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Dates: Sept. 20, Oct. 11, Nov. 8, Dec. 13  plus one extra day of your choosing,


This is an online event. 


Lauri Shainsky 
SoulNote Shamanic Sound Healing 






The Quickening: Advanced Shamanic Sound Healing: 5-Month Zoom Series Fall 2020 

With Shamanic Sound Healer and Instructor Lauri Shainsky

Offered in partnership with LightSong School of 21st Century Shamanism and Energy Medicine


Sundays 10 am-1:30 pm Pacific Time

Sept. 20, Oct. 11, Nov. 8, Dec. 13 plus one day of your choosing.

This course is a healing & learning adventure for those seeking advanced techniques in shamanism & sound healing. Deep experimentation and discussion are key components of this intimate course of inquiry. We allow ourselves the time and space to really work with a technique, then discuss, critique, refine. We hypothesize about how sound, spirit, and the universe works!  It is a study group and support circle wrapped in a refined, loving, fun shamanic sound curriculum. This course is limited to people who have taken the Gateway course at least one.

To further our healing, processing, transmuting, manifesting...

...solving the Earth's/world's problems one SoulNote at a time…

Topics: Sculpted by the group, we will continue our exploration of telepathy, distance work, philosophy, technique and phenomena of sound healing in a shamanic context. 

We will be expanding our capacity to work with energy fields, ours, the technological ones, and beyond to create our world, our healing, our Akasha.

Our over-arching purpose is to set into motion world shifts through the inner shifts we make. 

All within a shamanic sound healing framework, we will focus on advancing and co-creating techniques, processes and ceremonies. Personal support through thoughtful, heartfelt discussion and sharing will continue to be an essential cornerstone of our time together.

Time: 10 am – 1:30 pm

Price—sliding scale $120-$200 for series of 5 sessions.

Payment options: One or two payments; upon registration and the balance due on Nov. 1th.

Paypal, Cash or check made out to SoulNote S.S Healing