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When: April 22, 2010 at 07:30 PMAdd to my calendar

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Where: Majestic Crest Theater
1262 Westwood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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Contact:Ari Rutenberg, 310 285 0812 x811

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The film REVOLUTION GREEN features BOB KING             
who created America's 1st commerical biodiesel pump & refinery.

Featuring WILLIE NELSON     
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Come see biodiesel made live!

PANEL DISCUSSION featuring Stephen Strout, the filmmaker, and:

Michael Bowman - A fifth-generation Coloradoan and farmer from Wray, he serves on the National Steering Committee for the national agriculture energy working group 25x25 and served as chair of Colorado’s New Energy Future in 2006. Bowman is a candidate for the Colorado Senate District 1 seat.

Vern Nobles - Vern worked with President Ford and wrote, co-produced and directed a film on energy for The Alliance to Save Energy and President Carter.  He has created an integrated system of waste, agricultural and forestry conversion to bio-fuels from renewable sources now planned for in various places, including the US, Mexico, Fiji and the Philippines.

Tanner Watt - A social and environmental advocate and organizer since 1999, Tanner comes from a background in communications and computer technology. He has been a biodiesel user and supporter of the sustainable biodiesel movement since 2006, and an educator, advocate, and organizer since 2008. Tanner has been with the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance since 2006, and is currently the Associate Director of the organization.

The first 350 people get a free bag of...
Kettle Chips


      • Biodiesel is a clean burning renewable fuel made using natural vegetable oils and fats.
      • Biodiesel is made through a chemical process which converts oils and fats of natural origin into fatty acid methyl esters (FAME).  Biodiesel IS NOT vegetable oil.
      • Biodiesel is intended to be used as a replacement for petroleum diesel fuel, or can be blended with petroleum diesel fuel in any proportion.
      • Biodiesel does not require modifications to a diesel engine to be used.
      • Biodiesel has reduced exhaust emissions compared to petroleum diesel fuel.
      • Biodiesel has lower toxicity compared to petroleum diesel fuel.
      • Biodiesel is safer to handle compared to petroleum diesel fuel.
      • Biodiesel quality is governed by ASTM D 6751 quality parameters.
      • Biodiesel is biodegradable.