August 3, 10, 17 and 24

FOUR Thursday evenings from 7pm - 9pm


The Meditation Room @ Bickford & Covington 
Redlands, CA 92373

Driving Directions 


a Bickford & Covington Event 

WHAT'S YOUR PERSONALITY??? How do you understand SELF, Lovers, Children, Parenting and WORK! 

Understanding people, including yourself, is the first step in experiencing why relationships in your life are the way they are... and then how to improve and evolve them… like nothing you have ever been exposed to before. Learning how to develop a maximal self changes everything you want to change, while strengthening the best parts of you.
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While a mood can change, your temperament is your overall tone most of the time. Just like dogs, people have temperaments: some are risk takers; some are playful; and some are just happy to carry your slippers.
Just as a temperature gives a reading of how hot or cold something is, your temperament gives a reading of your characteristics, behaviors, desires, fears and all things relating to your self-esteem. Some folks with optimistic temperaments see that glass as half full; other more pessimistic folks see it as half empty. And there are still others who prefer to drink straight from the bottle (y'know those risky types!).

Think you know 
temperament? Quiz yourself:

How would one most likely assess a dog's temperament?

A. by observing its behavior
B. by examining its teeth
C. by selling it to a breeder
D. by taking its temperature
By attending this workshop you will be able to:
  • Spot different personalities/temperaments
  • Understand why you 'click' with some people but not others
  • Get along better with people by understanding the differences between personality types
  • Learn what you are like in a relationship
  • Manage conflict effectively. Some people dislike and avoid conflict, whereas others use it to solve problems and get things done
  • Find out how to motivate and facilitate the best out of different personality types

You too can learn the language and observation skills to define self and others' temperament! 

Starting August 3rd... we will bring you into the space of learning one of the most important things that directs the quality of your relationships, interactions and communications! A total of 8 hours in August has been dedicated to bring you the greatest adventure into psychology!  TEMPERAMENT!  

Never before have we dedicated so many hours to the Temperament endeavor! 
Join US August 3, 10, 17 and 24 from 7pm-9pm.  Early bird pricing is available NOW!

Temperament opens us to being navigators of our lives vs tourists! Even if you miss one week... this knowledge will SHIFT your LIFE in dynamic directions!

WE think you ROCK... and that's why we look forward to ROLLING out the the hilariously-fun, life-enhancing, moment-changing.... workshop of 2017!

Drs. Bickford (INTP) & Covington (ENFP)
a Bickford & Covington Event