September 14, 2015


TBD- Event will be held in the Chicago Area 
2021 Midwest Road
Suite 105
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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Rick Sandoval 
The Mpower Group 

Next Practices Xchange 

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The Next Practices Xchange (NPX) is a collaboration of senior executives from Fortune 1,000 organizations in a forum setting sharing ideas on Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management.

Our Next Meeting is on Monday, September 14th in Chicago.  Meetings are scheduled to allow out-of-town attendees to schedule / enjoy the weekend in the host city.

The Agenda. The topic for this session will be “Transitioning Sourcing /Supply Chain from a Cost Cutter to a Strategic Partner”. In surveys of CEOs across industries we consistently hear the same feedback: It’s no longer acceptable for Sourcing and Supply Chain organizations to pursue incremental cost savings. Corporate executives now expect differential value and strategic results that were once thought beyond the purview of these functions. The problem is that despite hefty expectations, few companies have REALLY understood how to leverage the full strategic potential of their Sourcing and Supply Chain groups.  The good news is that now it’s changing.  More and more CEO’s are expecting, even demanding, that these functions not focus on just costs.  So, where are we today? The role of the Sourcing and Supply Chain executive is still evolving. Their organizations – whether brand new or long established – must find creative, innovative ways of doing business. Defining and impacting enterprise strategies, product design, sales, and supplier relationships, are a few areas where these functions can create competitive differentiators for the enterprise to leverage. Sourcing and Supply Chain leaders must facilitate real changes that redefine the nature of their roles within a company, or be left behind.

 As in all our sessions, we will have a prominent key note speaker, a next practice benchmark survey, plenty of time for networking and time allotted to build out the next session agenda entitled “Talent Development – How to Crack the Code”.  For many years (more than we care to count) Talent Management keeps coming up as one of the top three issues on the minds of CEOs.  How to recruit, develop and retain top talent continues to be of concern and as the economy improves the war for talent rages on.   After you successfully recruit today’s stars, what development programs do you put in place to ensure they become tomorrow’s leaders?  Should you focus on developing functional / technical skills alone OR are you looking at those skills that are critical for future leaders?  Are you focused on building competency or merely delivering training?  Do you have programs in place to force the application and adoption of new skills?  Are you interested in building individual competency, organizational competency or both?   These are the types of questions we will explore as we “crack the code” on talent development.     

 What are the Benefits of an NPX Membership?   The group is a peer-to- peer organization that meets quarterly to share ideas and develop and adopt Next Practices. Each member brings expertise and varied talents to the group which allows all members to benefit from participation. NPX addresses major Global Sourcing and Supply Chain challenges. There are no Sales Pitches.

If you would like to speak to someone about your NPX Membership, contact Rick Sandoval at 630-268-8963, Click Here