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Susan Harrell 
Washington Initiative for Supported Employment 


Tuesday October 16, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT

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Registration deadline: October 12 , 2012

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Marsha Threlkeld - Washington Initiative for Supported Employment




Webinar - $30.00

Webinar with CEC - $75.00

Washington State Stipends - Free for first 53 registrants who live and work in Washington State


Webinar: Apps for Employment & Community Living -  The New Natural Support


What is the new natural support for individuals at work and in their home?  

See demonstrations of apps and hear their applications for job seekers and more.  All demos will be from Apple individual operating systems (iOS) devices.  

Apple iOS devices are being used to create and present career portfolios and work samples, market to employers, provide task cueing systems, video modeling, voice output, timers, schedulers, face-to-face coaching, and more.  Learn how these devices and useful apps help people at their work and in their home to optimize productivity, independence and inclusion. 

Marsha will share knowledge gained from Apple Inc.; their engineers and retail store staff; as well as insights gained in providing training to employment providers, transition teachers, individuals with disabilities, and family members on using iPads, iPods, and iPhones to support independence and inclusion in the workplace and community.

Whether you are an absolute beginner, or currently using these with job seekers or others in the community, this training can work for you.  If you have an “i” device, please have it available to practice with during the session!  

Threlkeld, Marsha - 2012

Marsha Threlkeld, Senior Program Manager at WiSe, trains on iOS devices and apps with employment specialists, transition programs, families, job seekers, and others.  She has enjoyed collaborating with Apple Inc. on leveraging the use of handheld devices to increase the inclusion, productivity, and independence of individuals experiencing intellectual disabilities.

Additionally, she continues to work with School to Work Transition, Employment for All, and Career Planning.  Marsha has created the training materials Student Career Portfolios, Student Career Plans, Identifying Life Goals with Person Centered Planning, and Plan Your Career, Envision Your Life.  

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