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This Fall session runs from

Oct. 10th through Dec. 12th 2010

Late enrollment for the first semester will be allowed and tuition may be prorated.

Another semester will begin in Jan. 2011

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Count Basie Theatre 
99 Monmouth St.
Red Bank, NJ 07701

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Please donate to this program so that we may continue to reach out to our talented youth.

Donate your old instrument to the Jazz Arts Academy!

Is there a saxophone in your attic that's been there for ages? Have you been trying to pawn off that old upright bass?

Donate your instrument to a good cause - a child in need.

The Jazz Arts Academy is a collaboration between the Count Basie Theatre and the Jazz Arts Project that will be starting this fall. The program is one part of the youth education initiative of our organization. These classes, workshops and performance sessions are part of a curiculum designed to engage children in music;  to teach them to function as part of an ensemble, and ultimately to instill positive values such as confidence, teamwork, leadership and tolerance for diversity.

We are currently looking for upright basses, drum sets, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, or any instrument you don't have the use for. If you would like to donate, please contact: info@jazzartsproject.org

Include the type, size, model, and serial number of your instrument. We will be happy to arrange a time to pick it up, and will provide the necessary documentation so that you can get a tax write off for your donation.

The instrument you donate could very well change a kid's life!

10 week training program providing real world experience to aspiring teen Jazz musicians

The Jazz Arts Academy Fast Facts

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Contact:   eduadmin@countbasietheatre.org   to register!

or call (732) 224-8778 ext 125

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Recently, young musicians from nine high schools and middle schools came together at the Jazz Arts Academy.  The program, a collaboration between Jazz Arts Project and The Count Basie Theatre, is designed to enrich the study and performance of Jazz for teenage music students.  The group assembled in the studios of the Count Basie Theatre and were greeted by their coach, noted alto saxophonist and jazz educator Bruce Williams (Count Basie Orchestra, Roy Hargrove Big Band).  Students suddenly found themselves in a real jazz band under the guidance of a true jazz veteran - they were playing with spontaneity, forging ahead into the uncharted musical territory of improvisation.

Joe Muccioli, the Artistic Director of the Jazz Arts Project, says, “The Jazz Arts Academy will provide students with a ‘centralized Jazz scene,’ a place where they can supplement their school music program, meet new players from the entire region, and gain valuable skills and experience in a nurturing and professional atmosphere.   Somewhere today, in some school somewhere, is the next young Count Basie, just waiting to be discovered. We need to make sure that in New Jersey, he or she has the right opportunities.”

The LookWes on Guitarall instruments welcomedInstructor Bruce Williams - one on one coaching

Participation in The Jazz Arts Academy is by audition.  Students are assigned to ensembles along with musicians of similar ability.  Each ensemble meets for a weekly coaching session that focuses on improvisation, ensemble playing, the history of Jazz, learning the standards of the Jazz repertory, and general musicianship.  From time to time students will be able to attend special free additional sessions, workshops and jam sessions.
The faculty for the Jazz Arts Academy includes a roster of world-class musicians such as Bruce Williams (Count Basie Orchestra, Roy Hargrove Big Band).
Says Muccioli, "We recruit internationally known jazz recording artists who have the knowledge and experience working with young students in order to bring a real-world, conmprehensive course to the students... Because of budget cuts, arts education in many of our schools is not what it once was.  The other faculty members and I take time from busy professional schedules that take us around the world each year because we share a personal commitment to music education here in the USA.  We know that jazz music is a national treasure.  We have seen first hand the effect this music has on audiences and students throughout the world.  We know that the study of jazz opens up worlds of opportunity can indeed change a life." 

Jazz is so much more than just a genre of music with a rich history. It is a living art form with an active roster of talented and innovative artists whose performances are enjoyed by people across all demographics. The study of Jazz is a wonderful outlet for creative energy, and has been shown to enhance academic performance and instill positive values such as confidence, teamwork, leadership and tolerance for diversity.

