Mondays with Mooche is an online program that fosters a virtual learning environment for jazz enthusiasts, globally. 

Each program is held on Zoom and hosted by Jazz Arts Project Artistic Director, Joe "Mooche" Muccioli.

Learn and listen each week as we interview respected & renowed jazz artists and luminaries in jazz culture. 


Monday, November 8, 2021

7:00PM Eastern



This is an online, "Zoom" event.
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 A $12 donation is suggested. 

During this difficult year, most of our events are free and open to the public. Please consider making a $12 contribution per event



Mondays With Mooche 

November 22, 2021 - 7pm Eastern

Listen & Learn Session Led By

Jazz Arts Artistic Director Joe "Mooche" Muccioli

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We thought to try something different over the next several episodes.  Maybe together, we can explore music a bit more deeply.  What it means to us, how we use it, how we experience it. How we hear it.  How it reflects our feelings and connections... family, friends, culture, heritage, communities, nationality, and our own upbringing and life's experience.  

let's explore how to really listen to music, how to hear more nuance and depth.  Hopefully we will come away with a more enjoyable and knowledgeable experience and learn more about careful discerning and critical listening to music.

 This series is an open forum round table discussion (as it were) where we can explore the depths of music meaning and nuance.

About Mondays With Mooche:

Jazz Arts Project debuted Mondays with Mooche early in the pandemic last year as a way to help artists, students, and supporting members stay connected.   What we created in the process was a virtual panoply of engaging events: A backstage pass into the lives and music of so many jazz artists & influencers paired with a learning environment for jazz enthusiasts & students globally. 

In 2020 alone, we produced 32 episodes featuring 45+ distinguished jazz artists and respected authorities. We continued in 2021 as a semi-weekly event but we have been adding special LiveStream Concert Experiences as well. 

Each week, our virtual audience grew beyond what we could image. Attendees were Zooming in from far beyond our stomping grounds here in Red Bank, New Jersey from far away places such as California, Texas, Canada, Germany, and Sweden to name a few.

Thank you for supporting this program and keeping the spirit of jazz alive during these difficult times. Thank you to our program sponsors, guests, and partners.