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Saturday, March19, 2016
7 to 9
:30pm PT

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645 Tamalpais Drive
Suite A
Corte Madera, CA 94925

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with Dr. Patti Taylor 


Joining the Tantric Bliss Current!

Sweetrocking is a safe, powerful, and enjoyable way to enter a mutually resonant energetic current with a partner or client. It involves creating a coherent “energetic system” with the giver feeling into the receiver’s body, internal map, and vibrational energy while providing an effortless rocking motion.

Sweetrocking -- which can be performed on nearly any part of the body -- can be used for healing, pleasurable connection, inducing a state of deep relaxation, or sharing expanded bliss.

 Sweetrocking benefits:

• An increase in your, and your partner’s, level of mind-body integration
• A mutually connected and positive state ranging from pleasure to rapture
• Enhances other healing modalities and techniques
• Can be used effectively in a wide variety of situations – from in public to in the bedroom

This event is gender balanced. Please register with a partner. Same sex partners are welcome. Singles, please call 415 924 7824 before registering online. We will accept your registration when someone of the other gender has also inquired. During the workshop singles will find a partner to work with. And, as long as more then one set of singles registers, you'll have the opportunity to switch partners during the evening.


Patricia Taylor, PhD, is the leading teacher of Expanded Orgasm in the  world today. Her studies in this field -- extending back more than  twenty years -- inform her published books, a full-length sex education  video, her entertaining media appearances, and countless popular  classes and playshops. Patricia’s website is 

She created The Seduction Trilogy ( and Expand Her Orgasm Tonight: The 21 Day program for Partners (, a downloadable home study course for couples. She has hosted more than 120 interviews of experts, writers, and extraordinary practitioners in the field of enlightened sexuality on her podcast, Expanded Lovemaking: Sex, Love and Consciousness. 

Her books include the 1997 relationship masterpiece, The Enchantment of Opposites: How to Create Great Relationships, and the bestselling 2002 classic, Expanded Orgasm: Soar to Ecstasy at Your Lover’s Every Touch. Expanded Orgasm has sold over 25,000 copies to date. Expanded Orgasm was released in its second edition in January, 2014. 

Her explicit DVD, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, demonstrates a woman in an expanded orgasmic state for over 30 minutes.


Her studies are drawn from many sources, including bio-neural sexuality, More University, the Human Awareness Institute, hypnosis, and Tantra. She is a California Certified Sexological Bodyworker. Yet, her most profound experience stems from working directly with others, and from her own rigorous and ongoing practice of frequent extended & ecstatic Expanded Orgasms.

Dr. Taylor earned her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology in 2000, with the groundbreaking dissertation, “Expanded Orgasm as a Pathway to the Transcendence of Consciousness.” You can download portions of this dissertation at by searching “Expanded Orgasm” and "Patricia Taylor". 


Where: Sunrise Center
Time:     7 to 9:30 pm
Where:  Sunrise Center ~ 645 Tamalpais Drive ~ Corte Madera 94925
Cost:    $25 per person. Singles: call before registering 415 924 7824.
Pre-registration preferred. Drop-in okay only for couples and self-paired singles only.

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