Saturday, May 22, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PDT
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Lauri j. Shainsky 
SoulNote Shamanic Sound Healing with Lauri Shainsky 

Birding By Ear And Bird Language


Birding By Ear And Bird Language: Slowing down and being Listen-a-tive!

The magic of birds is that they cause us to raise our eyes and hearts towards the sky and listen!!! We will spend the weekend enjoying, discovering, helping to remember different bird songs and sounds. So when we go out onto the landscapes, we might know a few of the birds and what they are saying. It is truly all about slowing down, and listening!

The language of birds have been utilized by lineages of Earth people to find food and predators, to understand dynamics of their landscape. We will explore how listening to the birds can help us gain an understanding of the ecology of where we live and travel to. Even more importantly, we can use bird language to diagnose the nuances of our consciousness, and to help us adjust our states of awareness and well-being. At a fundamental and practical level, you will learn how to identify different bird species by ear. We then go deeper into the 5 voices of the birds to understand how birds are reflecting the outer forest environment and our inner energetic environment. 

This is a surprisingly mystical undertaking.

Enjoy significant offscreen wandering in nature near your Zoom location. We will explore our local habitat using “secret spot technology”—going out to one place over and over again to notice patterns, become familiar with the birds & other animals and plants there, slowing down to the speed of nature. You can directly apply these new learnings to connecting with the birds in your neighborhood.