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SCORE Portland 

Webinar Recorded on 10/15/2020

Business Basics for Small Business Owners Part 1: Business Plan and Financing

$10 per person

This workshop is the first of a series of three related workshops that together give a complete overview of all the aspects that a new entrepreneur faces when deciding to start a business.

Four Mentors To Answer All Your Business Needs

This highly acclaimed workshop series is carefully designed to provide a complete overview of the many aspects the new entrepreneur is facing when thinking about starting a business.

Further, we give you the framework for how to undertake what may appear to be daunting tasks:

  • Part 1:

    • Business planning

    • Financing

  • Part 2

    • Legal entities and related issues

    • Record Keeping

  • Part 3

    • Marketing

Four presenters, each an expert in their respective topic will help you learn how to approach each facet in a logical and straightforward manner.

Let us allay your fears by giving you a roadmap to your goal.

As one attendee wrote,

“I’ve been to $400 workshops that weren’t nearly as good as this series.”

Part 1 Presenters:


Bill Winton

Bill, along with two business partners, started and operated a manufacturing facility for 20+ years. He brings business planning expertise to the table as well as basic knowledge in all aspects of running a manufacturing business. 



Steve Patterson

Steve worked 38 years in the commercial banking and financing industry. After working for GE Capital and Mazda Credit, he worked 17 years for US Bank in Dealer Commercial Banking retiring as a SVP. He began volunteering with Score in 2009. Steve primarily mentors Score clients on creating business plans, assisting clients in preparing and finding sources of financing, understanding financial statements, and particularly, understanding business cash flow.  

Ticket Info:

  • Tickets are non refundable
  • If you are unable to attend, another person may use the ticket for this event.