachusetts Senate Pres. Karen Spilka , District & Special Projects Director
Vinit Nijhawan  MassVentures , MassVentures
Christine Nolan  MassTech Collaborative , Director, Center for Advanced Manufacturing
Thiden Nuon  Amazonrobotic , Assembly
Kevin O'Donnell  OD Tool & Cutter, Inc. , President
Liam O'Donnell  CRCIT , Director of Operations
Patrick O'Donnell  OD Tool & Cutter, Inc. , Purchasing
Tom O'Donnell  UMass Lowell , Senior Director, Innovation Initiatives
Robert Oates  Amazon Robotics , Manufacturing Line Lead
Adowa Obeng  Amazon Robotics , NPI Manufacturing Lead
Precious Odafe  North shore community college , Student
Lisa Oden  MassMEP , MassMEP
Jim Oliveira  MassHire Greater NB Workforce Board , Executive Director
Shannon OLeary  Cox Engineering , Human Resource Associate
Kate OMalley  MHNSWB/NAMC , AMTEP Program Manager
Liliana Ornelas  Project Lead the Way , Director of Strategic Accounts
Jose Ortega  Amazon , material handler
Angel Ortiz  Amazon , Assembly technician
Julian Ortiz  Amazon Robotics , Assembler
Alex Owens  Amazon Robotics , Learning Specialist
Yaw Owusu-Karikari  Amazon Robotics , line lead
Niyi Oyeniyi  Dialysis-X , Founder
Jeffrey Pacuska  US Army DEVCOM Soldier Center , Program Manager
Michael Paglia  MassHire Merrimack Valley Workforce Board , Workforce Development Administrator
Ritwik Pandey  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Graduate Student
Shaun Pandit  MassMEC , President
Alana Panneton  North Shore Community College , Student
Miguel Paredes  Amazon , Quality Assurance Technician
Gregg Parent  Burt Process Equipment , Sales
Marie Parenteau  Antron Engineering & Machine Co., Inc , Sr Planner/Buyer
Arlene Parquette  UMass Lowell , Associate Vice Chancellor - Industry Partnerships
Nathan Pascarella  Hypertherm Ventures , Director
Michael Pasciuto  Custom Machine LLC , C.O.O.
Michael Pascoe  BETE Fog Nozzle , Lead Design Engineer
Jay Pateakos  MassDevelopment , VP Business Development
Sachin Patel  Amazon Robotics , Manager II, Ops Engineering
Gail Paul  Next Level Promotions , President
Roberto Pauleus  North Shore Community College , Student
Ray Payne  Intertek Testing Services of NA, Inc , US Regional Sales Manager
Wendy Pease  Rapport International LLC , Rapport International LLC
Monica Peguri  SolidXperts , SolidWorks Training Manager
Scott Pelletier  Amazon , Sr. Manufacturing Manager
Satya Rajendra Kishore Penmatsa  Adhesive Applications , Process Engineer
Shana Penna  LuxMea Studio , Consultant
Scott Percifull  MassHire Rapid Response , Program Coordinator I
Anais Perez  Amazon robotics , Asembler
Jean Petit Bois  MassHire north Central Workforce Board , Program Manager
Ruthann Petruno-Goguen Petruno-Goguen  Webster Public Schools , Superintendent of Webster Public Schools
Edward Pflugh  i2i Engineering , President
Peter Pherson  Dela Incorporated , Vice President Operations
Patrick Phillips  Amazon robotics , Material handler
Ellen Piccioli  Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) , Director of Manufacturing Innovation
Daniel Piccolo  Amazon Robotics , AR Cert QA Technician
Jennifer Pickering  Massachusetts State Senate , District Director
, Katie Pietrowski  Quabbin Wire & Cable , Corporate Services Supervisor
Ivanna Pilataxi Barrera  FORGE , Event Program Associate
Amarilis Pimentel  Amazon Robotics , Materials/ Packaging Lead
Robert Pinkham  Amazon , Control systems lead
Andrea Pion  The Davis Companies , VP
Paul Pirozzi  Plastics Mfg Resources , President
Jonathan Pirro  Transfr VR (Virtual Reality Workforce Training) , Government Relations Manager
Ryan Pizzano  Mass MEP , Junior Lightning Programmer
Tomas Plasencia  School , MassBay community College
Jason Plummer  The Davis Companies , Account Executive
Isai Pochtar  Transfr VR , Workforce Advisor
Nancy Poirier  Bristol Myers Squibb , Sr. Director, Large Scale Commercial Manufacturing
Albert Policarpio  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Tech.
