Thursday, August 1st, 2019
10:00  - 11:00 am, EDT

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Academic Libraries Interest Group Meeting (8/1/19)

Meeting Information

Come join your colleagues from a variety of academic libraries across the region as we network to keep up with current trends and share our ideas for success and service.

Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome/using the software (2 minutes)
  2. Main topic/discussionassessing strategic credibility for your library (45 minutes)
    The main conversation topic for this meeting will be assessing strategic credibility for your library. Strategic credibility is a fairly new concept in the library arena and involves measuring how well we are accomplishing what we say we intend to do in our strategic planning, and how well we are communicating our success to our stakeholders. Below are some links to resources you can review before the meeting that will help get the conversation started. I’ll also be asking participants to share their answers, experiences and ideas regarding the following questions:
  • Does your library create an annual report? If so, what kinds of information does it include?
  • Does your library create a strategic plan? If so, what is the format? (SWOT, SMART goals, objectives, scenarios, etc.)
  • Does your library provide periodic updates on progress in achieving strategic plan objectives or goals?
  • Does your library set annual goals in another manner besides a formal strategic plan?
  • Does your library collect statistics? What kinds and for what purposes?
  • How does your library measure success in achieving goals?
  • How does your library communicate success to stakeholders?

    Standards for Libraries in Higher Education | Association of College and Research Libraries

The standards were developed to help libraries demonstrate their value and document their contributions to overall institutional effectiveness. The standards consist of 9 principles with performance indicators that libraries can incorporate into their strategic planning or use to help develop assessment metrics and outcomes to measure success.

Using key performance indicators to measure library performance by Leo Appleton

This article explains the difference between outcomes, performance indicators and usage statistics.

 Assessing the Strategic Credibility of Special Collections and Archives by Rick A Stoddart and Erin L Passehl

An ACRL poster session reporting on a research project indicating how well (or not) a group of Special Collections and Archives have demonstrated strategic credibility based on a set of performance factors.

 Assessing the Strategic Credibility of Academic Library Circulation and Reference Departments by Rick A Stoddart and Kathleen Chambers

An ACRL poster session reporting on a research project indicating how well (or not) a group of academic library circulation and reference departments have demonstrated strategic credibility based on a set of performance factors.

3.  Next session topic (5 minutes) – ideas for experts? Topics of interest?

Previous suggestions:

  • Accessibility
  • Active learning strategies, especially for instruction sessions
  • Effective signage and library design (wayfinding studies are an interesting subset of this)
  • Marketing library resources and increasing usage (best practices)
  • Gamification in libraries and library instruction

    4.  Summary/wrap-up (3 minutes)

Interest Group Facilitator:  Susan A. Massey


Susan A. Massey is Head of Discovery Enhancement at the Thomas G. Carpenter Library, University of North Florida. For over 35 years, she has served academic libraries of all sizes in a variety of positions. Susan currently oversees the management of MARC metadata to enhance discovery in the library's user interfaces. She holds a Master of Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University, and a Master of Divinity from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Her current research interests include leadership in an online environment and batch processes for library database maintenance.

Cost: NEFLIN Interest Groups are free of charge and are open to NEFLIN members only.  Registration is strongly encouraged.

A reminder and access information will be sent out one week before the meeting and one day before the meeting.  Please email if you do not receive your access information.