Friday, April 6, 2018
7 to 10 PM PT
Saturday & Sunday, April 7 & 8, 2018
10 AM to 10 PM PT

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Sunrise Center 
Sunrise Center 


The Hero's Journey, Part I
with William Pennell Rock,
Master of Archetypal Psychodrama

The Hero's Journey

All adventure stories have the same form. The Hero’s Journey, discovered by Joseph Campbell, shows how we transform from one state to another in a process that is complex and has many stages.  In your life you are always somewhere in this journey, but where? Who are your real enemies and friends? And how can you go forward? In this workshop you will find out.

The workshop is structured like a ritual, featuring archetypal psychodrama in which you meet the three internal characters of your Hero’s Journey. 
-- Your Hero/Heroine is the part of you that is free to choose. but always responsible for your wellbeing. 
-- Your Magic Helper, drawn from the spirit of the earth, provides guidance, new awareness and powers on your journey: and 
-- Your Monster, that aspect of you that stops you from a total expression of your being and is basically out to sabotage your life.  

You discover these sub-personalities by examining unique traits in your own personality. To create each character. you have to push your edges, grow and learn  As you perform them in voice and body before the group, you experience increasing liberation, empowerment and integration. You then place your characters in your own heroic story and perform this as a psychodrama. 

Since everyone in your group is experiencing the same challenges, you bond quickly with amazing new friends who support you with a safe place to open up and explore your journey. 

Part I (April 6 - 8) of the Workshop is the first part of the Journey, in which your Hero leaves home, meets the Magic Helper, and confronts the Monster to cross the Threshold of Adventure. (This can be done on its own, but it's not recommended.)

Part II (April 20 - 22) is the enactment of crossing into the Land of Adventure, the Supreme Ordeal, and the Return, transforming the Home.
(Part I is a pre-requisite.)

What results from this is your personal myth, which becomes a unique and valuable framework for ongoing growth into wholeness .

When you leave this workshop you will have the tools to overcome your own limits and make vital shifts to the best parts of yourself to enjoy the fullness of life.

This workshop is very rich and profound, a fun way to experience emotional underpinnings, by removing inhibitions and embodying your own power. Your life will change.

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$175 paid by March 30; $225 thereafter

Limited to 8 participants. Please pre-register.


Origins Performing


About ORIGINS: Magic Theater

 “Be the star in your own movie!”
 And what is that movie?

For the most part we live in front of a curtain, a shadow-infused masquerade that pervades our existence and makes a strange grappling of our lives and communications. Through a process of Jungian-based archetypal psychodrama, ORIGINS helps you find your own personal myth. This myth takes you behind the curtain to meet and clarify the real forces that shape your life -- the evolutionary and the self-destructive parts of yourself -- and to engage them in a kind of diplomacy by which you can remain on top of your situation and move with confidence through life’s transformations. Understanding yourself and your own journey allows you to make better decisions by being true to yourself and your own needs. This is not A work of existence, but THE work.

The movie, this myth, is the essential adventure of your life.

ORIGINS is a body of work based on a Process of experiential learning developed over many years of research and therapeutic experience in workshops. It is a psychodrama method for generating and working with individual and group mythology to bring about psychological and spiritual well-being.

It is Magic Theater that shows you who you are and clarifies your divine nature.  Within each of us live the archetypes common to all of humanity.  By recognizing, embodying and realizing these archetypes within, we actualize and empower ourselves.

ORIGINS is a whole curriculum, a body of work tied together as a process of clarifying transformation and empowerment.  You benefit most from experiencing all of them, but this is not required.

ORIGINS uses the two universal story forms, the Hero’s Journey and the Romance Archetype, as frameworks to provide two basic Processes for dramatic Self-transforming. Each ORIGINS Workshop is based on one of the two monomyths. The Workshops orchestrate meditation, guided fantasy, expressive movement and psychodrama performance in a ritualized form to generate individual myths of the participants. We use these myths for analysis, self-awareness, and therapeutic development. In subsequent stages of ORIGINS, these myths are transformed into performing art forms. Inspired by ancient ritual, these productions have a healing or sacred function.

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Pennell Rock William Pennell Rock, M.Litt. (Cantab.), PhD, is an internationally known teacher of Transpersonal psychology, psychodrama and performance. He has been trained at Yale, Harvard, King's College, Cambridge in England, the Jung Institute in Zurich, Esalen Institute, Arica Institute, and was a long-time disciple of Osho.

He is director of ORIGINS, producing theater and opera performances throughout the world. and is the author of Performing Inside Out.  In the last years he has been working primarily in Germany and Italy, but he is now introducing his work in Marin, where he resides.

For more information see the ORIGINS website: www.sacredperformance.com.


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