Mia Ann Policarpio  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician II
Sandy Posa  HCI Cleaning Prduts , CEO
Rajani Potu  Amazon Robotics , Meterial handler
Clifford Premo  Amazon bos27 , packaging
Timmie Proulx  Amazon Robotics , Quality assurance tech
Lisa Puleo  SVB , Director
Charles Purtle  MassMEP , Program Manager
Kimball Putnam  Burt Process Equipment , Burt Process Equipment
Erick Quijada  Amazon Robotics , Certification and Repair Technician/ QA Technician
John Quinn  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Technician
Saad Rajan  Naya Studio , CEO
Brian Ralston  Cambridge Polymer Group , Research Scientist
Geetha Ramani  MassDevelopment , Vice President, Business Development
Raagini Rameshwar  WPI , Graduate Student
Christian Ramirez  Amazon Robotics , Assembly Tech
Jose Ramirez  Amazon Robotics , Material Handler
Brandale Randolph  1854 , Founder
Pratap Rao  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Associate Professor
John Raschko  Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance , Sr. Engineer
Rahul Reddy  ABCorp NA Inc. , Sr. Material Engineer
Jeanette Reed  Evolutions in Business , CEO
John Regan  AIM , President & CEO
April Reis  General Dynamics Mission Systems , Program Manager
Joe Renaud  Amazon Robotics , Sr. Manufacturing Manager, NPI
Daniel Rice  BAE Ststems , Scientist
Paul Riches  Primetals Technologies , Vice President Long Rolling
Mary Riemenschneider  DDS Acoustical Specialties , Senior Project Manager
Andrerw Rigaud  Amazon Roboptics , Packaging/Material Handler
Dan Rivera  MassDevelopment , President and CEO
Jim Rivernider  Quabbin Wire & Cable , CTO
Jeff Roberge  MassHire North Central Workforce Board , Executive Director
Joe Robinson  Amazon Robotics , Quality Tech
Deven Robitaille  Mass Hire greater New Bedford Workforce Board , Mass Hire greater New Bedford Workforce Board
Fabian Rodriguez  Amazon Robotics , Material handler
Ismael Rodriguez  Amazon Robotics , Material handler
Jailen Rodriguez  Worthington Assembly , Circuit Board Manufacturer
Mike Roer  Entrepreneurship Foundation , Pres.
Andrea Romig  SiPhox Inc. , Photonics Technician
Eduardo Rosario  Amazon Robotics , NPI
David Rosen  Acrelic Group llc , CEO
Nathan Rosenberg  Farmblox , Co-Founder & CEO
Arthur Roti  Instument Technology, Inc. , General Manager
Representative Jeffrey Roy  House of Representatives , State Representative - 10th Norfolk District
Yosh Rozen  PartRunner , CEO
Katie Ruggieri  Bristol Community College , Interim Dean of STEM
Melinda Rumrill  Amazon Robotics , Assembler
Patrick Ryan  Sherpa 6 , Senior Product Manager
AmirHossein Saberi  All Sustained , Founder & CEO
Yvener Saint-Cyr  Amazon , Assembly Technician
Estephen Saliba  Paperless Parts , New England Account Executive
Kasia Samsel  Amazon Robotics , Technical Program Manager
Maria Sanchez  Masshire Central Region Development Board , Senior Program Manager
Luis Sandoval  WPI Engineering Ambassadors , Engineering Ambassador
Sol Sandperl  Houghton Chemical , Executive Vice President of Sales
John Santos  Mass Growth Capital Corporation , Senior Loan Officer
Balazs Sarkany  Phoenix Tailings , Global Sales Associate
Lisa Saunders  Datanomix , Datanomix
Camilla Savage  The Davis Companies , Technical Recruiter
Judette Savino  Adhesive Applications Inc. , Vice President Sales & Marketing
Petra Schaefer  Adhesive Applications , Adhesive Applications
Janis Schelfhaudt  SI2 Technologies, Inc. , VP, People Development
Charlie Schick  Business Finland , Senior Advisor
Cameron Schloer  Worcester Polytechnic Institue , PhD Student in Swarm Robotics and HRI
Brenna Schneider  99Degrees , CEO
Melissa Scibelli  MassHire Hampden County Workforce Board , Director of Workforce Development Programs
Angelina Scott  North Shore Community College , Student
Thomas Screnci  University of Massachusetts Lowell , Assistant Director- Undergraduate Admissions
Qientin Seaberry  Amazon , Assembly worker
Dawn Sedlier  MassMEP , HR Manager
William Seery  Consigli Construction , Prefabrication Director