Count Basie Theatre, Inc. is the nonprofit corporation founded in 1973 to own, program, manage and preserve the historic Count Basie Theatre. Jazz Arts Project is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to preserving, promoting and perpetuating the American musical art form known as jazz. The two organizations have previously collaborated on the Sinatra Birthday Bash, and an annual series of free Jazz history lectures each spring.
For more information about the current or upcoming sessions of The Jazz Arts Academy, please contact the offices of Count Basie Theatre Performing Arts Academy, at 732-224-8778 ext. 125, or by email to:   eduadmin@countbasietheatre.org

The Jazz Arts Academy Fast Facts:

  •  Who can audition? Music students between the ages of 14 and 19 with at least two years of experience on their instrument. Previous knowledge of Jazz is helpful, but not required. Classical and pop music students are also encouraged to audition.
  • Can vocalists audition? The program is primarily targeted at instrumentalists, but a limited number of vocalists will be accepted into the program.
  • When and where are auditions? Auditions are held at Count Basie Theatre, 99 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, NJ 07701 each year in Semptember and January.  Prospective students will be scheduled in groups in one-hour increments. Call to schedule an audition. 732-224-8778 ext. 125.
  • Is there an audition fee? There is no fee to audition.
  • How much is tuition? Tuition for the 10-week program is $249 per student. Tuition assistance is available.
  • When will regular weekly classes meet? Classes will meet once a week on either Sunday afternoon and evening, or late Monday afternoon and evening, depending on which class a student is assigned. Each class session will be two hours in length.
  • Will there be performance opportunities? Yes, performance opportunities at community and civic events will be offered.
  • I love music too, how can I support this program? Individuals, businesses and organizations interested in making a tax deductible contribution to support needs-based scholarships for deserving students may contact the theatre for information.
  • What should I prepare for my audition? The auditions are for placement in the proper class levels, although students should have at least two or three years experience playing their instrument in school band or in private lessons.  And, while it is not necessary to have had previous experience in jazz, Instrumentalists and Vocalists should be prepared to demonstrate their level of ability by: (1) playing as many of the Major and Minor scales as you are able, from the lowest to the highest part of your range; (2) playing a song you have prepared in advance that best demonstrates your level of ability and knowledge of Jazz; (3) sight reading some easy jazz music with accompaniment that will be provided at the audition; (4) improvising to a standard blues, IF you are able.  Instrumentalists who also know some of the other scales typically used in jazz, for example, the Pentatonic and Blues scales in C, F, B flat, D, E, G. You may be asked to play those as well.
  • Drummers: should be prepared to demonstrate their ability to play in the Swing, Rock, and Latin and Brazilian Bosa Nova styles, in both 4/4 and 3/4 time, by playing 4 measures of time followed by 4 measures of solo, at various tempos. A drum kit with cymbals will be provided. Bring your own sticks and brushes.
  • Bass Players: acoustic upright bass is preferable, but electric bass is acceptable. An amplifier will be provided for electric players. In addition to the above audition requirements for instrumentalists, bass players should also be prepared to demonstrate a typical walking bass line for a blues progression in the key of F or B flat at various tempos.
  • Guitar Players: An amplifier will be provided. In addition to the above audition requirements for instrumentalists, guitar players should be prepared to demonstrate their ability to comp (short for “accompany” others) at various tempos.
  • Pianists: A piano will be provided. In addition to the above audition requirements for instrumentalists, pianists will be asked to demonstrate scales played with two hands, and their ability to comp (short for “accompany” others) to a typical blues progression in the key of F or B flat.
  • What will the faculty be looking for during auditions? At least a basic ability on your instrument, plus the ability to keep time; the ability to produce a fine tonal quality on your instrument; intonation (the ability to stay in tune); interpretation (the ability to bring something personal to a performance); and sight reading ability.




About Jazz Arts Project, Inc. Jazz Arts Project is a non-profit, 501(c) 3, professional presenting organization with the stated mission, "to preserve, promote, and perpetuate the American musical art form known as jazz; by producing performances of the highest quality, creating educational programs about jazz and its history, and to serve as an advocate by continuing efforts to raise awareness of the art form in the public eye through newspaper articles, lectures workshops and publications; and by fostering and nurturing the potential and the rising talent of young students who display an interest in jazz.

The Organization produces 25 to 30 events each year from intimate jazz cafe nights through large scale events at concert halls such as the Count Basie Theatre, as well as educational workshops and special programs for youth.

Jazz Arts Project, Inc.
P.O. Box 415
Red Bank, New Jersey 07701