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Local Chapter Dues for Professional Members

$50 for 2024

Beginning in 2022, the Sacramento Area Chapter of NARPM began charging local chapter dues for Professional members to increase and enhance the programs offered to our members. Our members are very pleased with the resulting improvements to our Chapter.

The local Chapter dues for 2024 did not increase and remain $50. Dues can be paid by clicking on the following link:

Pay 2024 Local Chapter Dues for Professional Members



Pay your Local Chapter Dues by April 30 to be entered in a drawing for two tickets in a private suite at Jennifer Lopez's This is Me... Now the Tour concert on July 17 at Golden 1 Center.

Membership incentive sponsored by 

Note: The tickets must be used by a Professsional (property manager) member of NARPM who can bring one guest. If the winner is unable to attend, the tickets can be transferred to another NARPM Professional member.



Do I need to be a Professional member of the national NARPM organization to be a member of the local Chapter?

Yes, you must be a Professional member of the national NARPM organization before you can become a member of the local Chapter. Paying only the $50 local Chapter dues does not entitle you to the local Chapter benefits, such as discounted prices to register for classes and events. If you pay the local Chapter dues, you must join the NARPM national organization within 30 days or you will forfeit the $50 payment to cover our administrative costs and any discounted event you attended.

What is the cost for property managers to join as a Professional membership of the national NARPM organization?

The annual membership dues are $295 for Professional members for 2024. New members receive a $50 discount, so the cost is reduced to only $245 (about $20 per month). For more information about the national NARPM organization or to join as a Professional member, go the NARPM national website at or call 800-782-3452.

Are local Chapter dues included in the national NARPM membership dues?

No, local Chapter dues are not included the annual membership dues invoiced by the national organization for Professional members. Instead, local Chapter dues are billed separately and paid directly to the local Chapter.

What are the benefits of paying local Chapter dues?

Payment of local Chapter dues provides the member with discounts or free admission to programs presented by the local chapter. The savings are significant. The additional cost for non-members to attend programs typically is $10 to $30, so the cost of the annual local dues will be recouped after only a few events or classes.

When are local Chapter dues paid?

Local chapter dues typically are invoiced in December for the following membership year. The dues cover the membership period from January 1 to December 31 and are not pro-rated during year since the cost is minimal.

Who can I contact for questions about local Chapter dues?

If you have any questions, contact Jim Lofgren, NARPM Sacramento Chapter Administrator at or (916) 549-5052.

We appreciate your support of our chapter's progams through your payment of the 2024 local chapter dues.

Thank you.

Click here to pay your local chapter dues