Wednesday, March 10, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM PST
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This is an online event. 


Griff Lee 
SCORE Greater Seattle 
SCORE’s Small Business Essentials Workshops prepare individuals to make the right decisions and create actionable plans when starting a small business.  Whether you are starting a business on your own (one-person business) or a business with employees, we have the right set of workshops to help you succeed.  All the workshops are about three hours in length and taught by experienced SCORE Mentors.  See more information on these workshops here

Online Webinar Information

This is an online meeting via ZOOM online conferencing software. There will be no classroom presentation.  ZOOM requires an internet connection and can run on PCs, Macs and on both Apple and Android tablets and cellphones.  ZOOM will display the presentation and also broadcast the audio though your computer or device. If your computer does not have sound, an optional telephone number will be provided to call in when you log into ZOOM.

Regisration Fee: $50


Marketing Part 1: Developing and Promoting Your Product or Service to Sell More! (Online) -C0055 

You've developed a wonderful new product or service. Great! Now you need to find customers and get them to buy it. You do that by identifying your target market, creating your value proposition, marketing message and then by creating a promotional plan. Do all those in this interactive workshop.

In Part 1 of our Marketing workshop series, we start by helping you identify your target market.  These are your best potential customers and knowing them helps you create a better product or service.  It also makes all your promotional efforts more focused and effective.   

We show you how to finalize the design of your product or service and make sure it’s right for your target market.   Then we take you through how to create a value proposition that perfectly captures the unique value your product or service brings to your customers.  Next, you have to build your marketing message.  That’s the information for your brochures, websites, and anything else you use to sell your product or service.  We will also review a number of promotional methods and help you draft a promotional plan for your business.   

This workshop focuses on hands-on exercises to help you create a target market, value proposition and promotion plan for your business. 

To understand marketing more fully please consider attending “Marketing Part 2:
Pricing Your Product or Service to Sell & Getting Your Business Online”
 workshop after this one.


Suvendo Ray

This workshop is presented by SCORE Business Mentor, Suvendoo Ray.  Suvendoo joined SCORE Greater Seattle with a wide range of skills and knowledge in the aviation industry including global sales of commercial airplanes, airline start-ups, and airline management. Prior to joining global sales, he was an engineering analyst working on R&D and product development of many aircraft programs. Before joining Boeing in 1987, Suvendoo conducted research activities in collaboration with NASA and USAF on aircraft technology issues, published various journal articles in related fields, and instructed various engineering classes at Purdue University. He has a PhD in Aeronautics & Astronautics from Purdue University and a MBA in Finance and International Business from Seattle University.  You can learn more about Suvendoo at his LinkedIn profile here.

Regisration Fee: $50