New York Photonics Annual Meeting



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Monday, January 22, 2024 from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM EST


Fairport Brewing
1044 University Avenue
Rochester, NY 14623

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Tom Battley 
New York Photonics
(585) 362 - 3069


Speakers :

  • Congressman Joe Morelle (NY25) Co-chair of the Congressional Optics Caucus.
  • Thorlabs - Jenn Cable, President, Thorlabs
  • MCC Update - Alexis Vogt, PhD, Associate Professor & Endowed Chair, Optical Systems Technology, Monroe Community College
  • Charting the Path Forward for New York Photonics - Tom Battley, Executive Director, New York Photonics

Emerging from the pandemic, New York's OPI industry has experienced several mergers and acquisitions – some of them companies that have been long term fixtures in our community. An abundance of private equity dollars, a hot OPI market, owners looking to cash out – all play a part, as do the dynamics of an active cluster including the top precision optics training program in the nation, and internationally respected enginerering programs.

Thorlabs acquisition of JML Optical in Rochester took some people by surprise, but why? To others it looks like a perfect fit and part of a long term strategy that makes sense to anyone paying attention. Thorlabs is more than lab tables and lab snacks.

Hear about that strategy from Jenn Cable who took the helm as Thorlabs president in 2020.

The Precision Optics Program at Monroe Community College has been growing rapidly as well. Led by Professor Alexis Vogt, enrollment at the program has increased exponentially since she arrived and MCC DEEP OPS was awarded another Manufacturing Engineering Education Program (MEEP) Grant from the Office of Naval Research in 2023. We'll get an update and more details from Professor Vogt.

Sharing his vision and support for New York's – and the nation's – OPI industry will be Congressman Joe Morelle (NY25) co-chair of the Congressional Optics Caucus.

Whether you are an optics manufacturer, an educator, or you consider yourself a stakeholder in the role our critical industry plays in the region, you are going to want to join us.