Wednesday, January 22, 2020
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, ET

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Caring for Your Home Library - Webinar (01/22/20)

Some library folks forget that a significant number of their customers have more than just one shelf at home filled with books; in fact, there is a good chance that you have library users whose collections number in the thousands.  

You probably want to help them learn how to preserve their books and get the best use out of them. However, the goals for maintaining a personal collection (or a self-contained small library in a religious organization, retirement community, or small business) are different than those that library personnel face. And cataloging is the least of your customers’ challenges.

For example, are they storing thousands of books in a structure not meant to hold an extra ton of weight on its non-load-bearing walls? Do they know which home chemicals they are using to clean their used books might be ruining their collectibles for resale?

Do they know how to protect their more precious items from the relentless Florida book-killers: heat, humidity, sunlight, and critters? How do they deal with greasy kitchen smoke and pet hair, or what is the most useful tool they have for rescuing water-damaged books?

Learn what they need to build a practical and sustainable home library, protect their wallet (and books) from unscrupulous used booksellers, and keep the local fire marshal and building inspectors happy.

And no, you don’t have to teach them Dewey or the Library of Congress classification systems.

Virtual Trainer: Pat Wagner

Pat Wagner is a trainer and consultant who has worked with libraries, universities, and allied institutions since 1978. After three years of research, she published a book in 1996 – The Bloomsbury Review Booklovers Guide – devoted to helping people with their home collections of books. She listened to the best information from librarians, archivists, new and used booksellers, conservationists, catalogers, and other professionals who love books and adopted their advice for civilians. The success of the book culminated in Pat speaking at the Library of Congress.

Her Denver bungalow contains 3000+ books, but who’s counting?

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