Michael Segal  Boston Materials , COO
Allan Segura  North Shore Community College , Student
Samuel Felipe Serna Otalvaro  Bridgewater State University , Assistant Professor
Joseph Shamon  JJ Shamon , CEO
Rajeev Sharma  Grassi & Company , M & D Consulting Services
Matthew Sharon  N/A , N/A
Colleen Shaver  WPI , Director, Robotics Resource Center
Liam Sheehan  GRUNDFOS PUMP , District Sales Manager
Valerie Sheehan  Antron Engineering & Machine Co., Inc. , Customer Service Manager
Katy Shemligian  SolidXperience Group , Additive Manufacturing Solutions Manager
Susan Sheridan  RR Donnelley , Senior Sales Representative
Brian Shin  WPI Engineering Ambassadors , Engineering Ambassador
Azka Siddiq  SpadXTech , Research Scientist
Joshua Sidman  Yamazen Inc , Yamazen Inc sales
Joyce Sidopoulos  MassRobotics , Chief of Operations/Cofounder
Bryan Siegal  ZwitterCo , VP Operations
Angel Alexander Silva  Amazon robotics , Material handlers
Jesse Silverberg  Multiscale Systems , CEO / Research Director
Bonnie Silveria  Carlton PR & Marketing , Director of Marketing
Judy Silvia  MassMEP , Director of Public Affairs
Jake Simopoulous  Office of State Senator John J. Cronin , Director of Communications
Leeanna Singleton  Bridgewater State University , Admissions Counselor
John Sinopoli  Synagex, Inc. , CEO
Jeff Sizer  Amazon Robotics , Assembler
Matthew Skopin  Flexxbotcis , Flexxbotcis
Zachary Smigelski  Quabbin Wire & Cable , Design Engineer
Aaron Smith  Newburyport High School , College and Career Counselor
Ashley Smith  Uxbridge High School , School Counselor
Brian Smith  WAAV, Inc. , President
Chuck Smith  Datanomix , Director of Product Marketing
Douglas Smith  F.W.Derbyshire,Inc. , President
Mike Smutok  Uxbridge high school , Teacher
Lesley Smythe  Masshire North Shore Career Center , Business Service Representative
Suzanne Snow  Project Lead The Way , Director of Strategic Accounts
John Snyder  John Galt Staffing , Recruiting Manager
Alexander Sobachkin  MassBay College , student
Israel Soibelman  MIT Lincoln Labs , Chief Strategy Officer
Emmanuel Somuah  AMAZON ROBOTICS , assembly technician
Ben Sosne  Berkshire Innovation Center , Executive Director
Charlie Spurrell  N/A , VP Operations
Darin Stafford  Bossard , Application Engineer
Colin Stark  NA , Research Associate / R&D Scientist
William Starr  Masshire , Job Developer
Frank Stearns  Amazon Robotics , Certification and Repair Technician
Hayley Steele  MassMEP , Marketing Manager
, Jason Sterndale  Quabbin Wire & Cable , Regional Sales Manager
Cheryl Stewart  Quabbin Wire & Cable , Vice President of Operations
Sasha Stolyarov  Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) , CEO
Mike Stone  Cofab Design , Partner
Kate Stowe  Defense Innovation Unit , Cyber Defense Innovation Lead
Bonnie Sullivan  Middlesex Savings Bank , Middlesex Savings Bank
Drew Sullivan  PB+ Streamline Contract Manufacturing , Sales Engineer
Richard Sullivan  MassMEP , MassMEP
Rick Sullivan  Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council , President
Robert Sullivan  Amazon Robotics , Control Systems Lead
Gretg Surtman  Tooling U-SME , Manager, Workforce Development
Jaehee Sweeney  Z-Polymers , Director of Product Development, Co-Founder
Aaron Syppko  Amazon Robotics , Robotics Assembly Technician
Mark Tabor  Samtec , Director Business Development
Aymene Talbaoui  Amazon , Assembly tech
Michael Tamasi  AccuRounds , President and CEO
Laura Teicher  FORGE , Executive Director
Jules Thiery  Gencores Inc. , CEO
Logen Thiran  ARA , President & CEO
Ann Thompson  Gefran Inc. , Gefran Inc.
David Thompson  FORGE , Program Manager
David Thompson  FORGE , FORGE
Travis Thompson  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician
Melisa Tintocalis  Municipal , Town of Burlington
Bay Tipping  Massachusetts Export Center , Outreach Coordinator
Payson Titcomb  Titcomb Bros. Mfg. , Vice President
Lynn Tokarczyk  Business Development Strategies, Inc. , Business Development Strategies, Inc.
