Professional Training on the revolutionary Canon cameras that put Hollywood Production Values in everyone's hands!


Canon Boot Camps

Pro Level I - Shoot Like a Pro

When:  Saturday, Dec. 10th
             Noon - 6 PM

Where: EVS Studios                                          1819 Victory Blvd. Glendale, CA 91201

Cost: Pro Level I - $399* 

Take the training to the next level on Sunday by putting it into practice in Pro Level II the very next day. Class size for Pro Level II is limited so book now to assure a spot:

Pro Level II - Shoot a Film

When: Sunday, Dec. 11th
             Noon - 6 PM

Where: The Association
135 N Screenland Dr.
Burbank, CA 91505

Cost: Pro Level II - $399*


Package Price for both: $699!

Save $300 by registering early for both Boot Camps!

Already took Pro Level I? Already an Industry Pro? For Pro Level II ONLY, click here.

Late registration (after Midnight on Dec 8th) is $499 per boot camp.

*No refunds. No rescheduling. _______________________________


1. What are the basic 20 steps for setting up your camera?  

What is the transcoding process?

3. What are the limitations of the 4:2:0 color space?

4. What are my options for support & handheld rigging?
5. Should I shoot FAITHFUL or...?

6. How can I avoid the CMOS sensor overheating?

7. How do I import my shots into Final Cut Pro? 
8. What are my audio options
9. What kind of memory cards do I use? 
10. What do I use to offload the cards in the field? 
11. How do I avoid moiré and rolling shutter issues
12. What do I do if my camera overheats and shuts off?

13. Can I shoot Auto Iris?

14. Can I shoot Auto Focus?

15. Is the sensor bigger than the RED?



The purpose of our Boot Camp is to give you hands-on experience so you graduate with the confidence & ability to shoot your movie with these great Canon cameras. 

Our Quick Start Drills help you quickly progress through a checksheet to learn how to operate the camera.

Bootcamp active class shot 250

PLUS, we have DRILLS for you to increase your confidence. They're custom-designed by working Directors of Photography to give you real world experience shooting with the camera.

By the end of the day, you'll know the proven workflow as well as the tips and tricks to help you make your movie professionally.

Canon 5D / 7D Hands-on Training  

 Even more of what our students asked for : 

  "QuickStart" drills and checksheets to give you                   certainty you can operate the Canon HDSLR like a Pro
 • Hands-on, Real Life training scenarios
  "Tips from the Trenches"
  Workflow tips for offloading the files
  Special Preview of the new C300 with Dana                    Christiaansen*
  Professional Training that focuses on you
  "Book of No-Know's" (30 mistakes you do not want to make)


Pro Level I: Saturday, Dec 10th
Noon - 6pm

(Pro Level II follows on Sunday, Dec 11th. Sign up for both and save!)

• Accessory Gear worth $100's from BeachTek, CamCaddie and others will be given away

Learn with the Pros
(above) Pro Level II class rigs a jib for a stairway shot for their film.

"Thank you for creating a space where everyone, from newbie to pro, could feel comfortable asking questions. Your explanations were concise, easy to understand, and never condescending. Really first class."  Chad Slattery, Boot Camp Survivor

"When I came in this morning I didn't know how to turn the camera on.  Now I feel confident I can shoot with this camera problem."  - Karl Morgan, Boot Camp Survivor

"I am so glad I did the Canon Boot Camp.  The very next week I got a Doritos Commercial shooting with the 7D.  The Director had his opinions about the DSLR's and the Gaffer had his opinions but I had the confidence to tell them what I learned at the Boot Camp and they went with my input. That wouldn't have happened if I hadn't done the drills and really learned the camera."    Lawrence Ribeiro, Extreme Shooter & Boot Camp Survivor




Dana Christiaansen, Director and Director of Photography, will share his first-hand experiences shooting with the new EOS C300 for Sam Nicholson's new digital film, 'XXIT'.  Dana's report is revolutionary! You've got to hear it for yourself.  (below - A scene from 'XXIT')



(above) - Dana with Nicollett Sheridan and Sam Nicholson, ASC on the set of Sam's 'XXIT', shot for Canon with the new EOS C300 camera. (photo courtesy of Ron Batzdorff)

*Dana is a working pro and may have to cancel his appearance at the last minute. Since we are not charging for his appearance, there will be no refunds. We will do our best to schedule a later appearance and you will be notified when that is scheduled.


FREE Boot Camp Handbook

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Canon Boot Camp Handbook

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Think you're ready for Pro Level II?  Contact us for details or click HERE to register for Pro Level II class on Dec 11th.