Laurie Wheeler 
Crochet Liberation Front 


Saturday April 16, 2011 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM CDT

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Duke's Smoke House BBQ 
408 W. Morrow
Georgetown, TX 78626

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Crochet in the Afternoon with Fearless Leader 

Join us at Duke's and meet your crochet friends! This is a family friendly event, so don't worry about bringing the kids!

This is your chance to meet up with your CLF friends, including Fearless Leader, Laurie Wheeler!

Also we're collecting gifts for Annie's Gifts for Chemo, please see the information below! Bring a little gift to help brighten someone's day and you get something cool from the CLF!

You don't have to register, but it will help to let us know how much swag to cart to the event!


Why I created Annie’s Gifts For Chemo…
My mom was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. After many other treatments, she is now undergoing chemotherapy every week, indefinitely. When she received her 1st chemotherapy treatment I wanted her to be distracted from the infusion so I gave her a fun sparkly bracelet! Her face lit up with joy and we laughed. I felt that if I gave her a gift with every treatment, that would make her feel better. When I gave her the 2nd gift for her 2nd chemo treatment, she was again filled with happiness and a big smile but she said, “What about the other patients?” I looked around the infusion room, at that moment, there were more than 40 patients …and Annie’s Gifts for Chemo was born!

My mom, sister, and I have now formed Annie’s Gifts For Chemo as gift-giving group collecting “happy” handmade gifts to donate and deliver to chemotherapy patients at Fox Chase Cancer Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. We will wrap, each handmade gift donated, in pink tissue paper then place in a 6” x 6” bag. The bags will be distributed to women chemotherapy patients in the infusion room on Mondays, at Fox Chase Cancer Hospital, in Philadelphia, PA.

Note 1: My sister and I are still giving gifts to my mom every week, (and thank you CrochetWithDee) but none of the gifts from this group will be distributed to my mom. She requested that all donated gifts from this group be given to the other chemotherapy patients :)

Note 2: You do not have to donate to be a part of this group. Ideas for small handmade gifts and discussions are welcome :)

How many handmade gifts do we need?
It’s a tall order…. We hope to donate 40 chemo gifts each Monday in 2011. Shipment of gifts received by Saturday will be donated the following Monday.

What kind of gifts do we need?
Small “happy” stylish handmade items only that will fit in a 6” x 6” bag, created from Crochet, Knit, or any other crafting technique. For example:
Jewelry – Bracelets, Necklaces, Pins, Rings, etc.
Wrist Warmers / Fingerless Gloves
Small Neck Scarves
Flower Clips (for hair, wigs, or for use as a jewelry)
Keyring Fobs
Water Bottle Holders
Amigurumi Friends
Cell Cozies
Book Markers
Soap Sweaters
Little Ball of Yarn
Knit or Crochet Pattern
Lymphedema Sleeve Cover
PICC or Port Cover (sleeve or neck scarf)
sleep eye mask

We do not need chemo caps and blankets because they are already distributed at this hospital.

Where to send the “gifts for chemo”?
Please send to :
Kathleen Greco
Jelly Yarns
P. O. Box 543
Southampton, PA 18966