Jed Toohey  Image Data, Inc. , Image Data, Inc.
Alexandra Torero  NSCC , Computer Programming Student
Karla Torrealba  Amazon robotics , Assembly technician
Alexavier Torres  Amazon Robotics , Shipping & Receiving Lead
Nashary Torres  Amazon Robotics , Assembler technician
Luyen Trang  Amazon robotics , Assembler technician
Art Trapotsis  Consolidated Sterilizer Systems , CEO
Craig Trask  Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA) , Engineering Manager
Martin Trice  North Shore Community College , Advanced Manufacturing Program Manager
Kristina Tricomi  VEX Robotics , Account Executive
Molly Trowbridge  Massachusetts State Senate , Acting Chief of Staff
Jason Truscott  Affordable Interior Systems , Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Jeffrey Turgeon  MCRWB , MCRWB
Kenneth Turner  MA Life Sciences Center , President & CEO
Lynn Turner  Core XP Business Solutions, LLC , Core XP Business Solutions, LLC
Michael Turrini  Jet Industries Inc. , Jet Industries Inc.
Kevin Ulmer  nU-Boats LLC , CEO
Trond Undheim  Tulip Interfaces , Lead Ecosystem Evangelist
Beth Unger  Cape Cod Community College , MassBridge Project Coordinator
Gregg Vallan  Vallan Computer Products , President
Fernando Vaz  SmartDry , SmartDry
Farhad Vazehgoo  MassTech Collaborative , Director, Advanced Technology Programs
Naisha Veras  Amazon , Assembly robotics
Evania Verley  NH MEP , Workforce Manager
Diedrik Vermeulen  SiPhox , Co-Founder and CEO
Judi Vigna  Specialized Career Guidance , CEO
Robert Vigneau  Spark Photonics Foundation , Program Manager
Junior Villanueva Gonzalez  Amazon Robotics , Service Technician II
David Viola  Amazon robotics , AR cert QA Engineer Lead
Mert Vural  WPI , WPI
Adeniyi Waheed  Student , Student
Caitlin Walde  Solvus Global , Principal Materials Engineer
Jason Walker  Quinsigamond Community College (Wor) , Recruitment Counselor
Ethan Walko  rStream , CTO/Co-founder
Sharron Wall  Innovation Institute at Mass Tech Collaborative , Portfolio Director, R&D Fund
Brandon Walsh  North Shore Community Colledge , Student
Dean Walsh  TiE Boston , ScaleUp Program Manager
Thomas Walsh  Amazon Robotics , Assembly
John Walsh III  Trident Machine Tools LLC , Sales Engineer
Abraham Walters  Applied Industrial Measurement , Founder
Ken Warnock  Medtronic , Mfg Tech Strategy Leader
Elizabeth Watson  MassBay Community College , Professor
Bill Wence  Hilb Group New England , Managing Director
Jared Wheelock  Primetals Technologies , Manager, Manufacturing Technology
Casey Wierman  Vention , Account Executive
Mark Wigfall  MassHire Boston Private Industry Council , Market Maker
Anthony Wilson  Masshire , Program Coordinator
Melissa Wishneusky  Evolutions in Business , Regulatory Analyst
Terrence Woldorf  CMT Materials , Managing Director
Benny Wong  MassDevelopment , Vice President Investment Banking
Kyle Worthen  General Dynamics Mission Systems , Project Manager
Yijia Wu  Worcester Polytechnic Institute , Teaching assistant
Joseph Wysocki  Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology , Director of Manufacturing Technology
Boyang Xiang  UML , student
Helen Yan  Massbay Community college , Student
Qian Yang  LuxMea Studio , CEO
Arthur Young  Arthur J Young Home & Property Services LLC , Owner
Jessica Zabaleta  ABCorp NA, Inc. , ABCorp NA, Inc.
Kevin Zacarias  Amazon Robotics , Material Handler
Miguel Zacarias  Amazon Robotics , Service technician ll
Stephen Zarubaiko  Law Office of Stephen Zarubaiko , Law Office of Stephen Zarubaiko
Eric Zhang  Acoustic Wells, Inc. , CFO
Mike Zimmerman  Z-Polymers , CEO, Founder
Adam Ziomek  ASPINA , Sales Development
James Zunino  US Army DEVCOm , SSTM - Advanced MFG & Future Concepts